Catch-Up # 53 – Empties, Kypris, Lily Lolo, and more.

Catch-Up #53 Kypris Antioxidant Dew Lily Lolo Blush Jane Iredale Palette

Long time no see! I hope you’re well and had a great week. I had some technical issues over the weekend and was unable to film. Well, actually, I filmed a requested video, and was feeling pretty good about it until I watched the footage, and I realized that the lighting was completely off. It was a makeup video so I wanted the lighting to be right. When I tried to film again (last evening), I knocked off another CFL light bulb to the ground (it was the second bulb I broke during the two past weeks). In case you are not familiar with it, it is a bit of a hassle when these type of light bulbs break because they release mercury :( . Anyways, I am going to film again soon, so keep an eye on your Youtube feed for another video popping up asap, and subscribe here if you haven’t yet.

Empties/Repurchases. This week I finished my first bottle of True Nature Botanicals Shampoo*, and I promptly purchased a new bottle. I have been happy with the way my hair has been looking/feeling. A little less happy with my hair cut, but that’s a whole different problem (if you were thinking about cutting your bangs, may I just say, think twice). My initial thoughts about the shampoo have not changed, which is why I bought a new bottle. It cleanses properly and smells fresh. Some of you told me that you were giving this shampoo a try, so please let me know how you have been getting along with it. If you didn’t read my first review, you can do so by clicking here.

Purchases. A few things I recently bought are a pressed mineral blush from Lily Lolo in the color Just Peachy (I got it here), because believe it or not, I have plenty of peachy/coral blushes, but not even one in a powder form. I also bought a few more of those clever brush guards I showed you in my October Favorites. I have been less annoyed with washing my brushes since I started to use the London Brush Co. shampoos and the brush guards. Less time=less boring. If you do not enjoy washing your makeup brushes then make sure to check out the products I mentioned in my October Favorites.

I am pretty sure that I am forgetting about a few more things I recently got, but will blog again in a few days and will keep you posted about anything noteworthy. I am also going to post a couple of reviews, including one of a versatile makeup palette from Jane Iredale* that I am really enjoying (which I use to fill in my eyebrows, among the other things). In the meanwhile, you can check out the palette here.

Kypris Antioxidant Dew. I am super sad that even the Kypris Antioxidant Dew* did not work for my skin, (I mentioned before how the Moonlight Catalyst also did not work for me). I gave it three weeks, even though I had the impression that my skin did not agree with it from the first couple of days of use. I have found that sometimes it does take a couple of weeks for my skin to “adjust” to a new product, but as my breakouts got progressively worse, I decided to discontinue the use. At first I noticed tiny whiteheads on my cheekbones, but then I began to get full blown red pimples on my cheeks and at the sides of my nose, which is so unusual for my skin. The only areas where I tend to breakout, (you probably already noticed if you have been following me for a little while, because when I do breakout, is usually big and loud!), are my forehead and (rarely) my chin. I cannot tell which ingredient(s) my skin is not okay with because there are many “new” ingredients in this product that I have never found in a previously used product.

It has fantastic reviews (one online reviewer wrote that she stopped wearing foundation after starting to use this and another Kypris product, which sounds more than desirable), so I don’t discourage you from trying it. However, if you have delicate skin that is prone to breakouts, I would recommend getting a sample first. The texture is like of a lightweight lotion with a milky consistency, so I actually really liked the product formula and how it felt upon the application. The Antioxidant Dew contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which may help dry skin types to stay hydrated and look more plump during Fall/Winter. Not to mention, several ingredients with antioxidant benefits. You can check it out here. Kypris recommends adding a few drops of the Prismatic Array serum to the Antioxidant Dew to boost hydration and UV protection. Back to the Skin Fuel serum I got (mentioned here). Use code GG10 to save 10% on any LeVert Beauty purchase. As soon as my skin gets better, I’ll start to test out another face serum that you guys emailed me about :)

Eyebrow help? You guys! I don’t know how much money I have wasted over the past year trying to find a decent replacement for the discontinued Lavera All Brows, Brow Pencil. It was perfect for my dark, ashy brow hairs. I know I can, (and I do) mix a couple of different eyeshadows to fill them in (I pick up dark, matte, green, brown, and black eyeshadows on an angled brush and fill my brows with that). However, especially when I am in a hurry, I just can’t bother with doing the artist thing and I need a quick product that does the job. If you know of any decent brow product that has an ashy tone to it (with a hint of green it’d be even better), then please leave me a comment.

Have a great week, ciaooo xx

*gifted/PR sample