Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter Beauty Essentials

I thought about writing this post while looking at myself in the mirror about two weeks ago. I realized that most of my favorite beauty products that I was using daily a few months ago – skincare, makeup, and body care – were not working the same during the colder days. My skin, usually slightly sensitive and oily on my T-Zone, has become more sensitive and even dry around my mouth and chin. I have become more pale and my favorite lipsticks/blushes do not sit as well against the lighter version of my skin tone as they used to. Worst of all, my body skin (hands and arms in particular) is more dry now than ever. It took me a few days to realize what products needed to be replaced and what to pick instead, so with that said here is what I have been reaching the for:

Kahina Giving Beauty Toning Mist*. What a God-send! I have been using it before and after cleansing my face, on top of my foundation to give some dewiness, and randomly hydrating my skin throughout the day. It contains sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera, and rose flower water, which are meant to keep the skin hydrated. This mist really delivers that much needed boost of hydration that my skin is lacking these days.

Vapour Beauty Aura Multi Use Stain in the shades Impulse* and Enchant. When I am more pale I find that my face really benefits from a (contained) pop of color on my cheeks. These two stains, that can be used both on lips and cheeks, are two different shades of red. Depending on the look that I am going for, I pick one of the these. Enchant has more of a warm, brown-ish undertone (you can see an old review of mine here). Impulse is a cool-toned, bright red and adds a pretty flush to my cheeks on the most gray, rainy days. I think that cream blushes are really a must during Winter, especially on dry skin.

Waxelene.(read more about it here). I am using the very last scoops of my second jar, and I am most definitely ordering more. This balm soothes dry patches like none other and is helping to repair my chapped hands too.

MV Skincare Soothing and Protective Moisturiser* and MV Skincare Instant Revival Booster*. When I tried the first one I thought it was amazing, but with the second one I fell completely in love with the line. I have been layering these two products on my face almost every night and I have been very pleased with how my skin looked every single time. The booster is smoothing, soothing, healing, and gives my skin a beautiful glow throughout the entire day and into the following day. You can read my review of the moisturiser here, while I plan to review the Revival Booster in the near future.

Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang and Lipstick in Femme Fatale. The lip conditioner has a very conditioning formula, and is perfect for a daytime, casual red lip. The lipstick, (worn here) is a more pigmented and darker shade, less moisturizing, yet it does not dehydrate. Either way, a red lip can do miracles for a tired, pale, or even sick face this winter season.

What are your go-to’s beauty essentials in Winter?

*PR Sample