Tuesday Toners: Maya Water Facial Mist

Maya Water Facial Mist

 Before I tried Maya Water I was already familiar with the benefits of Thermal Water. The whole area where I was born and raised (called Campi Flegrei, Italy) is surrounded by thermal sites and I remember that as a child I heard about older relatives visiting the thermal pools for rheumatism therapies. I also have precious memories of my dad taking me to visit a friend in Ischia who owned an hotel with a thermal pool in it. The first time I went there and looked at the pool water I told my dad that I did not want to swim in dirty water! What a clean-freak kid.

The use of mineral waters is actually considered beneficial even by conventional medicine and it is often recommended by medical doctors for several skin conditions–especially sensitive skin. I decided to give Maya Water Facial Mists a try because I was looking for a revitalizing face mist that contained minimal ingredients. When my skin looks stressed/irritated I always try to keep my skincare routine minimal, but efficient. Too many ingredients can sometimes overwhelm my sensitive skin. In fact, the very reason why I did not consider trying a Maya Water facial mist before, the simplicity of the ingredients, was now the reason why I wanted it. I purchased both the Pure Maya Water Facial Mist and the Organic Goji infused Maya Water Facial Mist. Maya Water is sourced at a Norwegian natural spring called Skogshorn in Hemsedal, Norway.

Maya Water is a trace-element and mineral-rich thermal water that hydrates, revitalizes, and boosts the skin with moisture. Some of the minerals contained in the water, such as calcium, are considered very beneficial to the skin. For instance, calcium is known to be antioxidant and protective. Since we are all exposed to environmental factors (cold, wind, heat, air pollutants, etc.) and we spend a significant part of our time indoor with the air conditioned on, protecting our skin throughout the day becomes essential. I love spritzing my face with this water in the morning before cleansing (which helps the cleanser to spread out nicely), after cleansing (to give moisture back to the skin and prepare the skin for the moisturizer), and throughout the day whenever I feel that my skin needs moisture. It can also be used as a setting spray and to refresh your makeup, especially if your face starts to feel a little cake-y. The nozzle will not allow the water to spread unevenly on your face and cause  a smudgy disaster. Lastly, I love to spritz my face with it as soon as I rinse off my YULI Pure Mask to re-hydrate my face after using tap water, which is so irritating.

As for the two types of waters that I tried (Maya Water Pure and Maya Water with Organic Goji) and their effects, I did not really notice any difference between them, but I think that it would not be fair to expect any drastic difference anyway. However, I disliked the scent of the Goji Infused water (I should have sniffed my goji berries before I bought it), so I will stick to the Pure Facial Mist (the bottle on the right in the photo above) and will give White Tea and Acai a try next.

This is something that would greatly benefit people with dry, sensitive, and dehydrated skin types; but would also everyone else looking for a more basic face mist. I have already re-purchased the Pure Maya Water and like I said, I will continue to use it because it works well for my skin. I am now carrying the travel-size Goji Water in my purse because it is much smaller, while I keep the large Pure one in my beauty cabinet. (Wanna see a #topshelf?)

The Maya Water Facial Mists come in two size options: a travel-friendly size with 70ml of thermal water, (the Organic Goji Maya Water in the photo is a travel size), and a full-size with over 140ml of thermal water. They are available at Spirit Beauty Lounge.