August Favorites 2014

August Favorites 2014

When I lived in Italy, the end of August used to mark the beginning of the Autumnal season: yellowing leaves, cooling temperatures (and cold feet from stubbornly wearing sandals in the chilly evenings), and a few mildly rainy days. With scalding temperatures of more than 90°F, Fall is nowhere in sight where I am now. No wonder why my skin is still getting very oily when I am outdoors and dehydrated when I am indoor with the AC. However, August was such a great month (I mean, it started with A Night For Green Beauty!), so here’s what I loved…

Skincare Repeat. I try not to mention the same products over and over again, especially those that I have extensively raved about, but when I looked in my skincare cabinet to pick my current favorites I instinctively reached for the same ones I loved in July. I still like to prepare my skin for cleansing by misting a Maya Water Facial Mist (White Tea this time), which is a thermal water that spritzes out as a very fine, light mist. The Odacité Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser and the Yuli Cocoon Facial Elixir are still my favorite go-to, cleanse+tone combination. I love the gentle, yet effective action of the cleanser followed by the soothing, balancing and hydrating action of the toner. This leaves my skin feeling well-cleansed, but not stripped. The two products work great together and some mornings I do not even follow with a moisturizer, if I do I use some Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel for light moisturization and to leave my skin shine-free.

Laurel Organics Gentle Facial Mask* and YULI Pure Mask. The Laurel Gentle Facial Mask is a French Rose Clay-based face mask that is formulated for delicate skin types, but it is actually quite powerful. I can feel it stimulating my skin and purifying the pores. Only one word of caution: while it does not irritate healthy skin, it can feel a little harsh on irritated skin, such as the reddened skin around my nostrils. Otherwise, it is a lovely mask. I have been alternating it with my YULI Pure Mask. The Yuli mask works well at quickening the healing process of blemishes on my chin, so I never skip an opportunity to use it. These two masks have been my favorite ones in August and will definitely continue to use them in September. I am now looking for a more hydrating mask to use on some areas of my face that need a little cuddling; any recommendations?

Alima Pure Eye Shadows* in Breathless and Flashback. The whole By Night Collection that Alima Pure just launched for Fall is beautiful and these two shades are the ones that I have been reaching for the most. I have not been much into eye shadows lately, because the hot weather does not encourage me to wear much makeup at all, but these two make such a pretty and easy combo. You can never go wrong with gold and bronze shades, especially in Summer. Breathless is a sheer, shimmery golden shade that I love for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner of my eyes. Normally I would not wear anything shimmery on my brow bone, but the shimmer in Breathless is actually subtle and flattering. Flashback is a bronze shade with some golden shimmer and it is gorgeous to add a little smokey-ness. I do need to prep my lids with a little primer because they tend to get very oily. My eye shape makes virtually any eye shadow crease, but a tiny amount of primer makes them last beautifully and not fall out.

A few noteworthy lip products:

Ganache for Lips-Lip Balms. This is real good stuff. I have two flavors: Lemon Mousse and Vanilla Mousse, which are some the best smelling lip balms that I have ever tried. Slightly sweet, but not faintly sweet. What I like the most about them is that they are not shiny and they are practically weightless on my lips, meaning that I do not even feel like I am wearing lip balm. Very, very comfortable. I wonder if they will provide enough moisture/protection during the colder months, but I will have to wait a little longer before being able to verify that.

Ilia Beauty Nobody’s Baby. Old favorite re-discovered. It is a sheer, peachy-pink/nude shade, the type of lip color that you do not even need a mirror to apply it! Very moisturizing as well, and with a slightly shiny finish.

La Bella Figura Radiant Cream Blush in Just Jenna. Technically, this is not a lip product, but I actually like it more on lips than on cheeks. I like to simply dab it on my lips for a barely-there, berry color. It feels buttery and comfortable. It requires re-applying throughout the day, but it is very pretty and easy to wear, and the shade is very Fall-appropriate. I look forward to seeing La Bella Figura creating more shades of this product.

RMS Beauty Lip2cheek in Curious Orange. The shade looks scary bright in the pot color but it is actually buildable, and a little dabbing on my cheeks makes the prettiest peachy blush. Very flattering and just lightens my face. Not in love with it for use on lips (I seem not be able to always get an even color all over my lips), but as a blush is the

One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Balm. As per usual with One Love Organics, this product smells amazing, sweet, and citrusy. I have been swooning over all the OLO scents (even the husband likes them!) because they are always delicious and uplifting. Other than that, I like to use it as body moisturizer. The texture is not greasy, especially when compared to most balms, and it leaves the skin feeling very soft.

Are you ready for Fall? I know I am, not only because I long for less hot days, but especially because of all the great product launches coming up…

*PR Sample