Beauty Crimes

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I selected some of the worst beauty crimes I committed (mostly in my teens, so be gracious!) including only the things that have caused some real damage to my skin. There are actually a lot more beauty crimes I could mention..very bad stuff, people! I will talk to you about the others some time soon…

1. Slept with makeup on (countless times)

I know most people have done it at least once, but still, it is such a bad thing to do! One quick way to look older. People, especially you young ladies: always cleanse your face well and double-cleanse whenever you are wearing makeup! If you are less than 20 years old, wear minimal makeup (you truly don’t need much anyway) and choose products with the least amount of skin offenders in them (such as preservatives and fragrances).

2. Sprayed my face with hairspray to fix makeup in place

(I got your skin crawling with this one, didn’t I?) Unfortunately this is so true. The person who initiated me to (heavier) makeup, my brother’s first girlfriend, told me that it was the best way to keep my makeup perfect all night. Well, she was right. No need to discuss the consequences of this crime. My skin was peeling off. No bueno.

3. Cooked my skin in the sun (with cooking oils on)

I promise I had no idea what I was doing when I used to put oils on my skin before going to the beach. The only thing that makes me feel a little bit better about it is that all my friends were doing it. Yay. I have dark spots all over my face, so please, please do not do that to yourself!

4. Sprayed my entire self with synthetic perfumes

Even simply thinking about it now gives me nausea and headaches. I have understood that using (and abusing) synthetic fragrances was making me feel sick all the time. The moment I quit using them, the symptoms stopped. Just sayin’.

5. Smoking

The worst of them all, of course. I began to smoke when I was about twelve (together with my little cousin) and then continued throughout my teens. It was my husband that encouraged me to quit while we were dating (about seven years ago) and I am, of course, very thankful that he did. It was not too difficult for me to quit. Smoking is still extremely popular in Italy and laws are not as protective as they should be toward non-smokers. Every time I go home I am reminded of how awful it is when I am subject to cigarette smoke everywhere that I go.

These are all things that are really, really bad and that have damaged my skin. I hope that if you are guilty of any of these crimes you will refrain from repeating them!

Please share your beauty crimes in the comments below! I am sure I am not the only one who has done wrong to her own skin (I hope not anyway..LOL!).

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  • Call It Vanity

    Hah! Okay I’m going to fess up, the worst one I still commit is picking my spots, although I’m not as bad as I used to be…I still do no.3 with coconut oil :s

    Mayah x

    • Hi Mayah, you know I have been actually reading a lot about coconut oil and there are some ongoing studies to find out if coconut oil protects from UV rays. However, until that is proven, I can’t recommend using it as a sunscreen! :) Thanks for sharing, and please stop picking your spots! :) xx

      • Call It Vanity

        Very interesting! I stops my skin feeling raw after sun exposure so maybe there’s some truth to that. My sunscreen also has coconut oil as one of it’s main ingredients! Will be keeping my eye on that. Haha I will promise :)

  • Bio_Biba

    I must confess…I commited 4 of your deadly beauty crimes when I was a teen and even in my twenties …but …I’ve never heard of somebody spraying the face with hairspray to fix make-up !!! Argggghh!!! I’m from Italy so I agree when you say that in Italy smoking is still extremely popular! Fortunately I quit smoking three years ago! :) x

    • Hi Bio Biba! Thank you for sharing. So glad you quit smoking too, it is really a major achievement! :) The hairspray thing…well, I definitely did not know what I was doing! Grazie del commento cara, xx

  • Great post!That one with hairspray is kinda funny :) My worst one is picking my spots..:) xx

    • Hi Jana, I agree it is a bit funny when i think about it, but it is so so bad! I was very young and silly. I hope you are not picking spots anymore ;) Thanks for sharing! xx

  • Amber

    Great post! I must confess I have tried to be better but I often go to sleep with my make-up on and then I feel so stupid and angry at myself when my skin looks crap the next day! If I could go back in time I wouldn’t wear so much make-up either. All those harsh chemically products I used to use to get rid of my makeup (ahem, Clinique!) have ruined my skin and my sisters skin all look so good! x

    • Hi Amber, I feel the same way every time I go to bed late. The morning after my skin looks horrible! Thank you for sharing beautiful! xx

  • Nicole

    Cooked in the sun AND tanning beds, I have regrets lol. I’ve also sprayed my whole self with synthetic perfume..I actually still do (just until I finish them). I’ve used acne products, over exfoliated, not applied sunscreen, ate like crap..the list goes on!

    • The beauty police is coming after you, Nicole! hehe. Thanks for sharing, love! :)

  • Gigiholy

    I just started to switch to natural cosmetics. So far I have changed my shampoo, soap, face wash, moisturizer, I have a Vapour organic Siren lipstick and an RMS UN cover-up corrector. I ask for your advice for powder. I don’t know whether to chose Inika cosmetics setting powder or RMS UN powder. Which one do you recommend if my plan is to buy SukiColor tinted active moistuiser as foundation. Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Gigiholy, thanks so much for your comment and for your question! I have never tried the Inika setting powder, so I can’t give you my opinion about that one, but I do use the RMS Un-powder. It is translucent, so it does not add any color to your skin, and you can use it on top of any face product. It is very, very good at keeping your skin matte and silky-looking. Highly recommend it! Let me know if you have any other questions, I would love to help you! :)

  • Mary_333

    Definitely #1! When I was a freshman in college, I was so busy all the time, I would literally put on my makeup the night before sometimes to save myself a few minutes for sleep! What on earth was I thinking?

    Also, just not taking care of my skin in general. I used to be so sporadic with the skincare, not moisturizing every day, etc.

    • Haha, putting makeup on the night before is the best thing I have read in these comments! How did I never think about that when I was in high school and college? LOL

      Thanks so much for sharing, Mary!❤

  • urgh, quite a lot from baking myself under the sun & never using sunscreen to smoking when i was younger. I regret all of them!

    • I know Vivi, I do too! We just didn’t know better! Let’s be glad we quit the bad habits :) Better late then never! Thank you for sharing ❤

  • Rebecca B

    Well your dark spots don’t show in your photo, you look beautiful : )

    I don’t know that I’ve ever slept with makeup on. I’m obsessive about washing. Too obsessive, and that’s one of the worst crimes I’ve committed. In my teens I thought, because of advertising I guess, that I got pimples because I didn’t cleanse enough. So I cleansed more and more harshly, so I got more pimples, so I cleansed more…didn’t go so well, but I figured it out in my 20s. Did the same sort of over-washing thing to my hair back then, too. And the baking in the sun, also figured it out in my 20s but the damage was done. I didn’t smoke myself, but the exposure to second hand smoke in my home and just generally, growing up in the midwest, was not good for any part of me! I’m very good about self care now, but my one heinous crime is occasional picking. Not nearly as bad as I used to be so I forgive myself.

    That hairspray on the face thing, that seriously made me want to scream! Would have if the family wasn’t still asleep ; )

    • Thank you Rebecca, you are so kind to say that! I have a few stubborn dark spots on my cheekbones that are well concealed in the photo ;)

      Thanks for sharing your beauty crimes, even though they are not too bad :) I totally understand the over-washing thing as I went through a phase of that too. The hairspray on the face is hard to beat, I don’t think anyone has done that bad! I wish I would have been a little wiser back then..

      Thank you for stopping by, it was lovely to hear from you :)

  • tania

    Sleeping with makeup on is definitely something I’m guilty of! x

    • Hi Tania, I think most of us are guilty of that one! Just try not to do it anymore ;)

  • Ila

    Sleeping with make up on…yes definitely yes…Now I wonder how and whyyyyy did I do that? it is an horrible feeling xD

    Ila x

    • I know, right? I feel the same when I think about it! Grazie del commento bambola! xx

  • lipchick

    This has made me so paranoid lol I always used to sleep with makeup on when I was younger :-p Regret it so much!!!

  • Ginger & Aloe

    Hi Lilly, congratulations to this beautiful blog! We definitely share some favorite products! My beauty crime was using very harsh acne treatments like proactiv although I didn’t even have real acne – it dried out my skin so much it just pealed off leaving me looking like a monster.

  • I was laughing as I read these! I used hairspray all throughout high school to set my makeup because I couldn’t fathom why I would use a setting spray when it worked so well -_- Oh, and when I first started wearing makeup I would sleep in it so I wouldn’t have to reapply in the morning *GAG* can’t believe it, now. Confessions of a Beauty Blogger! :)