Weekly Catch-Up #31

Weekly Recap #31 Genuine Glow

Sorry for the delay, everyone, I had the busiest week, (no, I did not spent it at the beach, though I had to go there for lunch). I hope you’re all well! Here’s the recap…

Empties/Repurchased. This week I did not finish any products, mainly because I have new-ish bottles of skincare products that are at least half-full. However, there are a few things something I plan on purchasing this week. First, I want to hook my sister up with Nudus lipstick in 27 Kisses. She is a red lip lover, especially of glossy, sheer reds. I think that she would fall in love with 27 Kisses and it could be a nice alternative to red. I already sent her Ilia Beauty in Funnel of Love and In My Room, yet she wears red lipstick in every single photo of herself that she sends me, so I guess she is not using them much. (For the newbies, my sister still lives in Italy, while I moved to the United States). I also plan to purchase a refill of the Kjaer Weis Mascara, because it is still the one I like the most, and does not smudge, ever.

Kjaer Weis New Foundation Shades. Speaking of Kjaer Weis, I posted on Facebook that Kjaer Weis has launched two new foundation shades, and one of them looks like it could be my perfect match. It is called Silken, and it is described as the warmer sister of Paper Thin, the one I wore in my Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation Review (click on the name to read the review). It is meant to suit light, light-to-medium skin tones with yellow undertones. I am quite excited to use it, as color matching was my only problem with the Kjaer Weis foundation. The other new shade, Delicate, is designed for medium-to-deep skin tones with golden undertones. You can find both shades at Spirit Beauty Lounge and The Detox Market.

Nudus Lipstick Carmine-Free Shades. After an exchange of comments was left under this Instagram post, I received several emails from people who wanted to know which Nudus lipsticks are carmine-free. Nudus kindly sent me the list of names, and they are: 27 Kisses (which everyone needs), Naked, Fairy Tales, and Bittersweet. Also, for those who asked me where to buy 27 Kisses (it is currently sold out at BeauTeaBar), Integrity Botanicals may have some in stock.

Sales. **UPDATE** Spirit Beauty Lounge is having a flash sale! 15 % off sitewide for the next 24 hours! Click here and use code FS20150323.

The Detox Market is currently having a Spring Sale with up to $60 off! Use code Spring10 for $10 off $100; code Spring30 for $30 off $200, and Spring60 for $60 off $300.

Face Sunscreen Update. For all of you who are waiting on an in depth post about the face sunscreens that I have been trying, I am getting closer to a complete the list. I am definitely liking the Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30*. This week I was using another one that I purchased last year (and remembered not getting along with), the Consonant Perfect Sunscreen with SPF 30. I was so excited to try it, because I read so many good reviews for it, and I waited months before it went back in stock (it was sold out for ages!). Yet, it did not work for me; it’s totally incompatible with my skin. I will give you more details later on. However, if I had to recommend any face sunscreen at this point, it would be the Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF30, the Coola Mineral Sunscreen with matte finish, or Suntegrity 5 in 1, at least for all combination and oily skin types.

I am curious: has anyone tried the Josh Rosebrook Lift Texture and Volume Spray yet? I should be receiving it soon, and I am waiting for the mail by the window every day. Did anyone try to press their powders after I posted my mini tutorial last week? If you did, let me know how it worked!

Have a great week everyone, I should be posting more this week!

*gifted sample