Makeup Monday: New Year’s Additions

New makeup 2014 new

What a better way to kick off the new blogging year than talking about new stuff? The Christmas/end of the year sales were very good, so I added a few new items to my collection and I am using new products that I like very much and that might be among my monthly favorites.

The first and most exciting makeup addition has been the Kjaer Weis Foundation*. It is a cream foundation that comes in the classic, refillable KW compact. Of the five shades available, I am using the shade , Paper Thin, which is great for light skin tones with neutral undertones. Application is key: I dab the amount of product I need with the Kjaer Weis foundation brush (which looks a lot like a large concealer brush) and then I blend it with a beauty blender. The result is natural-looking, with a semi-matte finish.

After grabbing one of the last few Ink Pot lipsticks available (it was limited edition and it has now been discontinued) I also picked up two more Ilia Beauty lip shades and my collection is now almost complete. The new beauties are Shell Shock and In My Room. The first one will probably get a lot of use as soon as Spring comes because it is a very bright coral shade. The second one is also more pigmented than I expected. It is an intense mauvey-pink shade that has already become a staple. It reminds me of Mac Please Me Lipstick (natural dupe!).

Another new entry are the Revolution Organic Lip Glosses. I tried Ilia’s lip glosses and despite being absolutely gorgeous, (The Butterfly and I is so so beautiful) I find the formula slightly oily. So oily that I inevitably ended up tasting it without trying to and I do not like the taste at all! Instead, the Revolution Organics lip glosses are the most comfortable lip glosses I have ever worn and I have been reaching for them all the time. If you hate sticky lips but you like lip glosses, these are the best. However, I plan to show them to you in detailed photos so you can have an idea about the pigmentation, since they are quite sheer.

Finally, I picked up the RMS Beauty Eyeshadow in Lunar because I was really curious to see how it compared to the Living Luminizer when used as a highlighter. The texture is similar, but Lunar is more on the golden side, so I do like it more than the LL because it suits me better. You can see the comparison swatch that I posted on Instagram here. It add a gorgeous shine on cheekbones, brow bone and cupid’s bow.

Which of the products mentioned would you like me to review next? Listening…

*PR Sample