My Cream Contouring Routine (Daytime)

Daytime Contouring

After I posted my review of the Kjaer Weis Highlighter, Radiance, I received quite a few requests to show how I contour my face using Kjaer Weis cream products. They are what I use most of the time for my daytime makeup, as they fade throughout the day more evenly than powders, and give a more effortless look. I also like how cream makeup products tend not to crease as much as powders on my skin (30+ ladies know what I am talking about). I usually reserve powders for evenings or for occasions when I want my makeup to look a tad stronger. During the daytime, I do not like to look like I tried too hard, and often apply just a few products using my fingers (trying to be as quick as possible, too). Those days in Italy when I could and would spend a good 30+ minutes doing my makeup are forever gone…

I know some people like to go a bit heavier to get more definition, but this is the amount of product that I am comfortable wearing during the day. I find that in the day light, even little makeup can look like it’s too much and I am very conscious about it.

For the purpose of showing you where I apply the products, I used some brushes, even though most days I use my fingers. Fingers apply the product quickly and their warmth makes the products blend beautifully. The brushes I used are all from Real Techniques, and they are all made with synthetic hair, which works well with cream products.

1. Flat starting face (foundation only)


My cheekbones are slightly prominent already, but not that much, so I like to use a little makeup to enhance and define. In this photo I am wearing the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation in Illusion, a medium golden shade, which I have applied on freshly moisturized skin. I have actually come up with a method for moisturizing my skin before makeup using face oils that has been working exceptionally well and I plan on sharing it soon.

2. Contour with cream blush Abundance


Starting from the center of the ear, I lightly apply Abundance following the natural line under my cheekbones. I try not to go past the imaginary line that goes from the outer corner of my eye going down. I apply very little product using the contour brush.


3. Blend

… Like there is no tomorrow. If you apply too much, grab your foundation brush (in the photo I used the Real Techiniques buffing brush), and blend. If necessary, add a little foundation which will blend and cover the excess product.



 4. Highlighter Radiance


Using the Real Techniques setting brush, I apply the highlighter on my cheekbones. This is very light-handed, as I really don’t want to look like a disco ball. Some days I only apply it on the cheekbones, while other days I bring it up a little toward the temples, forming a C-shape.


5. Blush


I am loving this Kjaer Weis pink blush called Embrace*, which I have already mentioned here. I used the Real Techniques blush brush to apply it, even though I find it a little too big for blush application. I apply it on the apples of my cheeks and then blend it upward toward the temples.


That’s it. I find that this is just enough for my daytime makeup, which by the way, takes me as little as 5 minutes.

Would you like to see my evening version of it, too?

The Kjaer Weis products I used are available at leVert Beauty.

*PR Sample

  • Such a natural beauty! I love that you’ve managed to illustrate contouring in such a natural way – people are so OFF about it because they think contouring always equates to Kim Kardashian’s contour job. Um no. It can be done in a subtle and non-intimidating way like you did, Lily :) Love your face UGH!

    • Thank you, Shari! You are always too kind. I do like a stronger contour, but ain’t nobody got time for that in the morning! LOL Good for us we don’t have paparazzi chasing us every day ;)

      Thanks for reading, love! :)

  • Gorgeous! Your skin is flawless! Would love to see an evening routine too x

    • Thanks love! You are too kind. I am having a good moment, but it is the foundation that really helps my skin to look nicer. I need to find something to correct dark spots :S

      Thanks for reading! :)

  • annabelle807

    This looks is beautiful, dewy, and just so pretty – I love it!

    Just one comment though – would it perhaps be better to start the application of the contour shade (Abundance) on the edge of the face and drag the colour down, rather than starting near the apple of the cheeks and dragging the colour up? Usually on people with naturally sculpted cheekbones, more shade is cast nearer the edges of the face, rather than closer to the centre of the face, as is shown here. Just my two cents!

    Thanks for the tutorial, I would love to learn how you moisturize with face oils by the way! That’s something I’ve been looking to get into as well, and I think it would be really helpful with the winter coming up – my skin would definitely be thankful for more moisture!

    • Thank you, Annabelle! This is my very quick version that I do when I have only a few minutes to get ready, but you are right, the application method you described sounds much better! ;)

      I will write a post on the blog or on facebook to share how I am moisturizing my face with oils. It seems to work so well!

      Thanks so much for reading :)

      • Marni

        I’m interested in how to moisturize with oils, but I’m not on Facebook… Please, do it on your blog (which I really love) :)

  • You look gorgeous! And I see we both have an obsession with Kjaer Weis.

    • Kjaer Weis will make me go broke one day, LOL ;) Thanks for reading!

  • Makenna

    This is so pretty! I loved to see an evening version too :)

    • Thank you, Makenna! Will do. Thanks for reading :)

  • Ft

    you have the most beautiful skin!

    • You’re too kind! I am having a good moment. Thanks for reading :)

  • Gorgeous!! Love it!!! And yes! Evening version too please :)

    • Thanks babe! Will do. Thanks so much for reading :)

  • Claire

    I love to take my own sweet time while putting on make up as it is such a fun, artistic yet therapeutic process for me but with city life, it’s always on the go. :(
    Love that you showed us your day time wear, I will definitely want to see an evening version too! :)

    • Hi Claire, I feel the same way. I would love to take my time while doing my makeup, as it is something I have always enjoyed! ;)
      Will definitely do an evening version using powder. Thanks so much for reading! :)

  • Ugh, you are beautiful! This is such a clean and fresh look, just lovely. And you have the most amazing skin.

    • You are too kind! I am glad you liked the look :) Thanks for reading! x

  • Your skin! Can’t get over how flawless it is!<3 xx

  • I LOVE Abundance! It’s a recent (but most) favorite. :)

  • I love this post! :) I always feel like i skip a step when i contour, as I think (and you confirmed) that doing blush and highlight along with it just looks even better! :)

  • ABK

    I think Kjaer Weiss is amazing as well, and the highlighter looks phenomenal, but it seems sold out everywhere, even at their own site? Do you find that to be the case very often?

  • Natashya

    So is it easier to apply cream blush with a brush vs fingers? I’ve always used my fingers but find it hard some times to not get it every where!

    • Hi Natashya, I think that it is all a matter of personal preference. Most of the time I will do it with fingers, because it’s quick, and because the cream products that I use need a little warmth to blend well. However a brush can give you a little more control of where you place the product. Let me know if you try a brush, and how it works for you ;)
      Thanks for reading :)

  • Denise Yuen

    You are stunning!! :) and I wouldn’t have guessed you were using Abundance to contour – great tip. The colour comes out so much softer and subtler than a proper “bronzer” or “contour” product. Please do show us your evening routine as well as how you moisturise with face oils! Your blog is so helpful. X