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April Favorites 2015April Favorites Genuine Glow Deborah Lippman Flowers in Her Hair Treat Collection Nail Polish Something BlueApril favorites 2015 Genuine Glow

Quick update! You guys have certainly noticed how slow the blog has been lately, and I apologize for the delay in replying to comments, emails, messages, etc; but I had to take some time to focus on other projects and activities. Now let’s talk April favorites…

Lacquer Love. This month I went a little crazy with nail polish shopping, in part because I found Treat Collection nail polishes at incredible prices (you can still find the deals here), in part because I wanted to add some Spring-appropriate, pastel colors to my collection. My favorite color during April was definitely Flowers in Her Hair by Deborah Lippman, a blue-ish mint color. The formula is good, opaque in two coats, and it was about 4 days before it started to chip (I topped it with my favorite Speedy Dry Top Coat from Priti NYC). Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquer is 5-free and cruelty-free, and can be found here. Something Blue by Treat Collection was another favorite of mine. I was initially disappointed that the color looked different than what I expected (I thought it was going to be a pale, baby blue), but it turned out to be an elegant, smoky blue that I think will be cool not only for Spring, but all-year-round. I will show you more nail polishes that I am loving in this weekend’s post, so lacquer lovers keep your eyes peeled!

Skincare. I have received many requests for an updated Top Shelf and I will post one for you all in the near future. I intend to try some new products, but this month I felt like keeping it safe, (I have not had a breakout in months). Also, despite the weather change (we average high 70’s-low 80’s Fahrenheit), my skin has not been very oily. However, I think that diet may have played a part in that. I will tell you more in my skincare update post.

If I had to pick one skincare product for the month of April, it would definitely be the Yuli Cocoon Facial Elixir. I just repurchased it once again. You can read my full review here. (Would anyone be interested to read about my favorite toners? Leave me a comment below!)

Body. I have been jogging in the sunlight and occasionally spent a little time at the beach so my legs are now slightly tan, but before I started doing that, I looked a bit pale. I turned to my trusted Prtty Peashun in the shade Deep Dark to give my legs some color and a more smooth appearance because some days are too hot not to wear shorts. I have a few body oils that give a nice glow and a subtle shimmer, but Prtty Peashun is a more comfortable option (it’s a very lightweight lotion) and the sheen is very subtle, which I prefer. For a little extra color, I mix it with the Gressa Minimalist Contouring Serum Bronzer*, and that, guys, is the perfect product combo to make the skin look beautifully and naturally tan in a few minutes. If you have both products please try it and let me know how you like it. I like to apply it on arms, legs, and any skin showing (havent’ tried the combo on my face, but it may be worth trying as well).

Another body product that I have been loving last month is the African Botanics Firming Botanical Body Oil*. This is a very rich oil that I put on after a shower to moisturize my skin.  It is so rich and feels so great on my skin after a shower (which leaves my skin feeling dry), it absorbs beautifully into the skin and leaves it looking and feeling plump. I adore the scent of it, which is fresh and fruity, and feels very Spring appropriate, (but if you are sensitive to scents I would recommend sampling the product first as the scent is pretty intense). If you have tried and liked Marula oil in the past you will love this body serum for sure. You can find it here.

Lip Products. While my love for Nudus 27 Kisses* is still going strong, and that is still what I reach for most days, this month was all about lip gloss, which is not usual for me. The W3LL People Bio Extreme Lip Gloss is definitely one of my favorites, and thanks to your recommendations I ordered another shade, Nude Rose. I will show you as soon as I receive it (I took advantage of the Pharmaca sale that I told you about and found lots of nice products at Pharmaca). The other lip gloss that I have been wearing a lot is the Red Apple Lipstick Lip Gloss in Honey Badger, which is a pretty pink-y, nude color. Red Apple Lipstick’s lip gloss formula is one of the best that I have tried; it is very comfortable to wear (I can’t do sticky or oily glosses, like Ilia’s) and comes in very pretty colors. The days of the sticky, yucky lips that attracted hair like glue are finally gone, thank goodness.

Fragrance. Lurk RSW005 Eau de Toilette* has definitely been my most worn fragrance. I am actually contemplating the idea of picking up the oil version next because I enjoy re-applying roll-on oil perfume oils throughout the day. For more details about the scent, read my full review here (giveaway winner will be announced soon!).

Blushing. In April I didn’t have much time (nor interest, to be completely honest) in putting makeup on every day; when I did, I reached for my favorite Kjaer Weis cream blush in the color Desired Glow (I actually just started a brand new pan because I emptied my first one!). It is a perfect honey/caramel toned blush that adds a little warmth to my complexion without looking like I used a bronzer. It suits any skin tone (from very fair to medium-deep) beautifully, and it is the perfect blush for bronzer lovers.

Brow Combo. In my recent review of EcoBrow I told you how I liked the product, but did not find any of the shades available to be a great match for my dark, ashy-brown hair. I played with different products and found a combo that works really well. I first use EcoBrow to fill in my brows and then I go over it with the Alima Pure Satin Matte Eyeshadow in the color Raven. (the one in the photo is the matte taupe color called Ash, which is better for blonde hair). The extra step of using powder over the brow wax is actually very quick and makes a significant difference, giving the brows perfect color and longevity.

Don’t miss this weekend’s catch-up! New things and maybe even a little giveaway ;)

*gifted sample

  • Ria

    I can totally relate to needing a break from blogging to focus on other projects! Love the look of that blue Treat nail polish :) I’ve actually not tried any of the products you’ve mentioned, will definitely be adding a few to the wish list! x

    • Hi beautiful, thanks for reading! I was happy to see you dropped a few new posts :) I am not sure if you can get the same deals on Treat Collection, but if you can, they are definitely worth trying ;) x

  • Kali L

    Do any of those nail polishes not smell like traditional polish? The only brand I’ve found with a completely neutral smell is Scotch Naturals but I’d love to be able to explore some new ones!

    • Hi Kali, unfortunately all the nail polishes I mentioned in the post still have a traditional nail polish smell. Not as strong as the mainstream brands, (at least in my opinion), but if you were sensitive to the typical nail polish scent I would not recommend them. Kure Bazaar is the one that smells the least offensive to me. I hope it helps, thanks for reading!

      • Kali L

        Rats! Thanks for the help, Lilly!

        • Kelsey

          You might like to have a look at Little Ondine – I haven’t tried it myself yet but it’s a (new) water-based brand with heaps more colours (and glitter!) that sounds pretty good :)

        • You’re welcome love! If I find any good nail polish that does not smell too strong I am going to let you know :) Have a great weekend.

    • RebeccaNMDL

      Kali, if I may – as Lilly says they all have a smell that’s not great, but I find with most of the modern 5 free brands, the smell is not as strong and it doesn’t linger after the polish is dry. I usually can still smell conventional polish days later. I use the AILA Better Than Gel topcoat and that has no smell at all once dry, so even if there’s a tiny bit of smell from the polish it’s covered.

      • Kali L

        Thanks for the tip! I had tried Butter London when they may have been 3 free and the smell was overwhelming. They’re 7 free now and I haven’t actually tested any of the 5 free brands. I may have to venture out and test a few!

      • Kali L

        Thanks for the tip Rebecca. I’ve only tested a 3 Free brand (Butter London) and the smell was strong. They’re 7 Free now and there are plenty of 5 Free options so I may have to venture back into the fray and test them!

  • Desiree

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the product combos! Have you ever come across a “green” fragrance reminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue? Or just a crisp/fresh scent in general? I live in Nowhere, TX (lol) so unfortunately there are no natural/organic shops anywhere near me that I can go to and check out products in person. Perfumes/perfume oils are quite pricey, so I’m a little hesitant to order online without smelling/trying them on first. Do you know of any fragrance brands that offer sampler/trial kits? I know La Bella Figura do some but they’re sold out..

  • Anusha Puri

    That blue treat nail polish looks so lovely …..KW,w3ll people ,lurk ..glorious stash lily ❤

  • Jina Jung

    Yes would love a favorite toners update! I’m actually looking for a toner right now, and i’m torn from any of the 3 Yuli elixirs, the Kahina toning mist, and the Mun rose toner. Not to mention all the other serious contenders I see being reviewed. Ah the choices!

    • Hi Jina, thanks for reading :) You actually mentioned some of my favorites! Will hurry up and write that post then ;)

  • Hi Megan, thanks for reading! Yes, give those products a try, it’s good stuff! ;)

  • amy

    Hi Lilly! Thank you for this post. How long does Treat nails stay on when using their base and top coat with normal activities? Thanks!

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  • RebeccaNMDL

    You’ve convinced me to get Something Blue. I have trouble finding a blue that works with olive skin, but your description sounds perfect and Treat has the best cream formulas I’ve ever used. I’m building up a fine collection of my own!