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Although I hate getting my hands dirty while doing my makeup, I always end up using my fingers: to apply foundation, blend concealer under my eyes, tap cream highlighter, etc. However, as I have mentioned lately, I have been using a brush to apply cream blush and cream bronzer that I am very happy with, the RMS Beauty Skin2Skin Blush Brush*. When I first saw it it did not look much different from many stippling brushes out there, but it turned out to be a well-designed brush that out-performs the cheaper alternatives that I tried.

The brush is quite small, (about 13 cm/5.1 inch), which makes it a good size not only for daily use, but also for traveling, as it fits most compact makeup bags. It turns out to be an even more convenient feature, considering that it can also multi-task. The head of the brush, which is made of 100% synthetic, very soft hairs, has the right density for cream blush and cream bronzer application. Being that the head size is quite small, it is also great for applying the product exactly where I want it, still allowing me to blend it anywhere else I want to extend it.

I have tried it with most of my cream blushes, including of course the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheeks, the Kjaer Weis cream blushes, and the W3ll People Multi-Sticks. For products that have a more solid consistency, like the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheeks, I swirl the brush in the pot, then swirl it on the back of my hand to remove excess product, and then apply it to my face. For more creamy products like the Kjaer Weis blushes I have only lightly tap the ends of the hairs in the product and then I apply it. I just gently swirl it in circular motions until it looks well-blended. I must say that I was okay with how my finger application made my blush look, but I prefer using this brush, as it blends very well without leaving any streaks on the skin. Also, it does not disturb the foundation underneath, which is very important.

Talking about foundation, here is a feature that I was pleased to discover. After recently washing it, I tried to use it with foundation, specifically with the Gressa Corrective Serum  Foundation. I found out that it sheered out the foundation beautifully giving it a skin-like result versus a cake-y, layered up finish. I just apply foundation in the center of my face, and sheer it out towards the outer parts of my face (that gives a more natural result, as the face is naturally slightly lighter in the center.). Therefore I decided to purchase another one to use with liquid foundation (I simply cannot wash the brush every day after using blush to apply foundation the next day).

The Skin2Skin Blush Brush is most definitely on the pricey side compared to many other stippling brushes, but it is a well put together brush that washes beautifully and has not shed any hair (so far). For that reason, I expect it to last well, although I obviously cannot comment on how long it last me with daily use, since I have only owned it for about seven weeks. So far, it has been great and has not given me any issues that I have sometimes experienced with cheaper brushes (head coming loose, shedding, etc.)

Be on the lookout for the foundation brush review as well. However, keep in mind that the foundation brush works best with cream foundations. If you use liquid foundations, I would try the blush brush instead.

You can find the brush at Citrine Beauty Bar. Did you try any of the new RMS Beauty face brushes yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

*gifted sample