Shine No More

Tatcha Blotting Papers RMS Beauty Un Powder


You can now read my full review of the RMS Beauty Un Powder here.

In having to struggle with combination/oily skin for about a year now, I decided to embrace the fight and look for the best tools available to keep shine at bay. Aside from appropriate skincare, I found two products that have made a significant difference and have kept me completely shine-free.

First, I discovered the Tatcha Blotting Papers, that I recently reviewed for you here. No matter how shiny I get, one of these papers can wipe all the shine away. These in the photos above are the Evening type, which is smaller in size compared the the Original ones, but is very absorbent. I use these mostly on no-makeup or no-foundation days, when I am not setting my face with the magical powder I am going to mention next.

The RMS Beauty “Un” Powder. My new BFF! This is the most effective setting powder I have ever tried. I use the tiniest amount mainly on the center of my face and forehead and it keeps my skin mattified all day long. It is made of 100% silica, milled to perfection. Since I started to use it I have not experienced any shine, even in this super hot and humid Summer weather (it was 95 degrees here today, 35 Celsius!) so I know for sure already that I am going to repurchase this product over and over again.

Do you use anything specific to control shine? What is your experience with silica powders? Please share in the comment section below!