June Favorites

June Favorites

Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water

It feels like June went by too fast, but I am excited because I have a couple of fun trips planned in the next few months. I tried some new things this month that I really liked and I even finished one of them. Let me show you what made the cut (but be prepared for several “this is too gorgeous” and “this is my favorite ever!“, because this month I found some holy grail material). Here we go!

One Love Organics Coconut + Salt Mineral Body Lotion. I was hooked on this lotion the very first moment I tried it from a tiny sample jar. I then bought a full-size almost immediately. I enjoy the delicate coconut scent (some coconut-scented products can be a little obnoxious, but this one is delicate), and I am a huge fan of  its light, non-greasy texture. It’s fair to say that this is my favorite Summer body lotion (so far!), and I also like that it comes at a good price point. You guys know that I love body oils, but in Summer, at least for daytime, I actually prefer a lotion. Imagine if I went out in the Florida Summer sun wearing a body oil and I forgot to put on sunscreen… I’d be frying, literally. You can find it here.

Odacite + Moon Juice Claire De Lune Private Collection*. In case you missed my previous mentions of this product, this is a collaboration between two much loved brands that comes with a hydrating face mist and a face serum. After one month of dedicated use, I actually finished the serum, and I loved it to the last drop. The face mist, although nice, was not as magical for my skin as the serum. Now I am torn between whether I should purchase another box with both products, or beg the companies to sell the products separately. Anyways, I’ll review both as soon as possible. If you have normal-to-oily skin, you may love the serum, too. You can find it at The Detox Market.

Kjaer Weis Bronzer Dazzling*. The more I use this bronzer, the more I like it. I think that Kjaer Weis nailed it with this shade. The color is perfect for light-to-medium skin tones, and it lasts quite well throughout the day. I like to use it for a subtle contour, but it doesn’t look so ashy like most contour products. It’s very easy to wear; I can apply a tiny but to warm up my face or I can build up for a more bronzy look. I have tried to apply it with the Kjaer Weis blush brush, which is a nice option if you aren’t fond of using fingers on your face, but I actually prefer to apply this with fingers. It looks very natural and effortless, and I truly despise the look of harsh bronzer lines on my face, so I am very happy with it. You can find it here.

Jin Soon Nail Polish Kookie White. Favorite non-red nail polish EVER. I never thought I would like a blue-ish, white-ish, gray-ish nail color, but I do. This month I painted my nails maybe three or four times, and every single time I re-applied Kookie White, which by the way lasts incredibly well. Photos don’t do it justice. I forgot to include it in the photo above but I have a whole post about it (with a nail swatch) here.

W3LL People Bio Brightener Powder. Despite the scent, (which my husband actually likes!) I have used this powder very often. It’s a really good mattifying powder that does not leave the skin looking dry, and to be honest, I am slowly getting used to the scent, too. If you live in America you can find it here while if you live in Europe you can find it here.

W3LL People Eyeshadow Iridescent Gold. Although I hate loose powder eyeshadows I love the color and the finish of this eyeshadow so much, that I still used it the entire month. It’s Summer-proof: golden and shimmery, but still not over the top for a grown woman like myself. Available here.

Red Apple Lipstick Eyeshadow Black Magic*. Since I realized how much nicer smudged eyeliner looks in photo vs. cat line (at least on myself), and since the weather got too hot for eyeliner to stay put all day, I have been using this black eyeshadow to smudge eyeliner pencil. It’s black, it’s completely matte and it lasts, especially if I use the eye primer first. Available at Red Apple Lipstick.

Rahua Voluminous Conditioner. My hair used to be easy to comb even without using conditioner, but for some reason (which I have yet to figure out), it has been really knotty and in need of a conditioning product. I went through a bunch of samples of this conditioner and I liked it so I bought a bottle of it and have been using it with every wash. It does a great job conditioning without adding weight to my hair, and I love the scent of it. Find it here.

Widu Ash Wood Hair Pick. I found this online while searching for a pretty Widu brush to give as a gift (which are awesome, btw), and I remembered that my mother used to comb my hair with an identical comb when I was a kid (and I had hair down past my hips). It turns out, it’s made in Italy! I am guessing it’s the same one. Anyway, this is excellent to comb hair after washing it. It gets rid of all knots without breaking hair. If you have curly hair, it’s a must-have. As all Widu brushes, it is also sustainably made. Available here.

Reverie Cake Scalp and Hair Serum. While I am still a little skeptical about the ingredients in this serum, I actually like what it does to my hair. I have been using it for about a month (not every day, but quite often), and I have the impression that my hair is looking more full. In addition to that, it actually gives a little lift at the roots, so when I apply at night before going to bed I wake up with nice volume. Finally, it smells great. It’s available here.

Jane Iredale Eye Shere Grey Silk*. The Jane Iredale Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadows are the only “green” cream eyeshadows I have tried that really stay put and look fantastic all day long. Although they are described as shimmery, the color I have, Grey Silk, has more of a satin finish and no visible shimmer.  It looks very luminous, but not sparkly. I love to apply this all over the lid and then apply mascara; it gives a simple, brightening look. I plan on trying the shades Brown Silk and Champagne Silk next. You can find all the shades here.

Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray. I have a lot of broken hair in the front of my head (probably from keeping a ponytail all of the time), so I like to use this hair spray to keep the little hairs put when I am either wearing a hair bun or pony. I also spritz it all over my hair before curling it with a curling wand to give it a beachy type of texture. It’s my favorite non-conventional hair spray. Available here.

Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion*. This was a great discovery, because not only does it give beautiful, warm, golden sheen to the body skin, but it doubles as a pretty face highlighter as well. The texture is light and comfortable. Also, it smells a bit fruity. Summer in a tube. Available here.

Nudus Lipstick in Fairy Tales. I have a whole post about this lipstick (with swatches and other helpful info) that you can read here. Love me some coral lipstick for Summer, and especially with Nudus’ awesome formula.

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water – Coffee! Rejoice, fellow coffee lovers! You can now get your caffeine boost in your raw coconut water thanks to Harmless Harvest. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should drive to the closest Whole Foods, Fresh Market, or Publix (that’s where I find them), and taste for yourself. They are made with Fair Trade coffee and with no sugar added, but they are naturally sweet and delicious. If you are lucky, you can probably find the other new flavors – Cinnamon & Clove and Dark Cacao – which are also delicious. It really is the perfect drink for Summer.

*gifted/PR sample