Catch-Up #48

catch-up #48

I hope you all had a great week. Mine was very productive on many fronts, but I indulged in way too many treats, (if you snack a lot when you go through intense study/work time, let me know what you snack on in the comments below). I am going to have to get back on track next week before my skin starts to manifest the effects of it all. Alright, let’s talk beauty stuff.

Most recommended face serum. This week I received several emails asking me if I had tried the True Nature Botanicals Balancing Face Oil, (not sure if it was recently featured in some magazine or website) and I also saw it in several Instagram feeds that I follow. One lovely lady actually told me that it is her favorite face serum, and she has such a large collection of products that I could not overlook that statement. I definitely plan to try it soon. You can check it out here, (ingredients seem promising, what you think?). True Nature Botanicals offers 10% off your first order, (just click on the top banner that appears when you reach their website).

New Rahua Defining Hair Spray. I was so excited when I read about the new Rahua dry shampoo that I did not even notice that they had also launched a hair spray. I am currently using the Josh Rosebrook Firm Hold Hair Spray (not the “Lift” one, which did not work well for me). The Josh Rosebrook Firm Hold spray is the best “green/natural” hair spray I have tried. I did, however, buy the Rahua spray together with the new Rahua dry shampoo to test it out, so we will see how it works. The description of the product convinced me with the word “brushable”, because most of the natural hair sprays that I have do not leave the hair very brushable (they often contain starches that leave a bit of a sticky residue)If you want to try the new Rahua products, make sure to take advantage of the sale I listed below to save some $$.

A good base coat. I know that many of you don’t use nail polish, but if you are one of those who do, check out the Treat Collection Base Coat. I have been using it for a few months, and I didn’t realize how well it worked until last week when I took off my nail polish and my nails were in pretty bad shape. There I remembered that I had not used the base coat the last time I had painted them. My nails have not looked bad at all during the past couple of months, even though I have painted them very often, so I think that the Treat Collection Base Coat has been doing a good job (it also dries fast!).

Butter London Giveaway. Today is the last day to enter the Butter London giveaway I am hosting on Instagram.  You can check out all the details in this post. I have another giveaway coming soon, so keep an eye on my Instagram page for that one as well.

This weekend’s sales. These are the sales/deals that are currently active:

Hair product sale at Beautyhabit. 20% off on all hair products, including the new Rahua dry shampoo and defining hair spray. You can find it here.

The Detox Market is having a Summer sale. Take 10% off everything with code BYESUMMER.

Spirit Beauty Lounge is offering double reward points with every purchase, and they have added new products to the reward boutique. If you have had points sitting in there waiting to be used, you can finally get a little reward, and there are some really good options in there like the Lina Hanson Global Face Serum, Maya Water, BKR bottles, and more. Find it here.

BeauTeaBar. The BeauTeaBar website just got a little lift, and is looking quite lovely. Most importantly, it has become much easier to navigate. They are currently running a little special, so take 10% off all $50+ orders with code NMDL10, and 20% off all $200+ orders with code NMDL20. You can find it here.

In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s post about the RMS Beauty Blush Brush* here.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!