Weekend Catch-Up #15

Weekend Post 15

I hope you had a lovely week, and for those of you who did a little Black Friday shopping, I hope you got some good deals! If you did not, make sure to check my Facebook page tomorrow, because there are a few sales scheduled for Cyber Monday, and they are sweet. On to my weekly recap…

Empties. I used up the Amala Rejuvenating Hand Cream that I included in my November Favorites. Excellent hand cream, and I am tempted to repurchase despite the price tag.

New Skin Care. This week I started to use a few new skin care products, and I added one of the two new Pai Skincare face masks to my mask rotation, the Rosehip Bioregenerate Rapid Radiance Mask*. I alternate it with my Clay+Manuka Honey mask (I use a couple of different clay-based masks). The Pai Rosehip Mask is extremely convenient because it is a creamy mask that does not require any preparation, so I use it whenever I have ten minutes for a mask after cleansing my face. I plan on trying the other Pai Mask this week, which is a purifying mask with AHA.

Lipstick Love. I am finally wearing makeup again, and this week I loved using Ilia Beauty Perfect Day. Instead of applying it heavily for full color, I only dabbed a small amount and blended it with my finger. It makes a lovely peachy-red stain that brightens up my face when I am looking a little tired.

Added to my Wishlist. There are a few products that I have added to my wishlist this week. After I ran out of my sample, I did not purchased the Kahina Fez Hand & Body Balm and I miss using it at night before going to bed. Not only is it a great overnight hand treatment that repairs the skin, but I also love the scent. It relaxes me and helps me to turn off my brain before I fall asleep. It is pretty expensive for the quantity but I want to purchase it nonetheless.

Christmas Wish-listing. I added a skin care tool to my Christmas wishlist that I would love to know your thoughts about if you have used it, or if you know someone who has. It is called Foreo Luna, and it is a deep-cleansing device that stimulates the circulation and relaxes facial muscles (perfect for my ever-frowny face). I opted out of the Clarisonic (bought it, never had the courage to use, eventually returned it) but this is much different and does not look as scary at all. It looks a lot more gentle. Possibly, a great option for those who do not enjoy massaging their own face or maybe feel like they are not doing it right?

New Makeup. I received my Ilia Beauty Concealer yesterday, but I have only used it once. I look forward to putting it to the test a little longer before sharing my thoughts (and photos) with you. So far I am not very impressed, but I am going to give it some time and try different application methods, before making up my mind about it.

I am excited about being able to wear makeup again, so if you have any recommendations for new makeup to try, please let me know what you think I should add to my collection. I am dying to buy more eye shadows (in powder), all of these new eye palettes in Sephora have contribute to my mood. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I think that I may visit Red Apple Lipstick very soon…

Sales. Today One Love Organics is going to start a great Cyber Monday deal. Receive 25% off your entire purchase with code MERRY25, (starts at 8pm, so set your alarm!). Some of you know exactly what I am going to order. Those of you who are new to my blog, make sure to check out this product here, especially if you wear makeup. Be sure to check out my Facebook page tomorrow for more Cyber Monday deals.

Have a great week! If you need some gift ideas, make sure to check out the two gift guides that I already posted here and here.