Weekend Catch-Up #30

Weekend Post #30

It was a very busy week, but the (almost) perfect weather made everything more nice. Here’s the usual weekly recap…

Empties/Repurchased. Nada. Except that I may need a replacement for the Nudus lipstick in 27 Kisses soon, because I use it practically every day. That’s never happened to me before, guys! I just love that color and finish so much.

Josh Rosebrook Face Sunscreen. As I mentioned in some recent post, I have lined up a few face sunscreens to try over the next few weeks. Currently, I am using is the Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF30*, and although the adjective “Nutrient” got me a little worried at first (oily skinned people, you know what I am talking about), it is actually not a heavy, greasy product. Considering that it contains Zinc Oxide, it applies smoothly and does not even leave a white cast on the skin. So far, I am very happy with it and I have not experienced any breakouts or itchiness, which are two problems I often experience when I use sunscreen. I will have a more in depth review for it, but in the meanwhile you can check it out here.

Teatox – 14 Day Tea Detox*. About a week ago I started the 14 Day Tea Detox*, which includes one bag of daytime tea and one bag of night time tea. The teas come in loose leaf form so I use this cup here to make it (the one in the image above, which also comes in a bunch of cute colors). Being that Spring is a great time to cleanse, I have been diligently drinking my tea AM and PM, and so far, I have really enjoyed it. I am not crazy about the taste of the daytime tea, (it’s not bad, just not my favorite) but I love the night time one. It’s minty, a bit spicy, and it feels quite warming as I drink it. It also truly puts me in the mood for sleeping. I will update you next week when I am finished, and give you more details about the ingredients, but I already plan to get more, so the hub can tea-detox, too.

Pressing Mineral Powders. A lovely lady named Kristen reached out to me on Twitter to ask me how I press my mineral powders. I do not press all of my powders, but I successfully pressed my favorite bronzing powder, the Alima Pure Sombra Contour Powder, when it first launched. I did not want to waste any powder because it was a limited edition (now part of their permanent collection), and I was afraid I could not purchase it again. So here’s how I pressed it.

1. Lay the powder in a clean jar, preferably glass;

2. Flatten the powder with a spoon so it’s evenly laid out in the jar;

3. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, until the powder is completely wet, (just fully wet, not swimming in it, it should look a bit pasty)

4. Press the powder with the spoon to make sure it’s tight;

5. Let  the alcohol evaporate overnight.

Done! Let me know how it works for you if you try it.

Sales. *Updated* Here’s a few good sales that are currently happening:

From Monday 16 to Tuesday 17, receive 20% off your purchase at Beautyhabit (click here and use code LUCKYDAY). They have an impressive selection of brands!

Receive 30% off on all Studio 78 Paris Makeup (click here and use code PARIS30). I have heard great things about their mascara and bronzer, but I have not tried them myself;

Take $10 off a $50+ purchase at Birchbox (click here and use code TAKEOFF10). You can find One Love Organics, my favorite volumizing shampoo, W3LL People Makeup, BKR Water Bottles, and so many other great products.

Take 20% off sitewide at Dermstore (click here and use code EXPERT20).

New Launches. Exciting new things already out! Laurel Organics has just launched an eye serum; W3LL People launched a Universalist Stick in a color called Nude Flash #9 that can be used on both lips and cheeks (you know I am always in for a good nude); Josh Rosebrook, (hold tight, this is pretty exciting), has launched a texturizing and volumizing hair spray called LIFT. Of course, I will have to give it a run and will keep you posted about it. You can check out these three new items at Integrity Botanicals.

Have a wonderful week! New posts will be up soon, and keep an eye on my Instagram feed for a nice giveaway.

*gifted sample