Morihata Facial Towels

Morihata Facial Towel Review

Morihata Facial Towels

It is safe to say that in this time of Holiday parties there is one thing that us makeup junkies should not neglect and that is cleansing. Put your foundation on, your blush, eyeliner, multiple coats of mascara, and even glitter if you like, but as soon as you get home, make sure that it all comes off. Most importantly, do it properly by using a good oil cleanser like the ED4OLO Cleansing Oil or a cream cleanser like those by Pai and MV Skincare. An often forgotten essential is a clean, soft facial towel like my favorite ones, the Facial Towels by Morihata*.

Both Kontex and Yoshii towels are made in Japan, but are manufactured with different processes and materials, so they also feel different on the skin. They are both superb at absorbing liquids, dry fast, and are made with exceptional quality. They differ in size, with the Kontex Flax Line Facial Towel being larger than the Yoshii Shirt Stripe, (34 x 34 cm. vs. 25 x 25 cm.).

The Kontex Flax Line Facial Towels are made with 100% Organic Cotton. They are very soft and not only larger, but also thicker than the Yoshi ones. They have two sides: one is super-soft cotton weave, the other one is looped cotton terrycloth pile. My favorite use for the Kontex Flax is for steaming my face during cleansing. For steaming, I mean that after I apply and massage a nice amount of cleanser all over my face, I wet the towel with hot water, (not scalding, but very warm), and I lay the towel on my face until it cools off. The heat makes all of my makeup melt away, and the softness of the towel allows all the gunk to come off without scratching my skin. The size is just perfect for this use, because it covers my whole face, and it is also large enough to use every corner of the towel to remove all the last bits of mascara (the super-annoying ones).

The Yoshii Shirt Stripe Facial Towels are much thinner and are made with a completely different manufacturing process. You can read more about it in the product description here. I found it quite fascinating to read because it takes a lengthy, committed manufacturing process to produce such a fine product and the ingredients used are raw and carefully hand-picked. I love using these towels for detailed makeup removing because they are small, thin, and very, very soft. Even after multiple washes, they stay perfectly soft. When I do not wear a lot of makeup I tend to use these over the Kontex Flax because I can quickly wipe off the cleanser with one of these. The size makes them so handy and so perfect for traveling, too.

These towels are some of the few beauty accessories that make a whole world of difference (you don’t know you need them until you try them) because they are just created with superior quality and they are much better to care of your delicate skin.

You can find them here.