Weekend Catch-Up #9

Weekend Catch-Up 9

Another busy week is gone, phew. I have had very little time for myself, but still managed to try some new products and do a little shopping. There have been so many good sales, I just had to take advantage…

Purchases. I am very picky when it comes to makeup brushes. I try to read as many reviews as I can find and look at as many photos as I can find online. I would rather use my fingers than waste money on brushes that do not help with makeup application. I have heard great things about the Antonym Makeup Brushes, so I picked a few to try. I have not received them yet, but they are described as: professional quality, vegan (PBT bristles), and with sustainable bamboo/aluminum handles. I cannot wait to try them. I also bought their Eye Pencil in Noir, which is supposed to be waterproof. I am truly hoping that this is THE one for me.

Product of the Week. Most definitely, the Kure Bazaar Nail Polish in Cappuccino. I like painted nails and own a  ridiculous number of nail polishes, but I rarely become obsessed with one color. It is so pretty and so long-lasting. Next time I paint my nails I am going to try the Kure Bazaar Top Coat and see how long Cappuccino lasts with that. Another product I loved this week is the de Mamiel Rosey Lip Balm*. It looks like an average lip balm in the jar, but it is actually one of the best that I have tried. Not sure why, I feel like it slightly numbs my lips, which is a bit strange, but it works so well. I have been waking up with my softest lips ever.

Lipstick Love. This week I was into a particular lip combo. First of all, I have been into exfoliating my lips more than usual. Not every single day, but at least two-three times in one week. I apply the Ganache Lemon Mousse lip balm, and then with a cotton bud I take off all the dead, flakey skin. Then I apply a little more lip balm. Ganache Lip Balm is completely matte, so it is perfect under lipstick because it does not create that slippery base that is going to make my lip color slide all over the place. Instead, it helps to give me an even application of lipstick, without looking patchy or shiny. Onto the actual lip combo, I have been lining and filling my lips with my favorite lip liner, Jane Iredale in Spice, and then I have been applying either Ilia Beauty Funnel Of Love, or Kjaer Weis Dream State Lip Tint. Perfect peachy-pink lip color on top of soft lips, yaasss.

Skincare Stuff. In other news, the de Mamiel Cleansing Balm I mentioned last week is a dream. However, I am still trying to decide if I prefer to follow with a second cleanse, or simply remove the cleansing balm and follow with toning/face mist. What do you guys think? I have not had any breakouts so far, so I am guessing that either way works.

Good News. Mark your calendar! This November, the One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder will become available in two sizes, and one of them looks huge! Perfect size for oily-haired people like me that need dry shampoo most days every day. If you are trying to break free from highly fragranced dry shampoo sprays and have not found a good replacement, this one will probably win you over. It was able to end my addiction to Klorane.

Lust List. This week I added the In Fiore Veloutée Multipurpose Balm to my wishlist, and everything else In Fiore, really. One of their most used ingredients is Calendula, which happens to be one my favorite plants for skincare, if not my #1 favorite. Have you tried any In Fiore products? If so, what would you recommend? Please don’t say everything–I am easy to convince.

Sales. The Detox Market is having a lovely sale on all things body, bath, and home, (but I actually found a few extra things in the sale, such as a Tinted Lip Conditioner from ILIA). Use code HOMEBB to receive 15% off your order of $50+.

Have a great week, and get ready for a lovely giveaway very soon…

*PR Sample