Weekend Catch-Up #12

Weekend Post #12

The first week of November was not very welcoming, but things have been getting better. My skin rash is almost completely gone and the one week, no-contacts/no-makeup restraint from the optometrist is almost over. I am eagerly waiting to try some new products that I have purchased, but it is strong stuff (sounds like I am talking about drugs, but I am really talking about natural retinols) so I must wait until my rash is no more. Here are the highlights from the past week…

Empties. I have already finished my first Osmia Organics Vanilla Shea Hand Cream. I am not panicking as I write this only because I had a back-up ready. I am opening a Linden Rose Hand Cream today and I cannot wait to sniff it! At Osmia Organics they make exceptionally good-smelling products.

Purchases/Repurchases. At last, YULI Skincare products became available for pre-order at Spirit Beauty Lounge, and I took full advantage of it. I repurchased the Halcyon Cleanser, Cocoon Elixir, and ordered Modern Alchemist Serum and Harmony Body Oil for the first time. At this point the only products that I have not tried from YULI are the Shaving Oil and the Cell Perfecto (that has already sold out during pre-order together with Liquid Courage, Modern Alchemist, and Pure MaskYULI-fever, anyone?).

Products I loved this week. Since the rash, my skin has been a bit dry and flakey, so I have been religiously using the Liquid Courage in the AM (which is perfect for repairing and protecting the skin) and MUN N0. 1 Aknari at PM. N0 1 Aknari contains prickly pear seed oil, which makes the skin extra soft and smooth. The two serums have been helping tremendously with keeping my skin hydrated and soft.

MUN Skin New Launch. …Speaking of MUN, a new product is ready to be launched very soon, and it is a toner. I am very excited about it because MUN N0. 1 Aknari is one of my favorite face serums, and I loved the toner when Munemi (founder of MUN) applied it to my skin back in September before applying the serum. It makes the perfect base for it.

Did not love so much. Two weeks ago I bought a makeup remover from a line I had never tried before, called Absolution. The products is called L’Eau de Soir at Matin Cleansing Water, and my main goal was to remove eye makeup residue with it. I usually take off all of my makeup with my cleansing oil, however, I am usually left with tiny residue, especially when I use false lashes. The description of this cleansing water fits the bill and the product also performs very well. It’s a light cleansing water and it works well and fast, (no need for extra rubbing). Unfortunately, I found the scent to be a little too strong for my liking and I also felt the need to rinse my eyes after use, even though it is not meant to be rinsed off. I am going to try it again when my eye gets completely better, but so far, I am not loving it.

Gift Ideas. I will definitely put together some gift guides again this year. In the meanwhile, I wanted to give Pai Skincare a shout out because their Holiday Gift Store is pretty awesome. Four gift sets come in the signature Pai Skincare floral and lush boxes, while four Anywhere Essentials Gift Bags contain generous sizes of targeted skincare products (a different set for each skin type). I already own the Bedtime Beauty Essentials Gift Set, which is not only beautiful but also contains a few favorites of mine: the Echium and Argan Gentle Eye Cream, the Age Confidence Face Oil, and the beautiful Holistic Silk Eye Mask. These products combined are significantly more expensive than the box, so it is a very good value. I plan on getting the gift set with the Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream (which is awesome, you can read my review here) and Buriti Balm, which looks perfect to tame dry skin during Winter. However, I am tempted to try the face masks, too, especially the Rapid Radiance Mask that comes with the BioRegenerate Rosehip oil.

Lipstick Love. I was ordered to go the whole week sans makeup by the optometrist, so I only wore sheer, nude lip colors, (would not attempt a bold lip without wearing at least foundation and mascara). My favorite no-makeup lip picks are: Ilia Beauty in Nobody’s Baby and the Tata Harper Lip Treatment Be Adored, for a barely there color and some moisturization.

I hope you have great week!