Gressa Corrective Serum Foundation and Lip Boost in Bare

Gressa Serum Foundation

Gressa Lip Boost Bare

The Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation is one of the few makeup products that I have tried, since my switch to green beauty that does not make me miss my old, conventional favorites–at all. Not only does it provide enough coverage and make my skin look better, but it does not even feel like foundation on the skin. You probably know what I am talking about: that gross feeling of having something caking up on your skin (maybe to the point of wanting to scratch it off after a few hours from the application?!). Instead, when I wear this foundation I completely forget that I am wearing it. How cool is that?!

The consistency is runny. It looks and feels like a lightweight serum. However, it almost immediately sets to a powder finish. The powder-y finish makes it sit on the skin without slipping all over the face, but it does not give a dry, cake-y, aging look. In fact, the finish is quite luminous…in a good way (probably because of the minerals in it). I have combination skin, and the luminosity of this foundation does not make me look more oily. It gives a subtle sheen, that looks very pretty and youthful. I absolutely adore this type of finish.

The coverage is medium. It is pigmented enough to correct discoloration, however being that the texture is very thin I am not sure if or how it would conceal an angry blemish (haven’t had one of those in a while, thank God!). In fact I do not usually add any concealer, because all of the shadows and pigmentation are sufficiently covered. Overall, I think that the coverage and finish would please most people. The company recommends using 2-4 drops for the entire face. However, I use about 5-6 and I apply it even under my eyes as a concealer. Having a luminous finish, I find that it actually works very well to brighten the under eye area and it does not sit into fine lines. I also use an additional 2 drops on my neck, so that means I use about 8 drops of product with each application to get the coverage that I prefer.

While Gressa makes the Air Focus Foundation Brush, that is specifically designed to blend this foundation (and works very well for that purpose) I do favor my fingers for the application. The fact that I can apply the product with my fingers as if it was skincare is one of my favorite things about it, not to mention it only takes me about a minute to do it and maybe another minute to properly blend it on my neck. Two minutes and my skin is done. I mean, come on–two minutes!

As for which skin types this foundation would suit, I think that all skin types can use it, as long as the skin is properly prepared. Some reviewers found that he foundation would cling to dry patches, but I have not experienced that. I do find however, that after 7-8 hours the area around my nose starts to wear off a bit, but the rest of my face looks even better than upon application. It looks like my skin gets better throughout the day, instead of starting to look worse. I cannot explain how this happens, but that is what it looks like to me (and my husband agrees).

Here’s the shade range:

Gressa Foundation Shades
Gressa Serum Foundation Swatches

Gressa offers 8 shades going from very fair to dark. The undertones change with each shade, so each skin tone may not find an exact undertone match. For example, the fairest shade, #1, has a yellow undertone, while the second fairest shade, #2, has a peachy/pink undertone. The deeper shades (numbers 6, 7, 8) tend to oxidize slightly, while the lighter ones stay pretty much the same, at least on my skin, (at least that is what I noticed while swatching them on my arm). I wear shade #4, which is a medium shade with strong golden undertones, that matches my body skin tone perfectly.

This is how Gressa describes the shades on their website, which I find to be an accurate description:

01 Warm Porcelain, pale shade with subtle yellows

02 Fair-Light, pink undertones

03 Light Medium, olive/slightly warmer undertones

04 Medium, golden yellow undertones

05 Medium-Tan, neutral undertones

06 Tan, warm undertones

07 Light Deep, yellow undertones

08 Deep, red undertones

If you are still unsure about which shade to pick, Gressa offers personalized consultations. You can even tell them which shade of another foundation brand suits you, and they’ll find the best match for you. That shrinks the chance that you will purchase the wrong shade for yourself.

*Update* Check out the new shade 3.5 in the swatches below. Keep in mind that my skin tone is light with yellow-golden undertones and that my perfect match is shade #3 during Winter and 4 in Spring/Summer.

Full list of Ingredients:

*Brassica oleracea (Broccoli) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Silica, GRESSA Healing ComplexTM *Silymarin, *Neem (Azadirachta indica) Extract,*Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) Extract, *Lemon Balm (Melissa officianalis) Extract, *Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) Extract, *Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) Seed Extract, *Elder Flower (Sambucus nigra) Extract, *Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) Extract, Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate Non-GMO, Coenzyme Q10, Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, (Vitamin C), *lecithin, *glycerin, mica, iron oxides, titanium oxide. *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

The list includes several beneficial ingredients such as Broccoli Seed Oil, which gives a silky, silicone-like feel to it; the Gressa Healing ComplexTM, which contains several botanical ingredients that are supposed to balance and heal the skin); Sea Buckthorn, and Coenzyme Q10, among the others. Some of you may be pleased to know that it does not contain any coconut oil, which is comedogenic and may cause milia, (as I unfortunately experienced with the RMS Beauty Un Cover Up).

With all that being said, I think that this foundation is brilliant and offers many benefits, from being easy and quick to apply to providing skin care benefits. The only one thing that I am not fond of is its scent, which is slightly metallic (??! maybe from Titanium Oxide?). It smells a bit like a physical sunscreen product. Other than that, I think that this one of my best finds of 2014.

Gressa Serum Foundation Review Before After

Lip Boost Bare*

The Lip Boost is a tinted balm with a slight shiny finish to it. It makes the lips feel soft and plump. The shade Bare* is the perfect my lips but better color. It is a sheer, rose-y color with a mauve tone to it (worn in the photo above on the right). I have not tried the other Lip Boosts, but some of them look more pigmented than Bare. I think that Bare is just meant to be an every day nude shade that does not wash out the lips, but is neutral and easy to wear. Although I do not prefer lip products that come in pots, I do think that the lip boost is lovely.

You can shop Gressa Skin here.

I am obviously in love with the foundation and hope that you will love it too if you give it a try. If you do try it, please make sure to come back and let me know how it works for you. Learning about your experience helps me to help other people to find products they need, and it is also great for the companies to have helpful feedback so they can make their products better. Never underestimate the importance of an honest, thorough product review. Next on my list to try from Gressa are the Contouring Serum Bronzer and their skincare ritual (cleanser, mist, and purifying oil). Have you guys tried any of those? If you have any questions about the products I reviewed, please leave a comment below.

Watch me using the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation in this video: Everyday Makeup.

**Foundation was purchased by me. Samples of the other shades, foundation brush and lip boost were kindly sent by Gressa after I let them know that I wanted to review the foundation. I am not affiliated with the company in any way and this is not a sponsored post. I just really like the product and wanted to share it with you.

  • Hannah

    It looks fantastic! And I wish I’d seen the deal 2 days ago since I literally just ordered their foundation! I was trying to figure out if I could justify getting the lip boost but decided it wasn’t in my budget. Alas! Nonetheless, I can’t wait for my order to ship! I’ve heard so many good things about this foundation.

    • Juliea Smith

      Maybe if you email Svetlana she would throw in the bare lip boost if your package hasn’t mailed yet? She is super sweet!

      • rosebud131

        I can’t get her to respond to any of the emails I’ve sent about an order mistake. What’s the email address you’ve had success with. Thanks so much!!

  • S

    Bare looks so lovely on you :). I must say that I have acne-prone/reactive skin and this did not work out for me. So sad. I’ve been using it for two and a half months in hopes that my skin will adjust but no luck. :(

    • Oh no! Did it break you out?

    • Hi S, I am so sorry to hear that! I, too, often break out from products that work great for everyone else! It is so frustrating. You are probably sensitive to one/more of the ingredients. Have you thought of trying to mix a serum that works for your skin with a mineral foundation that suits you? It may not give you the exact same finish of Gressa’s foundation, but it may be worth trying.

      • S

        Yes, it did break me out. Funnily, my skin tone looked healthier and even but I had painful blemishes to deal with.

        Lilly, thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to try that as soon as I find a serum that does not break me out lol. I’ve tried all of Yuli’s with no luck now I’m waiting for a Lina Hanson sample to arrive for testing.

        • Have you tried to use a simple facial oil like Argan oil, Jojoba, or Prickly Pear Seed Oil? If products with multiple ingredients trigger breakouts, you could maybe a single ingredient product and see if it agrees with your skin. Please let me know if I can help you with anything, I am very sorry you’re having a hard time finding something that works well for you.

  • Once again I am in complete agreement with you Lily! I much prefer applying this foundation with fingers, and I don’t think it will cover blemishes by itself ( although haven’t had to test it), but I think that is what a concealer is for, when foundation is that thick it never looks good and hides your skin rather just the bits that are a little out of sink. I have two other lip boosts besides bare and do find them more pigmented but all are equally lovely. Xx

  • Lisa Marie

    This looks gorgeous! Would so love to purchase it, despite the fact that shipping to Germany would be $ 25 X-( Do you know if your code is only availabe for purchases within the U.S.? I tried to use it but it said my cart doesn’t meet the discount’s requirements….

    • Hi Lisa Marie, please add the Lip Boost to your cart before entering the code and try again. Please let me know if you have any problems! :)

    • Marielle

      maybe we coud share the shipping?

    • Gressa is now available on Amazingy :), they are based in Berlin and ship internationally.

  • Woah, it looks fantastic!! i want to try it! x

    • Hi love, let me know your thoughts if you do give it a try ;) Thanks for reading!

  • Gressa Skin sounds amazing! When I started using makeup, I always evaded foundation. I didn’t like the thought of some heavy product on my skin that looked cakey and aging.

    But this serum foundation sounds quite the opposite! With a garden of gorgeous ingredients to nourish the skin, a silky, lightweight formula, and just as beautiful results.

    The Lip Boost also sounds lovely. I have been looking for a tinted lip balm that still keeps my lips hydrated for the winter.

  • rachel

    Hi Lilly, I have the contouring serum, and while I like it and do use it, I find it to be INTENSELY pigmented. I literally use one drop in my palm at a time, and usually don’t use all of it! I have to be mindful and slow when applying it. I can see how it might be useful this summer to slightly deepen the color of the foundation, but I right now need to be super careful with how much I use, otherwise my face looks muddy. I do love the highlighting serum, and use that most days. Based on the photo of the swatches I would have guessed #3 to be your match! It shows how you can’t always rely on the accuracy of color representation in photos! Great review!

    • Juliea Smith

      I agree that it’s very highly pigmented. I always add two to three drops of an oil serum and a few spritzes of the gressa rejuvenating spray to the serum foundation, mix, and then apply. I get a lovely finish that way.

  • You are so beautiful Lily, good Lord! I love that the shades vary and there seems to be a shade for almost every skintone and undertone :) Formula sounds lovely as well!

  • Amanda

    I wanted to love this foundation so much, but not only did it cling to my dry patches, it highlighted every single textural flaw in my skin! It did cover my redness, though.

    • Poulette

      I have exactly the same challenges as Alice and Amanda – it highlights textural issues I didn’t know I even had. It starts out lovely but as the day progresses what was a oscar winner turns into a straight to netflix scenario. And using a brush to apply just contributes to the micro exfoliation.

      It’s also much more full coverage than I anticipated – I am struggling to be able to dot the least amount possible to lightly cover my redness. Le sigh.

      If anyone has any application tips, I am all ears. (I am going to try putting a drop into my sunscreen as it is the last thing I apply prior to this foundation to see if that will help.)

  • Alice

    I have #3 and the color is a perfect match (it’s hard to find for pale olive skin) and i love everything about this except for the fact that it accentuates the dry patches. I have really dry skin and I’ve tried everything like exfoliating and using a heavier moisturizer but it always accentuates the dryness around my cheeks. Overall though, it’s the best natural foundation I have found so far because they all do that! I am curious as to how you prepare your skin for foundation?

    • Hi Alice, sorry for the delay. This is how I prep my skin: after cleansing and spritzing my face with YULI Cocoon I apply 1-2 drops of YULI Liquid Courage, I let it sink in for a few minutes and then I apply the foundation with my fingers. I apply more foundation than recommended, not sure if that makes a difference. I apply a total of at least 10 drops of foundation. Have you tried to apply a little extra product on the dry areas? Also, have you tried using a face oil instead of a water-based moisturizer? Maybe even a face balm?

      • Laural

        Hello great to hear how you prep your skin! Do you use your spf under or over the gressa foundation? Thanks!

  • Dee

    I have the Foundation Serum, illuminator and Bronzer & I loooove them. They are well worth the price as they’ll last a long time. I find myself using more of the foundation as you noted above then strictly advised, but sometimes I do have to cover up a blemish. The bronzer seems dark, but once you spread it properly it evens out beautifully. The ingredients are beautiful. I also have the Aux Rouge sample lipstick…LOVE. Really, I’m in love with everything so far. Gress makes beautiful makeup.

  • Juliea Smith

    Hi, I just tried to purchase the foundation with the code and got the message “your cart does not meet this discount’s requirements”.

    • Hi Juliea, please add the Lip Boost to the cart before you checkout and try again. Please let me know if it still does not work ;)

  • Jana

    Seems like this is a foundation I should maybe try next. I’m however still really in love with the Kjaer Weis foundation. Even though it looks too cakey under my eyes, I can use the RMS Beauty Uncoverup without experiencing milia.

    This foundation does come with a pump, something most natural make-up often lack, which instantly makes me more interested.

    Do you personally prefer this foundation over the Kjaer Weis one?

    • Hi Jana, the Kjaer Weis foundation is great, but I do love how quickly I can apply this one. It really takes me a minute to apply it, while the Kjaer Weis one requires a little extra effort. They both have a lovely finish, and they both agree with my skin (no breakouts with either), but for every day use, 2 minutes is all I want to spend doing my skin. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions! :)

  • Yay! I am glad it’s working now :) Please let me know how you like it ;)

  • Hi Em, I hope you find a great match for your skin tone! Please let me know if I can help you :)

    • Em

      Can I just say thanks again for reviewing Gressa? :D I was in between the 04 and 05 but went with the slighter darker color. So little of it goes a long way and it does blend in so well.

  • Alyssa

    I’m so glad you love it! Although this is a great foundation for me for summer, fall and probably spring I had to stop using it due to te season change :( my skins been so dry and dehydrated Ive gone back to my 100%pure tinted moisturizer and am looking into buying either osmias simple face cream or cv skin labs face lotion to help with the dryness. Have you tried either? I can’t decide which one.

  • Makenna

    Hi! I have shade #2 plus the bronzer and illuminator. Love them all! The bronzer adds the perfect warmth to my naturally pale skin in the winter! It takes some getting use to with applying it, but I love it none the less! It looks very natural!

  • Bambi Organics

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ tanti cuoricini per questo prodotto!
    Io sono come te ma forse più verde/olivastra e credo che il 3 potrebbe andare bene…se nn fosse perché non saprei come prenderlo, l’avrei sicuramente tra le mie cose perché adoro le formule liquid to powder ❤

    Un baci bella!

  • Veronica Quirino

    Great review and thank you for the swatches! It definitely helps to match the right shade. Do you know if I could get a different color of the Lip Boost? I would prefer to try the deep plum shade honestly.

  • This just sounds like a different kettle of fish. I really do like that sound of it and will no doubt succumb to buying it at some point. It looks lovely on. xx

  • Lavanya

    Ooh i’ve been lemming this foundation and your review might push me over the edge. I wish there was a choice of color for the lip boost- my lips are super pigmented almost berry colored so i am worried Bare will wash me out. Still a very tempting offer! Thanks!!

  • Devon

    What kind of powder do you set it with?

  • rosebud131

    Thanks! I guess I’ll keep trying. :) I am just so excited to try these products that I want to make sure I get the right foundation color the first time!

  • Music Luver

    This review just pushed me over the edge. Just purchased, and if you sign up for the newsletter you can get 15% off your first order. I have tried many green lines and have just not been satisfied with them at all. Old conventional products have been creeping back into my makeup drawer. Hoping this will make them go away once and for all.

  • I tried the Corrective Serum at ANFGB and it was ja-mazing. I loved it! Yes, runny, but then MAGIC. Great review, love how you show the color palette on yourself! – Kathryne :0)

    • Thanks for reading Kathryne! I wish we could have met at ANFGB :)

  • Whitney

    Fingers crossed 01 will be a match, just ordered! ^_^ It’s silly how excited I am to try this. I remember back when Armani released the Maestro foundation there was so much hype about it looking surreal-ly natural and I have to say, this kind of sounds like a clean, active version of that idea (oil based fluid with pigment suspended, dropper format)–all the silicones and sketchy chemicals kept me from buying Maestro… I’m so glad I held out now! The lip boost actually has a lot more color on your lips than I had imagined! So pretty!! Are you wearing anything else with it?

    • Hi Whitney, I thought the same thing about the comparison with the Armani Maestro. I actually never tried Maestro so I can’t compare them, but the concept should be similar. I hope you like Gressa’s!
      As for the Lip Boost, I did wear only the lip boost to fill in my lips but I used a bit of lip liner to correct my lip contour (my lips are slightly uneven). I used a Jane Iredale lip pencil in the shade Spice. I did use quite a bit of Lip Boost for the color to show up more.

      Thanks so much for reading, and please let me know how the foundation works for you! :)

  • Amara

    I ordered this a few days ago, so excited to try it out! I ordered 01, hoping it’s a good match. (I’m 00 in RMS uncover up)

    • Hi Amara, I think that you picked the right shade for you. Please come back to let me know how the shade 01 works for you and how you like the foundation :) Thanks for reading!

  • I bought this in the lightest shade and love the consistency and feel, but the coverage is extremely low. I also got a sample of the second-lightest shade and found the coverage is higher (I think this is clear from your swatches too). I’d been meaning to order the second-lightest shade so I can mix them, so this deal is perfect!

    And Svetlana is super nice–I sent her a photo and she matched me to the lightest shade but said the second-lightest would work too (she was right on both counts). Great company with great customer service.

    • Hi Eliza, by looking at the photos I agree with you that the lightest shade looks less pigmented. I did not even notice until now, because taking swatches of runny product was a bit challenging (product leaking everywhere!) so I was more worried about taking photos than actually looking at the swatches. I hope that mixing the shades works well for you! (I also hope that Gressa will make a few more shades with different undertones). Thanks for reading and for sharing your experience! :)

  • Ahhhh so tempting!! I just bought the Sappho foundation but I want to try this too! I also just got the Aux Rouge in the PV box, love it!

    • Lol. Sappho makes a lovely foundation so enjoy it ;) Thanks for reading lovely!

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  • Stephanie

    The swatches pictured are SO helpful. I didn’t feel confident just going by the website pictures and descriptions. It looks lovely!

    • Thank you Stephanie! I am so glad you find them helpful. I have taken so many photos, and I think that they are pretty accurate. Please let me know if you have any questions :) and thanks for reading!

  • Kate

    Fantastic breakdown, Lily! I use MVO Everyday Coverage most days, so I’ve been debating between Kjaer Weis and Gressa solely for an evening/special events foundation. You mentioned Gressa was a more convenient application, but which would you choose for an evening look? Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Kate, thank you for your kind words! :)

      For an evening look I would probably still choose Gressa, because their shade #4 matches me better than Kjaer Weis foundation in Illusion at this time (Ilusion is a little too dark for me right now, but great during Summer).

      Since both foundations are quite expensive, I would sample both before purchasing any. Kjaer Weis samples can easily be ordered at Spirit Beauty Lounge with the sample program (6 samples for $25 + free shipping), while you would have to ask Gressa for a sample (like the tiny ones they sent me for the swatches). Keep in mind that Gressa’s samples may be a bit messy because they are liquid, but I have had no issues with the full-size bottle because it comes with a convenient dropper so I just shake the bottle lightly and then get the product.

      Another thing to consider is your skin type. Several people with dry skin have left comments saying that Gressa’s foundation emphasizes dry spots. I have not had any problems with that. I actually add a little extra product in my dry spots and that seems to do the trick.

      Please let me know if you have any questions Kate, and thanks for reading! :)

  • Hi love! How are you? I hope all is well. Thanks for reading and for your kind words :)

    • pjancakes

      I’m good – recuperated after the derby della capitale haha. Keep doing all the amazing things that you do <3 :)

  • Stacey

    I wish you had this promotion a month ago when I purchased the foundation. :) I’ve been using it about every other day, alternating with W3ll People Narcissist foundation stick. I succumbed to all the great reviews and had to get it even though I had the narcissist and really liked that stick. I LOVE this foundation. It goes on very dewy (especially after my face oil application), but dries to wonderfully matte finish. Unlike other foundations, I do not need any setting powder at all, except for my nose mid-day. It looks good all day without any touch ups! It also feels great on my face. Usually after few days of wearing make up, my face feels like it needs exfoliation even after switching to green make up (every day when I was wearing conventional foundation like it never was fully clean), but I don’t get that at all with Gressa foundation. Like some others have mentioned, I do get a bit flakiness on drier parts of my skin, so on extra dry skin days, I use Narcissist. Svetlana was very nice and prompt on my inquiries and she chose 03 for my color. I think it’s a good match but sometimes I wonder if it’s teensy too light for my skin tone. They have opened a store and I think they’ll do a custom color match. Definitely planning on visiting. All in all, I have to say this is my favorite foundation so far.

  • Zizi

    I also have had some issues with fulfillment and customer service. I have had to send multiple emails in order to get a response. I agree that the issues are ultimately resolved, but I hate that my concerns go ignored until I have to make a full on complaint. It’s too bad because the product is amazing and Svetlana seems like a nice enough person.

    • Svetlana Sanchez

      Hi lovely ladies. I wanted to take the time and make a point that I/we never ignore anyone on purpose. We do our best and get things right nearly all the time. There are times, however when we do fall behind and I take longer to respond. As an owner of a brand that is expanding into something bigger than anyone (including myself) imagined, I still answer each and every email myself. Our team is expanding and things are getting to be much better orchestrated, which ultimately means that emails, requests, concerns will be answered within the proper time frame. I thank you for loving the products so much that you overlook our imperfections. With love,

  • Zizi

    Thank you for swatching all of the foundations!!! You look GORGEOUS :) I currently use #4. I love it when I add a little bit of the illuminating serum. I also use skin care ritual for oil/acne prone skin. I know that products are different for everyone, but I have to say that this is the first product in years to make my skin glow and eliminate my hormonal acne. I have to be really vigilant about doing it morning and evening, though, in order to maintain my “glow”. I have tried a sample of Bare, which looks much peachier on my skin. But I typically look better
    in cooler colors and am in love with Lavish and Radiant lip boosts. People have been commenting and asking where I get my products! I will say that as happy as I am about Gressa Skin care and glamour, I would like to see the company do better with customer service. It makes me feel better to read some of these comments and know I am not the only one having difficulties! All in all Gressa is a great line.

  • Ooh I would so love to try these products! Read some great reviews of the serum foundation lately :) x

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  • Laura

    Great review, description and swatches! Now i just Wish this foundation would be available in Europe!!!
    (I know they ship to the eu, but shipping is quite costly plus with all the customs charges and taxes… It makes it quite pricey – especially as I cannot sample beforehand to see if it suits me). Xx

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  • Jina Jung

    Do you know of a physical location in LA I could go to try the Gressa line? I’d love to see and feel the product before buying, though it looks AMAZING on you.

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  • Tess

    Hi, this was a very helpful review! I was wondering if it has any SPF because of the Titanium Oxide?

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  • Fay

    I am MAC NC25, and wanted to know if #3 would work for me.
    What is your shade in MAC?

  • Natalie Johnston

    Is it just me or do you look better in the before picture (at left)? The more I see women with no makeup the more I want to ditch mine! Lol! Even the “natural” look is starting to look too made up to me. I’m sorry (not really) but you look better with less:).

    • Hi Natalie, first off all, thank you! That’s a nice compliment :) Second, I completely agree with you! I think that we all look better with the tiniest amount of makeup. Honestly, I don’t feel the need to wear makeup. I do it because I enjoy it and I find it a fun way to change, kinda like changing outfit. Of course there are days I feel ugly (don’t we all feel like that sometimes?) and a little makeup boosts my confidence, which is usually when I am sick or I don’t sleep well. Otherwise, it’s all about having fun! :)

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