MUN No.1 Aknari

MUN N. 1 Aknari

N°1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum* is a precious blend of oils made with organic, hand-picked ingredients that are exceptionally pure and expensive. The serum was created by Munemi Imai, international makeup artist with many years of experience working on some of the most famous faces in the fashion world. Munemi was in Morocco when she discovered the benefits of the Prickly Pear Seed oil (also known as Barbary Fig) used as a skin healing and protective treatment for centuries.  Combining Argan and Rose together with the Prickly Pear Seed, this serum is a unique package of nutrients for the skin, that truly (and quickly) transforms the complexion.

As you may remember, I recently mentioned N°1 Aknari as one of my favorite facial oils in my Skincare TAG post. In fact, I liked this serum from the very fist evening I used it. My forehead and chin were breaking out and I thought it would be the perfect time to test a new product (you gotta love my “risk-taker” attitude). I knew that it was either going to be disaster or success and I was either going to wake up with a terrible breakout or with a calmed, soothed complexion. Thankfully, the latter is what happened and that is why  it joined the stash of my favorite products.

N°1 Aknari is a very potent anti-aging treatment, that reduces the appearance of fine lines in a short amount of time. In fact, this is one of the products I have tried that has shown the quickest results:

Prickly Pear Seed Oil (Ecocert Organic) contains exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which promote skin elasticity. It is one of the most potent anti-aging beauty oils, and it also helps with brightening dark spots and dark circles. It has been used for centuries by the Berbarian women to protect and heal their skin, which is constantly exposed to the winds of the deserts.

Argan Oil (Ecocert Organic), also called liquid gold in Morocco, neutralizes free radicals and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to be one of the best oils to heal acne and blemishes.

Rose Oil, provides a high amount of antioxidants, and it is very soothing to the skin.

The scent is very pleasent. A true rose scent, floral and delicate. Exactly what I need before heading to bed! However, it can be used in daytimes as well. The texture is light, and it penetrates the skin quickly giving the face a pretty glow. It also helps with balancing the areas of my face that tend to get oily.

This is one of the most excellent serums that I have tried. With the high quality ingredients, hand-picked and hand-blended, securely stored in a dark glass bottle (for better light protection), it makes this product effective and luxurious. Most important, this has really diminished the fine lines and my skin has overall shown great improvements. However, my favorite use of it is as eye serum, because it really keeps the eye area moisturized, more fresh, and looking more young. I especially recommend trying this product if you have mature skin and if you are concerned with keeping your skin young-looking (btw, who isn’t concerned with that?)

Quick, fun facts:

– MUN N°1 Aknari Serum is Anne V.’s favorite skincare product.

– Prickly Pear Seed Oil is one of the most expensive plant oils in the world because it requires long and intensive manual labor.

– For a very special hair treat, you can use a drop of the serum through your hair ends and get silky smooth hair (really, really amazing!)

– a few years ago I purchased a copy of Elle Italia that had the beautiful Behati Prinsloo on the cover. I thought she looked amazing! Well, I didn’t know until a few weeks ago that Munemi did her makeup for that shoot. How cool is that? :)

You can purchase N°1 Aknari from Spirit Beauty Lounge and AHAlife (international shipping)

I don’t have a rating system for the products I review, but this serum would get a 30 cum laude, (that is the very best grade you can get at Universities in Italy)

*PR Sample