Kjaer Weis Makeup Review | Fall 2015 Launch

Kjaer Weis Transcend Eye Shadow Above and Beyond Cream Blush Captivate Lip Tint review SwatchesKjaer Weis Fall 15 Products copy

At last, I finally uploaded my “preview” (more like a review, since I have been using these products for three weeks already!) of the Kjaer Weis makeup collection that launched this Fall. Together with the three products I used in the video and swatched below, Kjaer Weis also launched two new foundation shades: Lightness and Transparent. Lightness is the newest (and lightest) shade in the range, being more fair than Like Porcelain (Lightness is described as “fairest” fair with neutral undertones), while Transparent (medium-dark, golden undertone) is a half step between Velvety and Delicate. For more information on the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation, you can read my full review here.

As for the three new products that I have been using, they are:

  • Lip Tint in Captivate*. A fairly pigmented, but not opaque, peach-nude. It looks a bit more brown in the pan than it shows up on the lips. It gives a subtle, golden shimmer for a little extra sheen (no glitter, it’s wearable). The usual moisturizing lip tint formula, thanks to shea butter, beeswax, and jojoba oil;
  • Cream blush in Above and Beyond*. A bright coral that reminds me of Happy–the other bright cream blush from the Kjaer Weis Summer ’15 collection. Happy is more blue/pink, Above and Beyond is more warm.
  • Eye shadow in Transcend*. A Copper shade Similar to Earthy Calm, however Earthy Calm is more dark and less red. If you have green or blue eyes, Transcend will look magnificent on you. Everyone else, great crease color, perfect for Fall, but wearable all year round.

Kjaer Weis Fall 2015 Swatches

If you are familiar with the Kjaer Weis formulas, these three new products have the same quality and longevity. The eye shadow Transcend is very pigmented, but still very easy to blend as per usual Kjaer Weis eyeshadow formula. It is the one product among the new three that I have been the most excited about using because I did not have a warm brown like this one. Perfect crease color and lovely silky texture (it contains bamboo, which gives a silicone-like smooth consistency).

The cream blush Above and Beyond is gorgeous and possibly more long-lasting than my other KW cream blushes. When I took the photo above the cream blush did not come off by washing with a regular soap bar, and I had to use oil to remove it. I do not typically wear bright blushes (my favorite blush is still Desired Glow), but I can use a more punchy color like this one on very sick-pale Fall and Winter days. If you have medium to dark skin tone, you might want to try Above and Beyond. I tried it on a girl who has darker skin than mine, and it looked beauty-full.

I will probably also get much use out of the lip tint, Captivate. It’s not much darker than Dream State (another favorite), and my Dream State lip tint was due to be replaced, so it was great timing. If you have never used the KW lip tints, but would like to try them, I recommend investing in a lip brush. I do often apply it with fingers before heading out, but if you need to touch up, you really want to avoid using dirty fingers in the pot. The Kjaer Weis lip brush (the one I used in the video) is a great one (nice rounded tip for precise application), but another great option would be a retractable lip brush. Or, wash your hands and use fingers; that’s fine too :). Captivate has a little golden shimmer in it. I don’t mind it because it’s subtle; it does not make the lips look frosty.

Lastly, for those of you who have never tried Kjaer Weis products, this line is entirely manufactured in Italy using a large percentage of organic ingredients (certified organic in Italy by the country standards).  The founder and creator, Kristen Kjaer Weis, is a makeup pro with many years of experience in editorial and celebrity work. That’s why every color is wearable and easy to apply. One of my favorite features about this makeup line is that it suits many different skin types. the face products are creamy, but won’t look greasy on oily skin, and will give a little glow to more dry complexions. It is also eco-friendly; the packaging is refillable. Being very expensive, I recommend that if you are on a budget you first sample the products (check out this sample program here). That way you get the chance to see for yourself if a product is worth investing in. You may also purchase a refill instead of the metal packaging, and place it in a magnetic palette, like a Z-Palette. However, if the packaging suits your budget, I think it’s worth splurging, as it is sturdy and keeps the products well protected; not to mention, it’s stunning!

I hope I didn’t overlook any details. If I did and you have questions, please leave me a comment!

You can shop all the products mentioned at the official Kjaer Weis website, and retailers (here).

*PR sample