My Top Four Lipsticks #NationalLipstickDay

This is the first year that I did not miss National Lipstick Day, so I thought I put together a list of my most used ones. These are all clean and cruelty-free, and perform like or better than the mainstream products I have tried. Lipstick is one of the beauty categories in which clean beauty has left almost nothing to desire, except maybe for a little extra longevity and a wider selection of colors. We are getting there, though! Onto my top four…

1. My Lips But Better: Nudus 27 Kisses

About 100 lipsticks later, this is still my go-to lip color. The one that gets me compliments every single time. I have seen it on hundreds of other people on social media, and it looks great on every single one. There is something about this color–a rose mauve that looks a little different on everyone–that is so flattering.

The formula is good, although at times (depending on the state of my lips) can be a bit on the drier side–nothing that a good scrub and balm can’t fix. I also find that the product tends to get a bit drier over time, so I use a lip brush to apply it.

Pros: flattering color, clean ingredients

Cons: might be a little dry, expensive

You can see me wearing this lipstick herehere and here

If you buy it at The Choosy Chick (here) you get free shipping with any Nudus lipstick purchase.


2. Perfect Reds: RMS Beauty in Jezebel and Firestarter

The formula of the RMS Beauty lipsticks is definitely one of the best in the clean beauty space because the pigmentation and longevity are satisfying, the texture is comfortable, and the finish gives a sophisticated satin/matte look. I don’t find most of the lighter colors to be flattering on my face when worn on their own, but the reds (all of them) are perfection. It’s just a matter of finding the *right* red for you. My favorites are Jezebel, which I immediately bought after I swatched a sample for this video, and Firestarter*, which is the perfect warm red for warm/yellow/golden complexions.

Pros: excellent pigmentation while being lightweight and comfortable, vibrant colors, the cleanest formula for this type of performance.

Cons: Can settle into lip lines if you have really pronounced ones and apply a lot of product, some people do not enjoy the lipstick shape (actual product in the tube, not the packaging) because it doesn’t have the typical pointy shape.

You can see me wearing them here and here and read my full review here.

You can buy them here.


3. Half Lip Balm, Half Lipstick: W3LL People Nudist Lip Butter in Nude

This tinted lip balm “butter” isn’t named what it is without a reason. The product has a buttery/creamy texture that melts on the lips and this shade called “Nude” is one I have been really into (hence the gross well-loved appearance). It’s called Nude, but it has a bit of peach and pink in it, so it doesn’t exactly look like a natural lip color (you’d be a lucky human if you were born with this as your lip color), but it is easy to wear, sheer but noticeable, flattering, and has that “lifting” effect that makes me look alive even on an early Monday morning.

Pros: creamy, moisturizing, pigmented, flattering, nicely scented, less expensive than most lipsticks I own.

Cons: The product got stuck out of the tube and I can’t twist it back in place. It’s scented (slightly minty), so I know that it could be a problem for some people. It needs to be re-applied throughout the day (mainly after drinking/eating).

You can see me wearing it here and here.

You can buy it here.


4. The Most Versatile Lipstick Collection: Kosas

There is a 99% chance that whatever lipstick shade by Kosas you try, you love–or at least like. There is something about the colors that is so versatile and flattering. I swatched the entire collection (minus the new Fuschia shade) in this video. The ones I wear the most are Rosewater and Undone because they are variations of my typical “nude” lip, but to be honest, they are all favorites of mine. They are just gorgeous, and I love their mildly sweet scent (and you know I don’t enjoy most scented products).

Pros: flattering colors, comfortable texture, semi-matte, non-drying finish, buildable pigmentation

Cons: those who cannot tolerate any scent may not enjoy it (you can order a sample here if you are unsure)

You can see me wearing all the shades here. and you can purchase them here.

From L to R: Nudus 27 Kisses, RMS Beauty Firestarter, W3LL People Nudist Lip Butter Nude, Kosas Rosewater

I hope you enjoy reading this. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Side note: do you guys like when I add pros and cons for each product I feature? I find myself looking for these type of cues, so I was wondering if you found them helpful too. Let me know.