Catchup #61: Spring Launches, Face Masks, and Sunscreen for Your Lips

Catchup 61

I hope that you are enjoying the weekly catchups. I like spending my Saturday evening/Sunday morning writing about all the beauty products I have been loving/not loving so much during the week. Spring launches have started, and while not everything got me super excited, there are a few products that are totally worth checking out. I will talk about more Spring launches next week.

Suntegrity Sunscreen Lipsticks. These days you can sell me anything that comes with full-spectrum sun protection. I mean, almost anything. I have been eyeing the new Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. (color, protect, revive) lipsticks since they launched and chose the shade Sunrise Peach*. The Lip C.P.R. lipsticks come in 8 beautiful shades (it’s hard to choose one), and offer spf 30, filtering both UVA and UVB rays.

Color-wise, the shade I picked is a gorgeous peach color with super-fine, golden shimmer. On my lips it looks like a rose gold color, which is definitely my type of lip color for Summer. The finish is luminous due to the fine shimmer, but not glossy. It’s more like a sheen. It has light-to-medium pigmentation, so the color shows up in one swipe; however multiple coats don’t exactly build up to full-coverage due to the very creamy texture. I’m talking about Tata Harper Lip Treatment type of creamy. It is very conditioning, so it’s perfect to protect the lips from the wind, too. Since it is so creamy and shimmery, a little pigment can migrate into the lip lines and emphasize them slightly, so I recommend not to layer too much product. It’s not very bad, but if you have very pronounced lip lines it may bother you. For me, it is perfectly fine for the daytime when I want to protect my lips and wear a pretty lip color in one swipe. I just would not wear it for an evening out (who would wear sunscreen in the evening, anyway?). I don’t know if the formula of the various shades vary slightly, but I will be wearing this shade all Spring and Summer, and would probably pick another color, too. Available here. (Wearing Sunrise Peach in the photo above).

PLANT Face Masks. I have been testing out a couple of new face masks that I wanted to tell you about because they work nicely and they are affordable (qualities that I rarely mention in the same sentence on my blog, unfortunately). They are from PLANT Apothecary, and they are called Zit Zap Spot Treatment and Matcha Antioxidant Face Mask. Both masks come in powder form and have to be mixed with water. First thing I like about these is that the powder is very fine, which I prefer over face masks with a more irregular/clumpy consistency, since the fine powder applies more smoothly and evenly. However, since the powder so fine, you want to make sure to rinse it off as soon as it dries out so it won’t start to crumble. Both masks contain very few, simple ingredients and get the job done, and neither one of them has caused any reaction or breakout on my skin. They are quite gentle (no redness aftermath), but absorb the excess oil (or as some say, they “purify” the skin). Zit Zap contains white clay (kaolin), activated charcoal, and basil oil, while Matcha contains white clay, matcha tea, and chamomile oil. I think that they are very nice clay-based masks, good for delicate skin (but always patch test if you are sensitive to many ingredients), and they are a great option if you don’t want to spend fifty bucks a pot. By the way, they come in glass jars–hallelujah! You can check them out at Target online and at PLANT official website. Will write a full review.

Kahina Essaouira Oil Perfume. This is the perfume version of the body serum that Kahina launched last Summer. It’s a very unique, complex scent that includes rose, sandalwood, geranium, lavender, and petitgrain notes. I can’t quite call it floral, nor woodsy, nor citrusy, but it is a bit of all three. It’s a crisp and fresh fragrance with slightly spicy end. Like every other “natural”, non-synthetic perfume, the Essaouira perfume* begins to fade a couple of hours from the application, but it comes in a convenient glass bottle with steel roller ball applicator that is small enough to be carried in any purse. A lovely addition to my collection. You can find it here.

True Nature Botanicals Eye Serum. The eye serum* I raved about for the past couple of weeks is launching very, very soon. Keep your eyes peeled because I may have a little surprise for you (make sure to follow me on Instagram!).

Giveaways. Today is the last day to enter the Jane Iredale Spring 2016 collection giveaway. Head over to this post on Instagram to enter. I will have a new giveaway in a couple of days that I do not want you to miss. Prize is so good!

Sales. There a two great sales happening at the moment that may be worth checking out. Here are the details:

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