#SelfcareSunday 7 | New Skincare & Facial Gua Sha

I had a really busy week, but: 1. I uploaded a new video to my Youtube channel, and 2. things are looking up, because my husband has only a few chemo treatments left to do, and we are both so ready to close this chapter. Today I am having a glorious makeup-free, hair in a bun type of Sunday, and I am about to do a little skincare pampering before I start to edit another video which will be up asap.

Here’s the skincare menu for the day:

Kahina Oil Cleanser* – more on this coming soon. Excellent oil cleanser, completely rinseable. On lazy evenings, (which have happened quite often, lately), I have even got a few pumps in my hand and hopped in the shower and just rinsed it off. No makeup residue left behind.

One Love Organics Charcoal Mask* – full review here. I am still enjoying this mask on days when I want to use something clarifying but gentle. I recently tried a hyped acid toner and got my skin set on fire for a few days, so it has been quite delicate ever since. I was reminded of an important lesson–hyped and heavily promoted skincare products are not necessarily good. At least for my skin.

YÜLI Halcyon Cleanser – the mask can leave a bit of residue on the skin, so before applying any treatment I use my favorite mild cleanser to remove any product left on the skin.

Maya Chia Optimist face mist* – this is a wonderful hydrating mist. I am still testing it, but so far it has been good to my skin. I LOVE the packaging. It comes out like a cloud of moisture vs. a bunch of droplets, and I appreciate how evenly it applies.

Odacité Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate – before facial massage I like to use oils with a more rich texture, and this is perfect for the job. Not only does it moisturize the skin well, but it is full of antioxidants and a generally beneficial, simple ingredient–wild carrot.

Gua Sha* Crystal Contour tool – as in the video below :) If you haven’t tried facial gua sha, you should give it a chance. I haven’t stopped ever since I tried it. It’s, in fact, the only tool that hasn’t been sitting on my shelves collecting dust, because it works great and it is simple to use, clean, etc.

*gifted sample