Wednesday Wishlist #9

 Wednesday Wishlist #9 Genuine Glow

As of today, there are a few products sitting in my virtual cart that I am looking forward to checking out asap. I am enjoying my skincare routine at the moment and it looks like it’s working very well, so my focus has been mainly toward sunscreen products (think positive, sunny days are coming ahead!) and newly launched makeup. In my March Favorites post I received quite a few lovely suggestions (thank you so much for your comments!) so I look forward to trying some of the products that you guys have recommended.

Yuli Cell Perfecto PM. This is the only skincare product that I want to add to my routine right now. I have officially joined the Yuli fanbase because the products that I have tried so far have been fantastic to my skin. You may recall that I included the Panacea Elixir in my March Favorites and I am also using the Pure Mask. The Elixir is not only great at hydrating the skin (like most mists), but I find it to be truly balancing and calming. I will write more about the Pure Mask ASAP, but do your skin a favor and order it in the meanwhile. Now, I know I don’t need a night-time serum at the moment (I have plenty of great serums, my beloved multi-tasker argan oil and the Kahina Night Cream), however the Yuli Cell Perfecto PM serum is receiving a  lot of praise from people as an effective skin brightener. I still have a few dark spots that this can help me erase…

Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen, Tinted, Broad Spectrum Spf 30. This was one of the most recommended by you. Suntegrity is supposed to provide excellent protection without leaving the annoying white cast and I saw that they offer a golden shade that may be just right for my skin tone. Although I do think that conscious, limited exposure to the sun can boost our Vitamin D levels and is really good for our health, I would rather keep my face well-protected from minute 1 of sun exposure to prevent premature aging and dark spots.

Pratima Neem Rose Face Sunscreen SPF30. This one was also highly recommended by a few of you!  According to the many reviews that I have read people agree that it has a comfortable texture, calms sensitive skin, and leaves no white cast. Someone said that it even plumps the skin? Wow, I am sold. The ingredient list also looks fabulous, being pretty simple and including 18.6% of non-nano micronized zinc oxide, which is supposed to be very effective at protecting against harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

W3LL People Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara. I have already gotten my hands on the two new RMS Beauty Mascaras and I ordered a refill for the Kjaer Weis one. However, everyone seems to be positively impressed with this one. From the photos I have seen it looks very, very good. Natural, but with a little extra volume compared to the Kjaer Weis one. Also, the wand has a pretty interesting shape and it is supposed to reach every tiny lash. I have really high expectations and cannot wait to try it.

Are you using any of these products? What is currently on your Wishlist?

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