Monthly Favorites: December 2013

December favorites

I have noticed that for the past two months I have mentioned my favorite vegetable for every month, so let us start with December’s one: spinach. Sautéed in coconut oil or grass-fed butter, and seasoned with a little sea salt and spices (I usually add curry.) I am definitely a veggie-head! Onto the beauty stuff…

Pai Instant Hand Therapy Cream*. This is the last product I reviewed, but it is my #1 favorite of the month. I have several nice hand & body moisturizers, but none of them do the job like this one. Not only does it moisturize well, but it is also free of that uncomfortable slippery film left by most products. I should have listened to your recommendations sooner.

S.W. Basics Lip Balms*. The more I use these lip balms, the more I like them. Cocoa and Citrus are my two favorites and I use them every morning before applying lipstick and every night before bed (as well as multiple times in between).

Ilia Beauty Lipsticks I have used Ilia lipsticks frequently this month and added a new one to the collection–Ink Pot. In case you are not familiar with them, Ilia’s lipsticks are more pigmented than the tinted lip conditioners and have a matte, but non-drying finish. I like them more than I like the Tinted Lip Conditioners and Lipstick Crayons (they last much longer on my lips too!). I have been mixing Femme Fatale with Ink Pot (you can use Arabian Knights if you didn’t grab Ink Pot before it was discontinued). I love that combo for a bold berry lip.

Kahina Beauty Argan Oil* With every new product I try, I fall more in love with Kahina. I have been using this Argan Oil in rotation with the MV Skincare Booster. I like to layer a few drops of it all over my face, even especially around my eyes before applying my Pai Eye Cream and moisturizer. Wowza! This Argan Oil has such a beautiful, light texture that absorbs very, very fast so I do not even look like I have oil on my face. Oh, and it smells like coffee and I love coffee.

MV Skincare Instant Revival Booster*. Sorry guys, I know have been talking about this one a lot, but I love this stuff. Actually, I love everything MV Skincare. I do no know how they do it, but they mix very simple ingredients and make amazing formulations that work. I plan to try another Booster next, called Rose Skin Plus Booster. It has been formulated to benefit all skin types, and especially problematic, hormonal skin, & sensitive skin (including acne).

Alima Pure Sombra Contour Powder*. This is part of the Limited Edition Me Encanta Collection designed by Kristen Arnett. You know it must be an exceptional loose powder for me to use it, since I do not typically enjoy using loose powders. It is completely matte and the shade is a great match for my skin tone, having a subtle golden undertone. Repeat: it s Limited Edition, so make sure you grab one before they are gone!

What were your favorites of the month? Also, did you get any beauty products for Christmas that are worth chatting about? Would love to know!

*PR Sample

  • You made me very curious about the MV Skincare Booster and the Kahina Oil, I want to try both of them!

    • Hi Giada, they are so so good! Let me know how you like them if you try them! :)

  • Call It Vanity

    I see those lip balms have managed to stay in your favourites! So good

    Mayah x

    • Hi Mayah! Oooh yess, I still love them! ;) <3

  • Marcella

    The Kahina Argan Oil smells like coffee?! How cool. I will have to check it out one day as it’s always nice to have a bottle of argan oil handy :) La Bella Figura’s Bio Active Healing Mask has been my monthly favorite – it looks like yummy raspberry jam and the raw honey in it is so good for my dry/acne-prone skin! Loved reading your favorites Lilly!

    • Hi Marcella, I, too, love that face mask! It’s so good, I need to buy some asap. Let me know how you like Kahina’s Argan Oil if you try it! ;) <3

  • Thank you Garcy, let me know how you like it if you try it! <3

  • ;) <3

  • Jessie Hao

    Just googled MV skincare and it’s actually an Aussie brand. Will definitely give it a try. Thanks:)

  • Rebecca B

    Inkpot discontinued?! I’m glad I bought one this year. Gorgeous purple shade. And I love Femme Fatale too. I haven’t tried mixing them though. I wonder if it will look something similar to RMS Diabolique. Or even a more highly pigmented version of Ilia Lust For Life. Must try!

    I love hearing how other people interpret smells. I hadn’t thought of coffee for Kahina’s argan, but I do love what to me is a slight nutty scent. It’s so much better than any other less expensive argan I’ve sampled.

  • Amber Karlson

    Such great products! Thanks for sharing!

  • I keep meaning to try the Pai Fragonia and Seabuckthorn hand cream, will have to give it a go! xxx

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