Tuesday Toners: Kahina Toning Mist

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You may remember that I mentioned the Kahina Toning Mist* in my Winter Essentials post. I included it mainly because it does an excellent job hydrating my skin and it has become very helpful during these dry & cold Winter-y days. However, I use it in quite a few different ways and I am convinced that even people that are skeptical about how effective mists can be will quickly fall in love with this one.

First off, this toning mist contains a lot of goodness. Hydrating/moisturizing ingredients like Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Rose Flower Water. Balancing ingredients like Willow Bark Extract and Aspen Bark Extract. Healing ingredients like Alfalfa extract. Just in case you are wondering, Sodium Hyaluronate is the salt of Hyaluronic Acid. It is used as a moisturizing ingredient in cosmetics because it’s molecules in salt form are much smaller than those in acid. Therefore, they absorb easily, provide moisture, and help the skin to retain the water so that it appears smoother and supple.

My first and favorite use for this product is as hydration booster. Despite having combination skin, the harsh winter weather has made my skin quite dry in certain areas of my face, such as around my mouth, around my nose, and on my cheeks. When I wear makeup it becomes even more noticeable, so I love spritzing my face in the middle of the day to bring back some life into the skin. My skin appears immediately better. In a similar way, I like to use this mist on top of my Kjaer Weis foundation, which –thankfully– sets with a nice semi-matte finish. After I spritz my face I grab my beauty blender and blend the foundation to the point where it looks copletely natural. Thirdly, I use this mist after cleansing, but before applying my Argan Oil. Two sprays of the toning mist followed by a few drops of the face oil are all I need to apply before bed to wake up with supple, glowing skin. I occasionally use this mist before applying my cream cleanser (I am using MV Skincare Gentle Cream Cleanser at the moment), because it opens up the pores and prepares them for cleansing. Finally, I use this mist randomly whenever my skin is not looking great because it is an overachiever product that does much, from balancing to hydrating to calming.

If you have tried mists in the past and have not found them effective and useful, I recommend you try this one. I am pretty sure that it will change your mind. If you want to see more options I will be reviewing a different toner every Tuesday for the rest of January.

You can find Kahina’s Toning Mist at The Detox Market.

Do you use a toner/mist?

*PR Sample

  • Lydia

    Nice review. Yes I use yuli’s metamorphic elixir, which is their toner for dry skin. I have yet to try the kahina one

    • Ah, Yuli! That’s another brand I need to get my hands on asap. Is the elixir the only Yuli product you have tried? If not, would you mind sharing your thoughts about that line? I expect it to be amazing ;)

      • Lydia

        Hello, sure! I have drier skin prone to redness. I use the elixir, the liquid courage serum for day which is an antioxidant oil with ferulic acid and lots of seed oils; i really like it. At night I use their modern alchemist serum, which is a retinol oil mix for drier skins. I also use the mask, which is a powder that deaply cleanses and exfoliates; I mix it with water, honey and oil to make it more nourishing. I have also tried the cleanser, but find it a bit stripping (it is a gel emulsion). If you have combo skin I would probably try the me skin fuel or liquid courage. X

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Really want to try this brand! I often use organic rose flower water and the results are fantastic ! I wrote a review about it on my blog :-)

    • Thanks for sharing love! x

  • asti skjonnhet

    I love this mist and I miss it! It’s worth the price but currently trying to save up on products such as cleansers and toners. I agree with it being hydrating, it injects hydration and dewiness back to my skin. Love it.

    • Hey love, where is your pic? I can’t see your pretty face in the thumbnail.

      Anyways, what are you using now? I know you’re loving the new ML stuff… xx

  • Sounds fantastic! I haven’t tried the toner yet, but I’m pretty much convinced that everything Kahina makes is amazing :)

    • Totally agree with you. I have sampled a few different products and so far I have liked every single one! Toner, Argan Oil and Mask are probably my top three. Gosh, that mask is so so good… ;) x

  • roshkud

    This sounds amazing, I use hydraluron at present for that moisture boost which is great but I’ve wanted to try some natural alternatives but haven’t heard of any. I hope they ship to the UK!

    Roshni’s Journey

    • Yes, try at AHAlife, they ship to the UK! Kahina’s products are fantastic ;) x

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