Lurk RSW005 Eau de Toilette Review + Giveaway (CLOSED)

Lurk RSW005 Review Giveaway

Lurk Giveaway RSW005

I have mentioned this quite a few times before: I have a serious problem with synthetic fragrances. In fact, the first products I gave up when I started to pursue a greener beauty routine were all my fragranced lotions, candles, deodorants, and perfumes. The moment I gave them up, my usual migraines and nausea disappeared. At first I thought that I would never find a personal fragrance that would be as pleasant, wearable, and unique as it was pure and safe, but lately I have been blown away by the scents I have tried. Lurk RSW005 Eau de Toilette* unanticipatedly won my heart.

RSW005 is a rose-based scent mixed with warm sandalwood which gives it a less girly, and more girl boss feel (the company describes it in fact as androgynus, which I find to be pretty accurate). Even the rose scent itself is quite delicate, and not overly floral. The best part, though, comes with an unexpected, crispy, citrus twist that makes the whole fragrance more unique and vibrant, yet still wearable and delicate for a sensitive nose like mine.

Beside the gorgeous scent, the perfume’s ingredients are as pure as they can be. Lurk does not use any water or alcohol in their perfume oils, and the base for the RSW005 Eau de Toilette is made with USDA organic cane alcohol that is triple distilled for purity. No man-made preservatives, stabilizers, or additives are included in their formulas; only nature-derived, organic oils. With that said, the lasting power of the perfume is quite impressive for a “natural” fragrance as it will last at least a few hours before starting to fade. Yet, you will still be able to perceive it on your skin after several hours. Not as vibrant, but still there.

Lastly, I can’t help but admire the stunning product design. RSW005 comes in a sleek glass bottle with golden accents, and the bottle is presented in a pretty muslin bag with nature-inspired images. The whole packaging is so simple, elegant, modern and cool that you don’t need to be a design connoisseur to appreciate it. It’s just so beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

I think that RSW005 makes the perfect gift for anyone (men will enjoy the earthy, vibrant scent as well). I would particularly recommend it as a gift for obnoxious, migraine-triggering perfumes wearers. That’s more like a gift for them and for you too,  cause you won’t have to smell synthetic chemicals when you are around them, (let’s not forget that mother’s day is fastly approaching — lucky moms, you’re welcome). If you are looking for a synthetics-free personal fragrance, you need to check out Lurk. All of their products are hand-made in Soho, NY.

For more information, and to purchase the product, visit The Detox Market. Learn more about Lurk and its creator, Anne Sanford, at


I am thrilled to let you know that Lurk and The Detox Market generously offered a bottle of the precious RSW005 for you, (valued at $ 225).

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