What’s In My Makeup Bag? #3

What's In My Makeup Bag #3What's In my Makeup Bag Apple & Bee #3What's In My Makeup Bag #3 Pocket

It has been a while since I wrote one of these posts and some changes have happened inside my makeup bag due to new lovely items being added to my collection and to the overly warm and humid (and rainy!) weather. I just have not felt like wearing too much on my face, so I have been keeping it very minimal. Less is more, isn’t it?

This lovely makeup bag you see in the photo is an Apple & Bee Medium Cosmetic Journey Bag* and the pattern is  Lovebird Red. The bag is made in organic cotton and hemp, it feels nice and sturdy. It is very spacious (it fits more than a whole face of products!) and has a front pocket where I usually put a few makeup brushes. The bag is covered in a bio-degradable coating made from natural polymers (sugar cane and corn starch) so that it can be wiped clean. How awesome is that?! I love finding out about brands like Apple & Bee that are truly committed to be environmentally-friendly without compromising design and functionality. It does not hurt that the bags are so stinkin’ cute.

The first product that was added to my bag must-haves is the Celsus Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream. Although it is called Scar Cream, this lightweight, silky-smooth lotion is a little miracle maker. It helps to fade scars (from acne, cuts, scrapes, scratches, ..you name it!) and  it also calms redness, which is what I have been using it the most for. A tiny amount of this lotion makes the redness disappear quickly. I carry it with me because it needs to be applied three times a day to help the scars disappear. I will write more about it in the future ;). As for lashes, I am still using (and loving each day more) my Kjaer Weis mascara. I have been able to test it under the worse possible weather conditions, (90% humidity and rain) and it still worked fantastic without smudging. Onto lips, I have been loving wearing Ilia Beauty Sway. Yes, the bronzer Sway. It gives a beautiful golden sheen to my lips. Sway is not very moisturizing, (..it’s meant to be used on the face) but a little lip balm makes it perfect, (I am loving the Pai Bergamot Orange Organic lip balm*). I have also used Ilia Beauty Bang Bang often, especially since it is a great option for ladies (like moi) who are not fully committed to full coverage red lipsticks. As for cheeks, I have fallen in love with another Kjaer Weis wonder: the cream blush in the shade Desired Glow*. It is called blush, but the color is a beautiful honey/caramel that can be used as a bronzer. It is insanely gorgeous and gives the most natural glow to the skin, warming it up and adding luminosity. I think it is pretty much clear that I have a huge makeup crush on Kjaer Weis…Finally, I would not leave home without my Tatcha blotting papers, my RMS Living Luminizer, and that tiny glamorous compact you see in the front pocket my new favorite eye shadow from Kjaer Weis. The shade is Cloud Nine, it is a matte champagne color, it is the perrrrrfect highlighting color for brow bone and inner corner of eyes.

Have you ever had a true makeup crush on a particular brand? Let me know which one!

*PR Sample