Catch-Up #43

catch-up #43

Aside from a gorgeous day spent at the beach, which you may spotted on your Instagram feed if you follow me, I had a pretty rough and busy week. However, I have a post scheduled for tomorrow that was highly requested, so make sure to check tomorrow! Here are the highlights from the past week…

Empties and repurchases. I do enjoy all of my beautifully scented body oils, but I am still an avid user of the Lina Hanson Global Baby Serum, especially when I am not feeling well or I have a headache (today! grrrr). On those days I prefer to avoid scented products all-together and use this body oil, or the Coconut+Salt Lotion, which has a delicate scent. Will definitely repurchase the Global Baby Serum once again. On my list to repurchase is also the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, because mine has expired and I do miss using it; the RMS Beauty Skin2Skin blush brush, because the foundation brush is great and I expect the blush one to be also a good one; and the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Illusive, because I think that the nude-ish color will work very well with my current (more minimal) makeup routine.

Another skincare addition. As I told you in last week’s catch-up, I have added a couple of Tammy Fender skincare products to my routine, and so far I am liking the results. This week I started to use the Quintessential Serum*, which gives the skin some serious plumpness and glow. It is a highly concentrated, rich, and emollient serum–something that I would not expect to work well for my skin (especially during Summer) because I have combination skin. I use it only at night (because it contains rosehip oil, which can be photo-sensitizing), and I wake up with calm, plump skin (the chamomile may have something to do with calming the skin). So far, so good. My only concern, to be honest, is the price tag, but I assume that it costs so much because it is very concentrated. I use only one pump for my whole face. I think that this would work really great for dry skin, but I am using it with no issues at all. It’s available at The Detox Market. You can also check out my past interview with Tammy Fender.

Lacquer Love. I am officially in love with Jin Soon Nail Polish. I have a few new shades (which I will show you soon) and the formula is great. This week I decided to (temporarily) take off Kookie White (but I will repaint with that shade soon because I love it), and I tried another gorgeous color called Coral Peony*. Two coats + no top coat = shiny, fast-drying, and self -leveling awesomeness. It’s the one I am wearing in the photo above while holding the hair spray. Jin Soon nail polish is 5-free and not tested on animals. Available here.

Best “natural” hair spray. I am pretty sure that I already mentioned this hair spray, but I have been styling my hair into beach waves lately, (fancy an easy tutorial?) and I have been very happy with the Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray. It has a light hold, and I need to keep a light touch (spritzing too much can make the hair a little too crispy-looking), but it does help with defining curls/waves, gives a bit of texture, and it smells wonderful. No questionable propellants and does a nice job. Win. My husband, who has more coarse hair, was able to get a good hold from it as well, after he first wet his hair a bit. You can find it here.

YULI Skincare. If you like me are running low on the Halcyon Cleanser, it’s finally back in stock at Spirit Beauty Lounge ($50+ orders ship for free). If you are a newby and you have never heard of Yuli, I highly recommend you check out my review of the Cocoon Facial Elixir, Halcyon Cleanser and Pure Mask. These are the three skincare products that I have repurchased the most because they work amazing for my skin. In particular, I love to mix a few pumps of Halcyon Cleanser with a scoop of Pure Mask when my skin starts to look congested, when I have a blemish, or when my skin simply needs a little rejuvenating treatment and this combo never fails to make my skin better. You can find the products here.

I am going to keep it short and sweet today, but make sure to check out tomorrow’s post!


*gifted/PR sample