Catchup #55 | Honest Beauty, MUN, The Detox Market Awards & more

Catchup 55

I know that it is officially Winter when I wake up with dry lips and dry hands for the first time since the previous Winter. Also, when I get hot chocolate cravings, and I see the first pretty festive lights in my neighborhood. Those are the signs that it is time to pull our coats out of the closet after ten warm, humid months. This year, Winter beauty thangs have also been quite exciting. Here are a few recent ones worth sharing…

Honest Beauty Everything Palette. I’ll have to start with this palette because it is lovely and comes at such a good price point. The eyeshadows are pigmented, easy to blend and come in 5 pretty, neutral colors . The cream blush and lip colors are also pigmented and easy to apply. This palette (limited edition, btw) got me really interested in trying more from the brand. Next on my Honest Beauty wishlist are the eyeshadow trios and the luminizing powders, (both the highlighter one and the bronzing one). You can find all the Honest Beauty line here. I got a couple of requests for a makeup video featuring this palette, which I think would be a great idea; what do you think?

Last day of this giveaway. Speaking of palettes, today is the last day to enter the Jane Iredale Smoky Eye Kit giveaway. Head over to this post if you would like to participate. You can also watch my video using the palette to create a soft, smoky eye here.

MUN Travel Set*. I was already a fan of the MUN N0 1 Aknari Serum and even more of the MUN No 11 Anarose Toner (one of my favorite hydrating mists, great for dry skin), but I was SO excited to find a bottle of Argan oil in the newly launched MUN Travel/Discovery set. The product size makes this set perfect for traveling during the holidays, and also as a Christmas gift. The Argan oil is the newest product in the MUN line, and to my knowledge, it’s a limited edition (not available for purchase individually, unfortunately, because I like it). It’s a great oil for all skin types, even for more combo/oily skin. You can read my individual reviews of the Aknari Serum here and Anarose toner here. Available at MUNSkin and Integrity Botanicals.

The Detox Market Beauty Award Box*. Just when we thought that the Holiday sales were over, here comes The Detox Market with their swoon-worthy, award box. The box contains The Detox Market’s 2015 best selling green beauty products, including a couple of personal favorites. Whether you are looking for gifts to buy, or you have been wanting to try these products but you did not want to pay full-price, this box gives you the opportunity to get them at a discounted price. Here’s what’s inside…

  • RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. I am sure that most of you already know and own this highlighter. It is a creamy, pearly highlighter that gives the cheekbones a glossy effect. Applied softly, and only on the high points of the face, it gives the appearance of “lit within” skin.
  • Kypris Beauty Beauty Elixir II (14ml). I have not tried this serum, so I cannot share any experience with it. However, if you were already interested in trying it, or if you are currently using it now and would like to have a back up for it, you would get it at a discounted price with the box.
  • Odacité Day moisturizer. I sampled this one a long time ago and liked it. I planned to give it a proper try once again, so I am excited about using this one. It’s hydrating and moisturizing (water-based), but non-greasy. It has a pleasant, delicate scent.
  • Hurraw Balm. Made with raw, food-grade ingredients. It’s a simple formula that works well for moisturizing the lips.
  • One Love Organics Dry Shampoo Powder. Well, you guys know I love this one. Smells fresh and gives your second/third-day hair a second/third chance to go un-washed. Full review here.
  • W3LL People Expressionist Mascara. A good mascara, which I reviewed a long time ago. I was actually very pleased to receive this one because I wanted to give it another go, so I will open it when my new Kjaer Weis mascara refill expires. You can read my slightly old, full review here.

You can find more details about the box here.

New Gressa Lip Boost. If you are a already a fan of the Gressa lip boosts, you may want to check out their new shade called Dahlia*. It is so beautiful. A pigmented, deep plum color that I like to simply dab on the lips with my ringfinger for a pop of color and moisture (very comfortable even when my lips are dry). If you are not familiar with the product, you can read more about it in this post where you can also read about the Gressa Serum Foundation (which I just used up an entire bottle of, because it works so well for my skin).

Ciao, and have a great week, x

*PR/gifted sample