Skincare Routine Update – Winter

Skincare Routine Winter

I received a few requests to write an update about my skincare routine and I could not be more glad to do so. My skin is having a happy moment and the products that I am using have worked great. I have been switching a few of them for the sake of reviewing new items, but the ones mentioned in this post are the staples that I go back to during this period. As I did in my Summer routine, I divided the post into Morning and Evening Skincare Routines.


I cleanse my face with the MV Skincare Gentle Cream Cleanser*. I have not dedicated a proper review to this cleanser yet, but I have actually used it for the past two months and I am running out of it already because it is so good. Not only does it do a great job at cleansing the skin, but it is also truly gentle. For someone with combination skin like mine, finding a product that makes both the oily areas of my face and my sensitive cheeks happy is not easy. This cleanser leaves the skin on my forehead and nose balanced, but also leaves the rest of my face very hydrated and soft. After cleansing, I spritz my face with Kahina Toning Mist* (review here) and then apply some Pai Eye Cream (yes, I am still very much in love with it) and then the MV Skincare Soothing and Protecting Moisturizer*. I have already reviewed and talked a lot about these products, so I will not get into more details, but you can find more information in the reviews. Some days, instead of using my moisturizer I apply Kahina Argan Oil because I find that my new favorite foundation (yes of course, Kjaer Weis) blends really well that way. Argan Oil absorbs much faster than the other face oils I have tried, so the combo of oil+foundation works wonderfully, even during daytime when I do not typically wear face oils.


On the days that I do not wear makeup, my evening skincare is very simple and quick. I use the same cleanser I use in the morning, follow with the toner, and then apply Argan Oil all over my face, neck, and around my eyes. Argan Oil has been working so great for my skin that I have not been reaching for any of my serums since I started to use it. For the days that I do wear makeup, I follow one extra step. Before cleansing, toning, and moisturizing I do a first cleanse using my favorite cleansing oil/makeup remover, the ED4OLO reviewed here. I get one or two pumps of product and I massage it gently all over my face and neck until all the makeup has melted off. Then, I lay a very warm, damp facial towel on my face and I let it sit on my face until it cools off. I follow by wiping all the dirt and makeup off and then follow with a second cleanse with the MV Gentle Cream Cleanser. Then, as described above, I use mist and face oil.

What does your daily skincare routine look like? Does it change according to the seasons?

*PR Sample