November Favorites

November Favorites

This month I am happier than usual to go through my favorites because I have some items to share that I like very much, and because I cannot wait for November to be gone. You know, when many unpleasant things happen all together – as if the circumstances had secretly organized themselves against you? I just want it to be December, buy a nice, fresh Christmas tree,  and let the Christmas celebration extravaganza begin.

Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey Active 16+*. I have been using raw, local honey for about five years, but I never loved it for skin care use as much as I love Manuka Honey. I have been mixing every single mask I own with it, and every single time I feel like my skin is deeply cleansed, but never dry, irritated, or dehydrated. I have also tried it mixed with a little turmeric (in India its a long-time tradition) and I also loved it. In case you are new to it, Manuka Honey is sourced in New Zealand, and it is made by bees that feed on the flowers of Tea Tree, (the same tree that tea tree oil is extracted from). Due to a much higher concentration of methylglyoxal (MG) compared to other honey varieties, Manuka has stronger antibacterial properties. That makes it the perfect complement to any clay mask because it helps with preventing skin dehydration and it adds antibacterial benefits.

De Mamiel Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate. This was a lovely discovery because as I mentioned several times before, my skin is too delicate to handle any “scrubbing”. This powder exfoliator is quite gentle; the powder itself is very fine (no giant beads/particles that scratch the skin), and the ingredients are not harsh either. It contains Vitamin C, Ginseng, Gemstone, Pearl and also raw Cacao, Rosehip, Himalayan Cedarwood, and Green Tea powders. However, I am still careful not to rub the product into the skin, but instead I massage it very gently and make sure I rinse it off very well to prevent the pores from clogging.

Ganache for Lips Lip Balms. Being that these lip balms not very creamy, I did not expect them to be moisturizing enough for cold months, but I have actually been reaching for them all the time (and keep one on my desk). These are, hands down, the best lip balms to wear under lipstick because they are not shiny at all. The lipstick glides over the lips, but does not look glossy or oily.

MUN No.11 Anarose Rejuvenating Rose Toner*. This is exactly what I needed these days because my skin is looking severely dehydrated and this is a hydrating toner. I am also quite enjoying pouring it onto a cotton round and dab it onto my face vs. spritzing it, like I do with my other face mists/”toners”. It’s a lovely cooling and hydrating treat for the skin. I might have one for you as well *winks*

Amala Rejuvenating Hand Cream. This is a pricy hand cream, but it is excellent. My only concern is that I go through one tube too quickly, so I am not sure that I will repurchase it. Compared to my other favorite daytime hand creams (non-greasy hand creams) it is a little more rich and moisturizing, but still completely greasy-free.

Yuli Harmony Body Oil. This body oil turned out to be better than I expected. As I mentioned last weekend, this oil does not only provide temporary moisturization, but a long-lasting improvement of the skin. In other words, the skin stays softer for a much longer time than with my other body oils. It smells quite nice, nothing overpowering. The scent reminds me of the Modern Alchemist, in case you tried that Yuli Serum, (I am currently trying that one). But the best thing about it is really how drastically it improves dry skin.

Tata Harper Be Adored. You guys know I haven’t had much luck with Tata Harper skin care, but the lip treatments are the bomb-dot-com. I was unable to wear makeup most of the time this month due to some eye problem (now finally solved), so I only wore a little lip tint, powder foundation, and that’s pretty much it. Be adored is an excellent lip conditioner and has a hint of color that looks beautiful. It makes my lips go from dry & pale to smooth and pink/berry-ish.

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo. After trialing a shampoo that has become quite popular (and I will review soon) I went back to Rahua Voluminous Shampoo. There is something about this shampoo that makes my hair look better and I can’t go without. My hair is more full, bouncy, and healthy. Sure there are other great shampoos, even at a lower price, but this is the one that leaves me the happiest and most confident about my hair.

Have you tried any of my November favorites? What did you love using for the past month?

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