Priti NYC Glass Nail File & Speedy Dry Top Coat

Priti NYC Glass Nail File & Speedy Dry Top Coat

In addition to searching for effective, “natural” deodorants and face sunscreens to welcome the warm season, I have also been nail polish & nail tool-shopping. Among my purchases, there are two items that I have been using frequently because they have been a tremendous help. Keep in mind that I do not have pretty nails to begin with and that my nail-painting skills are pathetic, so any help is appreciated.

Priti NYC Glass Nail File – Who would have thought. Due to my not being a nail nerd, I had always thought that nail files were all the same, but I quickly changed my mind when I tried this one. It is made from lead-free Float Glass and does not feel weak or flimsy at all. The most impressive thing for me is that it helps to file my nails with more precision and without disturbing the nail polish during touch ups. It is an awesome tool to have if your nails are fragile, because it is more gentle and allows for more control. Some nail files can literally bend my nails during filing and break them, but I have not had that problem with this one. It takes a bit longer when using this one, but I do not cut big chunks of nails without noticing and the nail shape looks smoother. It is of course more expensive than your average file, but I will no longer need to periodically buy a new one.

Priti NYC Speedy Dry Top Coat – It really works! It dries quickly and is 5-free like all the other Priti NYC Nail Polishes. It also makes my nail polish last longer and keep its lovely shiny finish. I also like the brush (which is the same as for all Priti nail polishes) because it is slightly bigger than other nail polish brushes (ex. Butter London and Zoya). In fact, it only takes two swipes to get my nails fully covered with top coat.

I got both products from Spirit Beauty Lounge, but they are currently out of stock. However you can find the top coat at Amazon (here).

What are some of your favorite nail tools and nail care products? Please do share!