Busy Holiday Beauty Routine

holiday beauty

Happy Thanksgiving! This is actually the American holiday that I enjoy the most. It’s that much needed break before the Christmas madness begins. My husband and I usually spend Thanksgiving with his family so I never have much time to go through my average body, hair, and makeup routine. It’s all about that quick shower, dry shampoo, wake-up skin care, and slapped-on makeup.

The two-minute shower: I have collected a large number of Strange Invisible shower gel samples with my Spirit Beauty Lounge orders, so I take a few of those with me. My favorite one is Bergamot, which has a lovely, zesty, awakening scent that is not overpowering. It creates a silky lather on the skin and the scent does not linger. I am not sure if I would buy a full-size of it only because it is very expensive for a shower gel, but I do enjoy it. As soon as I am done with my shower I reach for the Osmia Organics Sunset Body Oil*, which comes in this awesome 2 oz. size bottle that is perfect for traveling, but still gives you so much use. This body oil smells ah-may-zing, slightly sweet (vanilla), but with an earthy, flowery kick to it. I finish my body care by applying some deodorant, and I am still using the Blissoma Natural Deodorant Spray in Lavender*, but I have purchased the other scents to try as well.

Dry Shampoo: This used to be my problem, but I have kinda figured it out. We usually spend not more than three days on holiday, so I wash my hair the night before Thanksgiving and I put a little extra effort into it because it is going to pay off in the long run. When it’s really cold I give in and wear a beanie, but when it is not cold I just go for another two days without washing my hair and I use dry shampoo. Healthy Locks is still my favorite, and I am still using the Captain Blankeship Sea Salt Spray when my waves start to flatten.

Wake-up Skin Care: In the morning I use only a few pumps of Yuli Halcyon (vs. at least ten pumps in the evening) and I rinse it off (no wiping = time saving). I spritz a little Cocoon Elixir in the palm of my hand and I add two drops of face oil (Argan, or a serum) to it, then I pat it all over my face. I find that two drops of oil is the perfect amount to moisturize and protect the skin and does not require too long to sink into the skin so I can move on quickly.

Slapped-on makeup: It needs to be not only quick, but also minimal. We may take a few photos, but there is no need to get all glammed-up. I usually swirl a tiny amount of mineral foundation so I am sure that I won’t get shiny throughout the day, and I fill in my eyebrows with Ecobrow in the shade Liz.  Then I apply Kjaer Weis eye shadow in Charmed on the lid and in the crease and Cloud Nine on brow bone. If I am not in a hurry I use a brown or black liner but keep it very simple. I curl my lashes with my newest favorite Surratt curler, and add some mascara. Then I use my favorite bronzer/contour powder from Alima Pure called Sombra, and finally apply either Ilia Beauty Funnel of Love or In My Room on my lips. Done! Now, that’s a fast makeup routine. At least for me.

This whole process usually takes me (realistically) about 15 minutes if I don’t get caught in some time-wasting or chatting with the husband. This routine is definitely a little more rushed than I prefer, but at least I don’t look like I just jumped out of the bed with 4 hours of sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving!