Catch-Up #47

catch-up 47

I don’t know about you guys, but I am not ready to let go of Summer! This has been the first Summer that I did not even mind the scalding Florida temperatures (possibly because we live closer to the beach now). I am comforting myself thinking that it will be, unofficially, Summer for a little longer here in Florida. I am also excited about planting new things in our garden, as most of our Summer produce and flowers nearly died in the heat. Beauty-wise, there is a lot coming up, but we’ll have to wait a bit for some of the new launches. Here’s my recap from the past week.

NEW Rahua Dry Shampoo. I still use the One Love Organics Dry Shampoo Powder (review here, best I have tried so far), but I am excited to try the dry shampoo that Rahua is launching. It’s a shake and spray product, which I do prefer to pouring powder, and it is in the same price range of the OLO dry shampoo powder. I have high hopes! We shall see. You can pre-order it here.

Repurchased. In case you missed it, Spirit Beauty Lounge (edit: a wonderful apothecary that is currently closed) restocked all their products so I got a few, new Morihata face towels and a Maya Water (those sold out fast, omg). I had lost a few towels during our moving so I had a good excuse to get some more. I must say that after using them for over a year, I am still convinced that they are a very good investment because mine lasted beautifully, even though I washed them in hot water (which is not recommended). The Maya Water face mist is an old favorite of mine (review here) and I have missed keeping it at hand for a quick, hydrating pick me up. It comes out as a fine mist so it’s very refreshing and soothing, and I also like to use it for powder mask mixing.

To be repurchased. When a lovely gal emailed me a few days ago to ask me which face primer I recommended, I remembered how much I liked the 100% Pure Luminous Primer. After I ran out of it months ago, I kinda forgot about it because I started to use the Kahina Face Lotion, which is somehow similar to the 100% Pure primer. The primer is a very light lotion with a silky, smooth finish that makes the face makeup  go on better and stay longer. I have been thinking that it may work well under the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation (havent tried it yet, I am just assuming that it will work well under it because it is so silky). It also contains silica, so it has some oil-control property (it’s not meant to be mattifying, but helps a bit). 100% Pure also has a mattifying primer, which I have not tried yet, but you can check it out here.

A skincare tool. A little while ago, I purchased a Ying Yu Jade Roller, a massaging tool for the face that helps to de-puff, drain, and stimulate circulation. What I really wanted was the Platinum Electronic Roller that Lisa Eldridge recommended in one of her videos, but when I looked up the reviews on Amazon I saw that several people doubted the authenticity of the one sold on there. Lisa also recommended the jade roller as alternative, so that’s what I got. So far I am liking how I can massage my face without irritating it, as it is more soothing than my own fingers. I still get a little flush on my cheeks because it stimulates blood circulation, but my skin does not feel irritated. It is especially lovely when I store it in the fridge, and I massage my face with in the morning, because it helps to de-puff my face, especially under my eyes. I have been using it after cleansing and toning, when I apply a couple of drops of face serum (currently Yuli ME Skin Fuel). I first pat the oil and let it “sink in” a bit, and then I use the jade roller. At night, I like to take my time to do the whole draining-massage thing. I purchased it here, as I read a long list of comments saying that the cheap jade rollers on ebay are not the same thing. Anyone else tried it?

Butter London Giveaway. In case you missed it, I am hosting a giveaway on Instagram for the entire Arm Candy collection of nail polishes*. It will be open for another week, so make sure to enter! All you have to do is follow me on Instagram and like this post here.

Sale. Beautyhabit is having a sale on color cosmetics that expires Sunday night at midnight (Pacific time). They have quite a few makeup brands, including Ilia, Ecobrow, RMS Beauty, W3ll People, and more. You can find it here and use code COLORSUMMER. They just had a skincare sale that I completely forgot to let you guys know about, but follow me on Facebook if you like to take advantage of coupons and sales, because that is where I share any discount codes that I find. Their skincare selection is also pretty awesome (they have quite a few European brands that most shops don’t carry), so it is worth checking out.

Have a great week!