Catch Up | What to Pick with Labor Day Sales, New Favorites

I haven’t done one of these catch-up type of posts in, *literally*, years, but I wanted to bring it back so I could have a way to share things with you that didn’t require hours of editing like videos. If you are new around here, I used to write catch-ups every week mainly to share everything I had tried and loved (or hated) in beauty. This is a format that allows me to also keep you posted on what I keep purchasing, which products I replace with newer and better ones, and which ones end up in the donation/gifting bin. You can consider this a list of items that I recommend adding to your cart if you are treating yourself to some Labor Day Sales shopping.

A face mask for dry & dull skin. As I keep growing, uh…  “more wise”, dry & dull has become the appropriate description for my skin (anyone remembers when I was trying to control oiliness? Those times are definitely gone). Recently, I started using the new Odacité Bioactive Rose Gommage*, which has been fantastic for my skin. This is an exfoliating mask that goes on like a light gel and produces no tingling or redness. Once I rinse it off, it leaves my skin hydrated, soft, and smooth. This mask does not contain any physical exfoliating particles, only fruit enzymes to provide a gentle chemical exfoliation, while also hydrating the skin. It is a delicate skinned gal’s dream. Available here.

The perfect everyday eyeshadow palette. In the process of relocating from Florida to Massachusetts, I lost my entire eyeshadow collection–and most of my makeup, in general. After using bronzer as my eyeshadow for a couple of months, I decided that it was time to invest in at least a few shadows.First I purchased my all-time favorite by Kjaer Weis, Grace. Then, Ilia Beauty launched two new palettes called Necessary Eyeshadow Palettes, which I got in the Warm Nude shade.

This is an excellent, talc-free palette with six versatile warm shades that suit most skin tones. The color payoff is great and they blend easily. The darkest shade is a chocolate brown that can also be used as a liner. The lightest shade works well as a highlighter. I also appreciate the balanced mix of matte and shimmer, so I can keep my look understated for daily errands or have a little fun for special occasions. I am very pleased with the quality and performance and would totally repurchase it. The only thing I have to note about this one is that I am not entirely sure if it would be equally versatile and flattering for someone with a very fair/porcelain skin tone since the lightest shades are not very light. Available here.

My hair’s BFF. The August Detox Box from The Detox Market* included a brand new Josh Rosebrook hair product called Serum Spray. It was love at the first spritz! It is a lightweight, aloe-based serum that hydrates, smooths, and reduces frizziness. I apply it on damp hair after towel drying, then put my hair back in the towel for a little longer so the serum can be absorbed while my hair dries more. I have always had a hard time with air-drying my hair because it is naturally frizzy, but this serum has allowed me to wear my natural texture, emphasizing waves but keeping them soft and bouncy versus dry, frizzy, and overall blah. What’s more interesting is that, while it contains moisturizing oils, I can spritz it over and over and it never weighs my hair down. The more I spritz–the softer, shinier, bouncier my hair gets. It’s almost addicting! Available here.

The blush that takes years off my face. Another wonderful recent launch is the new pressed blush by RMS Beauty. The color I purchased is called Lost Angel, and it is a beautiful coral pink with a subtle golden shimmer. It has been said that this shade is a modern take on a NARS classic blush called Orgasm and I completely agree. It is a beautiful, richly pigmented color, and the shimmer adds a flattering sheen. I haven’t used blush often during the past few months until I got this one. It can even fake a glow on a dull, PMS face. Available here.

Kourtney’s hair turban. I have used Aquis’ hair towels and turbans for years. They are truly the best for cutting down hair drying time while preventing damage. However, long story short, of the three turbans I owned, I only found one in our moving boxes and needed at least another one. I saw that Kourtney Kardashian collaborated with Aquis to make an upgraded version of their classic turban so I got one–and it is truly brilliant. Unlike the original, it is double-sided, so that one side absorbs water while the other one is a charmeuse fabric that can be used to protect the hair while dry. I purchased it at Poosh.

The Genuine Glow curated shop

I am currently in the process of making improvements to this website, so you may incur some glitches here and there–it’s only temporary! In the meanwhile, I have added a “SHOP” area to my menu where you can find a curated selection of products and services I use and recommend. It includes beauty, wellness, fitness faves, and it is going to expand further in the future. I think of it as the place where you can find the answer to “what’s Lilly’s favorite …?” and bam! You find it right there. Check it out here.

Labor Day Sales

I wanted to include a few of the sales happening for the last warm, long-weekend of this year. Please check each website for any restrictions (some brands may not participate in the sales).

The Detox Market

  • 10% off $150 with code DETOX10
  • 15% off $200 with code DETOX15

Some exclusions apply. Shop here.


MŪN Skin

15% off sitewide with code INDIANSUMMER19

Their Anarose toner is one of my all-time favorite skincare products. Shop here.



15% off all orders with code LD2019

Shop here.



15% off sitewide. No code needed.

I am a huge fan of their Hydratint Blush Serums and the Hydraglow (liquid highlighter).

Shop here.


ALEAVIA Prebiotic Skincare

20% off all weekend with code LD2019

Their Enzymatic Body Cleanse (body wash) has been a godsend during our struggle with eczema.

Shop here.


Integrity Botanicals

15% off all $100+ orders with code LABORDAY19

Shop here.


*denotes gifted samples; NOT a sponsored post