Acure Organics Eye Cream Superfruit & Chlorella

After I began to use the Oil Control Face Cream, I became very curious about trying some more Acure Organics products. I like that they use safe ingredients, are affordable, and are easy to find online (in some Whole Foods stores as well) so I decided to try their eye cream, and gave it about two weeks to see the results.
Scent: Unscented!

Consistency: Very light, almost gel-like. Once applied, it gets absorbed rapidly.

Application: After cleansing my face, I gently dab it under my eyes in the morning. It leaves my under-eye area refreshed and moisturized, and it is a great base for under-eye concealer.

Packaging: Comes in a little, sturdy glass jar.

Ingredients: Please see picture above.

Price: $17.09 on

Final Thoughts: I have been using this cream for about two weeks, and I am very pleased with it. According to the claims, it is supposed to reduce puffiness, wrinkles and crow’s feet. I have not used it long enough to expect a drastic improvement, but I have found it very effective so far.

Are you using any Acure Organics products? Let me know which ones in the comments below!