Catchup #59: Suncreens, RMS wipes + Rachel’s Plan Bee Giveaway

Catchup 59

I hope you had a lovely week. Mine was busy as usual, but I was able to spend Saturday relaxing (as you may have seen in this photo). It is definitely starting to look a lot like Spring down here! ☀️ Here’s a few thing that got me talking about for the past week.

Sunscreen Talk. Sunny days in Florida make high spf face sunscreen a non-negotiable step in my skin care routine. I am officially back to searching for my “perfect sunscreen” and I am more motivated than ever to find it. No, I haven’t forgotten that I promised you my ultimate sunscreen post. This year is totally happening.

Last week I posted a photo of the face sunscreen that I have been using the most on Instagram, which is the Coola spf 30 mineral sunscreen with matte finish, and among the many helpful comments I found out a few interesting things:

  1. Coola makes a tinted version of the cucumber sunscreen spf 30 with a matte finish. Since the non-tinted version leaves a bit of a white cast I definitely want to give the tinted one a shot. As soon as I try it I will report on what the tint looks like on the skin. Available here.
  2. Josh Rosebrook also makes a tinted version of the Nutrient Day Cream with spf 30. You may remember that I loved the Josh Rosebrook non-tinted Nutrient Day Cream because it is much more comfortable/better looking on the skin than most mineral sunscreens. However, as a few of you already noted in the past, the percentage of zinc oxide in the cream is not listed on the product’s label. I will be getting in touch with Josh to get help with that. The tinted cream is available here.
  3. Badger Balm also makes tinted version of their face sunscreens (yay for the tinted formulas 🙌🏼). One is the spf 20 Rose Tinted Sunscreen and one is the spf 30 Tinted Sunscreen Cream (Unscented). They are available here.
  4. Suntegrity launched lipsticks with spf. Not only I like the idea of wearing lipsticks with spf in Summer, but the shades look very pretty. Will probably pick up the color called Sable Shade (browny nude) or Sunrise Peach (rose, golden peach). You can check them out here.

With that being said – has anyone tried Soleil Toujours face sunscreen? I stumbled on this review on Amazon:

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 11.21.49 PM

I felt a bit discouraged after reading it. What’s up with the reviews on Amazon these days? If you used it on your face, would you mind sharing how you liked it?

Yarok Feed Your Shine Hair Serum Drops. I have said this many times before and it hasn’t really changed. I believe that the best thing we can put on our hair, as far as treatment goes, is coconut oil. But, if you want to add a bit of life into your dry hair ends after styling it, this Yarok hair serum drops* are lovely. They are very light and won’t make your hair feel/look greasy and sticky like plain coconut oil does. I just rub one-two drops into the palm of my hands and run it through the very ends of my hair. Please keep in mind that it smells quite herbal (sage, cedar, and petitgrain). I received mine with a Petit Vour box, but it is also sold individually here.

Rachel’s Plan Bee. As I mentioned last week, I have been using a few of Rachel’s Plan Bee body products*. I was already in love with Rachel’s collaboration product with Kimberlyloc (I know that all of you who tried the Jasmine Duo agree with me), so when I tried a few more products I got the confirmation that Rachel is a fine bodycare chef. Her products smell and look delicious. My favorite one has been the Citrus-Vanilla Body Butter. It contains:

  • Shea Butter to condition the skin and soothe dry and irritated skin
  • Apricot Kernel Oil & Grape Seed Oil, which are great in body products because they are not as greasy as most plant oils and provide beneficial vitamins and antioxidant to the skin
  • Beeswax, which helps to protect the skin and keep it moisturized
  • It also contains tiny amounts of essential oils (vanilla, sweet orange) which give makes it smell like it just came of of a bakery.

It has been perfect to moisturize my skin now that it is more dry. It is only going to be available until March so grab one now if you want to try it! I should also mention that Rachel’s Plan Bee products are more affordable than most of the body care products I like, so if you want to treat yourself but you don’t want/can’t spend a lot on body products, you’ll enjoy this line. You can check it out here.

Giveaway! Rachel is kindly treating one of you with a generous set of her products. To  enter the giveaway, head over to this Instagram post (click here) and follow the rules. The giveaway will end on Sunday, February 28th and will be open internationally.

RMS Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes. I gave the RMS Beauty Makeup Remover Wipe a try to remove my makeup a few nights ago. As far as makeup removal, it did a good job, as I would expect from a coconut oil product (it’s a wipe soaked in coconut oil; nothing more, nothing less). The wipe is quite small in size, so it worked well for me on a day when I wore very little makeup. I am not sure, however, if one wipe would have been enough if I was wearing more makeup on my face. Of course, it required a second cleanse afterwards to remove the oil residue.

This is a very convenient, travel-friendly option for anyone who uses coconut oil to remove their makeup. It sees that RMS Beauty created this as a travel-friendly option for their customers who already use the RMS Beauty Coconut Cream. It can certainly reduce the number of products needed during a trip. Available here.

Updated Skincare Routine? After I posted a close up of my skin on Instagram I received a few requests to write about my current skincare routine. Your wish is my command. Let me mention that my skin looked decent because I was wearing foundation (I will reveal which one next week) and my chin was cut out of the photo (and there are a few pimple scars on it). It’s always the same story guys. When I eat well, sleep well, don’t stress, and do my simple skincare steps, my skin looks clear and my eyes look fresh. A touch of foundation & RMS Master Mixer here and there and I’m good.

Google+. I don’t know if you guys even use it, but if you do, I am on Google+ and you can add me here. I have also officially joined Snapchat (but still have no idea how to reply to messages. Help is welcome!). I snap mostly about foods and beauty products, of course. Add me by name: genuineglow 👻.