What Is In My Makeup Bag?

What Is In My Makeup Bag?

Whether I am wearing a full face of makeup or just a little bit of lip balm, I always bring my makeup bag with me. I frequently change the items I carry in it, but I keep a few essentials that I may reach for anytime, anywhere.

The bag that I have been using the most is my Vera Bradley Small Cosmetic Bag (this pattern is called Lime’s Up). I enjoy the bright pattern and  surprisingly, it can contain a lot of stuff! Cotton on the outside and plastic inside, so it can be easily wiped clean. Inside the bag there are always: a hairband, a lip balm, an eyelash curler, Ilia beauty Nobody’s Baby (favorite!), a mascara, a small mirror. Everything else changes according to the look of the day, but those things are always in there. The lip balm I usually carry with me is the Hurraw Blue Chamomile Vanilla Lip Balm, which smells AMAZING and looks very nice worn alone or on top of any lipstick. For sudden eyelash curling needs, I normally bring La Metier De Beaute, because it has a softer pad compared to Shu and Shiseido, (my all time faves), so it is more gentle on lashes after mascara. Another must have is my PureBrow Brow Fix & Mascara from Jane Iredale , which I may need if my tiny brow hairs start to rebel against the shape I give them. For the rest of the makeup: on my lips, I am wearing Ilia Beauty in Nobody’s Baby, but I brought Dress You Up too, just in case. On my cheeks is Vapour Beauty Blush In Spark and the Ilia Beauty Illuminator in Sway as bronzer . For eyes I am using  Jane Iredale eyeliner in Black-Brown and bareMinerals Volumizing Mascara, (not very “clean”, unfortunately, but I really wanted a little extra volume today.) I also brought my tiny sample of my W3ll People Narcissist Concealer, shade number 2. Finally, my fountain of youth, the RMS Living Luminizer and the RMS Beauty Cream Shadow in Karma, in case I want to add just a little bit more drama to my eyes later in the evening. The only thing I don’t usually carry with me despite my oily T-Zone is my face powder, which I substitute with some Tatcha blotting sheets. I literally just ran out of them, but I should receive some refill packs this afternoon. And that is it, for today.

What is in YOUR makeup bag?

  • Love your lime makeup bag, so cute. I don’t take one with me I just have a small pocket in my handbag dedicated to it, always a lip balm, two lipsticks, blotting paper and jasminas perfume or a Pacifica solid perfume. Oh and a badger SPF stick in the summer, and sometimes I put a concealer in just in case x

    • Hi Tammy, I should definitely put a SPF product in my bag too, even though I don’t usually wear it unless I am going to be exposed to the sun for more than 20-30 minutes. Thank you for your comment love, x

  • asti

    Your make up bag is so much fun. So useful that it is plastic inside, need to get one just like that :)

    Your what-s-in-your-bag stuff makes me jealous. Nobody’s Baby is such a natural nude on you, love it. I really want a nude lip colour, the only one so far that looks really good on me is Moment lip shine by RMS. I am usually really bad at matching lip swatches against my skin tone, but it seems that I should give Nobody’s Baby a try since it looks like it’s on the safe side.

    It’s a battle to find a natural mascara that gives oomph, isn’t it? I can’t wait til RMS releases one. I haven’t heard one that creates drama!

    • Thank you Asti! I am really longing to try the Rms Mascara, even though in the meanwhile I was thinking about trying the Kjaer Weis one. Also, I think that the best way to find out which colors suit your skintone is taking photos of yourself wearing different shades. Photos give you a much more realistic idea of what shades suit you better, compared to looking at yourself in the mirror. Thanks for your comment! xx

  • Gayle

    You have such great taste in beauty products! I love it. Here’s what’s in my bag right now:

    Revolution Organics Multistick in Blushed

    Vapour Beauty Concealer

    Red Apple Lipstick in Strawberry Lips

    100% Pure Mascara

    Vapour Classic Blush in Courtesan (my favorite shade)

    Alima Pure Finishing Powder in Yuki

    • Hi Gayle, coming from you I consider it a huge compliment! I love everything you have in your makeup bag too, but I have not tried the Freedom Balm from Revolution Organics, nor the powder from Alima. They are both very well rated and very popular, so now that I know that you use them too, I am definitely going to check them out! Thanks for your comment, x

  • Hi lovely! I need some advice for lip balm to take with me to greece. The last time I went, the salt water + sun made my lips SO SO SO dry.

    On another note :) I love Jane Iredale, and think I might get that gel mascara brush you mentioned!


    • Hi Joelyne! I am actually a lip balm junkie, so I hope to have some good options for you! First of all, you could try the Suvana Paw Paw Balm. It is a multi-purpose balm that can be used on lips, face, cuticles, hands, etc. I find it very effective, and I think that it’s a great option for traveling. Also, I like Weleda Everon Lip Balm, and Badger Cocoa Butter Balm (Vanilla Scent), which have cocoa butter in them and a waxier formula compared to most lip balms. They are not shiny/glossy, but I find them more nourishing. I hope this helps! Great to hear from you! xx

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