Weekend Catch-Up #27

Weekend Catch-Up # 27

Well, it was a frigid week wasn’t it? I am so glad that it is finally over and we are one week closer to Spring. Here’s the weekly recap…

Empties. This week I said goodbye to my African Botanics Marula Intense Skin Repair Balm*, which I loved and will definitely buy soon. It has been a godsend to keep my dry hands soft and healthy during February, (believe me, it has been cold in Florida, too). Great intensive treatment for very dry skin. Read my full review here.

Repurchased. My Jane Iredale PureBrow Brow Gel started to get very dry (I think I have had it for 2 years and it expired after one year, ooops!) so I got a new one. I use the shade Blonde, which may sound completely wrong, but actually works because it’s an ashy taupe color. If you like to fix your eyebrow hairs in place, this is a very good brow gel that won’t leave your brows looking like they’re glued together. It has a soft hold.

Ilia Beauty Femme Fatale Nudus Dirty Diana Swatches copy

More Nudus to love. 27 Kisses* was definitely a hit for me, and I feared that the other lipstick shades would not be equally great (with many brands the texture of the lipstick changes with the different colors). However, this week I wore Dirty Diana* a couple of times, and I was not disappointed. For color reference, I swatched Ilia Beauty in Femme Fatale next to Dirty Diana, and the two are similar, but Femme fatale is more brown while Dirty Diana has more of a berry tone. Texture-wise, Nudus is a tad more creamy and soft on the lips compared to Ilia. I must admit that I have a preference for the Nudus formula. Also, I just read that some shades (including 27 Kisses) are carmine-free. If you missed it, read my full review of 27 Kisses here. I will have photos for Naked and Dirty Diana soon, and I plan to buy Fairy Tales some times soon. Looks like a very pretty, peachy color.

NEW! Lina Hanson Perfume Launch. I had been reading about it being developed for a while, so I could not wait for the launch of the Satori Perfume by celebrity makeup artist Lina Hanson. If you have tried any of her serums, you already know that she creates wonderfully gorgeous scents. Satori is described as “an uplifting and invigorating scent that awakens the senses with warm vanilla, grounding sandalwood, and notes of crisp and refreshing yuzu and ginger”. If you are not familiar with Lina’s product line, learn about her sincere committment to the sustainability and responsible, global sourcing of her ingredients. Satori is now available for pre-order at the Detox Market and will officially launch on March 2nd. **When you reach the product page, click on “other details” to watch an video featuring a day in the life of Lina Hanson, which will make you completely fall in love with her authentic, inner and outer beauty**. You can pre-order Satori here.

Tune in tomorrow morning for something special, VERY special ;) Have a great week!