June Favorites 2014

June Favorites 2014

Due to the ridiculously hot weather I did not go crazy with new makeup purchases during June. However, I did try new skin care and body care products and also happily tested out some sun care products during my weekend trips to the beach. On to the faves…

YULI Cocoon Elixir. I just shared how much I like this facial mist in my last post about Chamomile Skincare. This mist was a great addition to my routine because it has soothing properties that have particularly helped with my stressed skin. Yes, cold weather can be harsh to the skin and very drying, but heat can be equally damaging as it keeps the pores enlarged and the skin looking oily and unhealthy. Then you have these drastic changes between heat and humidity outdoors and cold and dry indoor temperatures (first world problems, I know!). These harsh temperature changes have negative effects on my skin. I love to hydrate, refresh, and soothe my skin with the Cocoon Elixir throughout the day and I also use it as a toner after cleansing, to close the pores. Love it.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel. This was another skin savior in June. It’s a very light gel that I apply as a moisturizer in the morning and that does not cause my skin to look oily. I don’t like to use it under sunscreen, but whenever I am not staying out in the sun I apply this gel to keep my skin matte and balanced. It has antibacterial properties that help treat and prevent breakouts. If you have oily skin, this is really a must-have for Summer!

Odacité Pure Elements Camelina Chamomile Serum Concentrate*. A very concentrated serum that is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. It contains some of the most soothing, healing ingredients like German Chamomile, Camelina Seed Oil, Calendula, Rose, Lavender, Blue Tansy… which make it smell SO good. Every night I have been adding only a few drops to the areas of my face that need soothing, (mainly my cheeks), while my skin is still damp. I wake up with no redness at all. I plan to try more of the Odacité Pure Elements Serum Concentrates, and will probably try the one for clogged pores next. 

One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder. I still like to keep my hair care routine pretty minimal, but this dry shampoo arrived like manna from the sky. It is so quick and easy to use and even smells great (smells like a “healthy” version of febreeze). This powder also gives my roots a lift on the second and even third day. If you tend to wash your hair too frequently because it gets greasy quickly, this dry shampoo powder is worth trying.

Lily Lolo Natural Eye Pencil in Black. Thanks to all of you who recommended trying this eyeliner! While this is completely smudge-proof (at least in this weather, but it will probably work great in Fall), it is definitely not waterproof as advertised. This pencil has a much better staying power than most natural eye pencils that I have tried. It is nicely pigmented and the color is a true, rich black. Keeper.

Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen for Body. This is a great sunscreen for the body that has SPF 30 and a comfortable texture. It does not leave a white cast and absorbs nicely. I have been wearing it at the beach and it prevented my skin from burning. I had zero redness on my skin when I washed it afterwards. Possibly my favorite body sunscreen among those I have tried.

W3LL People Bio Extreme Lip Gloss. I have the clear one, (not sure if they came out with the other shades yet), but I love this lip gloss. The formula is very thin and light, so it does not feel like you’re wearing lip gloss. However, it gives a high shine finish and makes the lips look super lush and plump. Totally sticky-free and no gross taste like many other natural lip glosses that are oily and end up sliding in the mouth. And the smell is delicious! Cinammon-Spearmint-y? Not sure, but I love it. I like clear glosses but I am curious to try the shades that are coming out next!

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion in Medium*. Every time I wear shorts or a dress, or anything showing a little skin I automatically reach for this lotion. It provides very light moisture and a subtle sheen. No glitter or obnoxious fake tan; just a subtle, beautifying glow that helps to mask imperfections.

Which products did you love in June?

*gifted samples