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benjabelle brush tree reviews

Today I received one of my daily emails from a beauty magazine I am subscribed to with the subject: Beauty Buys That Will Make You Smile.  While I was reading it I thought, “I have a beauty buy that will make some of you (makeup lovers) smile”, and it’s the Benjabelle Brush Tree.

As you may be able to tell by looking at the last image above, before I discovered Benjabelle (while randomly shopping at Amazon), I got a little creative about the way I dried my brushes. Of course, I also used the old school, brush-laying method, where I laid my wet brushes over the edge of a table (my desk) and let them dry flat. However, that method is not the most suitable for small spaces, so the Benjabelle Brush Tree looked like a clever invention to try.

The Brush Tree that I purchased is called Daisy and it fits 14 brushes, from thin to larger in size. Benjabelle makes different brush tree sizes that go up to 26 brushes, but I don’t use all of my brushes all the time so Daisy is a good size for drying the brushes that I use the most and wash more often. There is space for two very large brushes (like the powder and bronzer ones), four medium-sized brushes (like your foundation, blush and contour brushes), and eight skinnier brushes (eye/lip/concealer brushes).

 The tree consists of three pieces that are very easy to put together (I did it myself, without asking my husband for help, which means that it is very easy) and you may choose to just keep it in a corner of your desk as a brush holder or take it apart and conveniently store it away until you need it again. I keep it in the corner of my desk because I actually found out that I like to keep my brushes upside-down so they don’t get any dust in the bristles, so the brush tree has doubled as a storage/organizer for my most used brushes. One of the benefits from using the brush tree is that by drying the brushes upside down, all the water used to wash and rinse the brushes is not going to sit in the handle and the ferrule part, which should help the brushes to last a bit longer. If you own expensive or discontinued brushes that you love, you may want to take that into consideration.

In addition to the brush trees, Benjabelle also makes two brush cleansers. I picked the Organic Foaming Brush Cleanser that is made with coconut, olive, jojoba oils, aloe vera, and rosemary extract and it works great. It quickly breaks down the makeup and rinses off easily. I only need one pump of cleanser for each brush that I am cleaning. I like it a lot and it is something that I actually plan on repurchasing, even though I am also curious about trying the Benjabelle Organic Cleansing Balm. (Update: I tried the cleansing balm, and I did not like it. I prefer these brush shampoos).

Necessity? Maybe not. Good to have? Absolutely. It is a space savior and may be also a convenient brush storage option for some. Benjabelle Brush Tree and Brush Cleansers are available at Amazon and Beautylish.

How do you store your makeup and brushes?