A Fall Makeup Look

Red Lip Makeup #fotd

One Hundred Percent Pure Mascara Black tea

This post is like a “reprise” of my last What’s In My Makeup Bag post, in which I showed you some of the new makeup products that I recently welcomed into the family. I had been searching for: a tinted moisturizer that would not ‘feel’ like foundation on my skin, a heavy duty concealer that would cover redness around my nose and under eye darkness, and a liquid liner that would not smudge quickly.

The tinted moisturizer that I have been using is the 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer in White Peach*. This shade is just a tad lighter than my skin, so I plan to try Peach Bisque next. The lighting in the photo makes my face look even more pale in contrast with my skin color, but the difference is not as evident in person (no, really). The coverage is very sheer but it makes the skin look really pretty because it is very moisturizing (I wear it without a moisturizer underneath). And no yucky feeling of a layer of makeup sitting on the skin. It also has an SPF of 20.

To conceal redness around my nose and darkness under my eyes, I used the Christopher Drummond Concealer (in Light)*, which is a thick, high-coverage concealer. Due to the thick consistency it requires careful blending, and I make sure to set it with a translucent powder (Un-Powder, of course), which helps prevent creasing. “Light” is a neutral light shade (I prefer more yellow in a concealer because my skin has a strong yellow undertone), so I make sure to blend it well with the tinted moisturizer. It is a really good concealer for blemishes and other imperfections.

I kept my face makeup very simple, because I was going to wear eyeliner and a red lip, so I only dabbed a tiny amount of Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Desired Glow*, which is a caramel toned blush/bronzer (my favorite makeup product of this year so far).

The liquid liner I used is the Zuzu Liquid Liner in Raven. It reminds me a lot of the classic Revlon liquid eyeliner with the felt tip, which was my favorite one for many, many years. The applicator and the tip are almost identical to the Revlon one, and the formula is really great. The color is a true black and does not turn into a washed out black/gray. It is also long-wearing, but not waterproof. However, unless you cry or go swimming, it should stay on all day with no smearing issues.

I included a close-up of the eyes because I am also wearing a new mascara, the 100% Pure Mascara in Black Tea*. Why didn’t anybody tell me that this mascara was so good? It is the first “natural” mascara I have tried that actually gives me some volume. I have not tested it out in extreme heat situations like I did with Kjaer Weis’ mascara (completely smudge-free), but for right now it is working great. Let me know, what do you think about it? I think it does a great job.

Onto the red lip, I turned once again to Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Femme Fatale (reviewed here). It is my red lip “safe bet” because I am still pretty  scared of wearing bold reds, (I know, I know). It is the only lipstick I have tried that does not scream – I am wearing a red lipstick!

*PR Sample


  • Ila

    What a gorgeous natural look and the lipstick is just beautiful :)
    I really like the 100% Pure Tinted Moisturiser in White Peach, it doesn’t even look you are wearing anything at all :)


    Ila x

    • Awww, grazie tesoro! Troppo gentile! The tinted moisturizer is very sheer and feels like I am not wearing anything on my face :)

  • Lisa

    You look gorgeous :)
    I recently bought the 100 % Pure Mascara aswell as their Foundation and I must say, I love the mascara. Definitely the best natural one I’ve tried so far. Still have to test the Kjaer Weis one though :) The foundation however, is a little too matte for my taste. Although I have normal to oily skin, I somehow appear to have dry patches on my nose and chin when I wear this. Will have to try out the Tinted Moisturizer soon.

  • Liz

    So beautiful! The whole makeup is gorgeous and red lips look incredible on you. You make me want to try every product you listed :)
    I am also impressed by the eyeliner, yesterday I was actually complaining about my liquid eyeliner, because it smudges at the speed of light.


    Liz from http://smellslikeagreenspirit.blogspot.com

  • Gita Bončina

    Gosh, you are gorgeous! And that lip color suits you perfectly! <3



  • Amber

    You look gorgeous! Such a natural make-up, you can’t even tell you’re wearing anything. Apart from the red lips of course but they look so lovely! x

  • gorgeous look! I have tried 100% Pure mascara and it flaked on me like crazy :-S Need to try the zuzu liner soon though – so much hype around it!

  • Adjusting Beauty

    You are gorgeous:)) I love the shade of this lipstick:)

  • Meeta

    This is super-pretty, I love the red lip. I need to have a look at 100% Pure, I’ve not tried anything from this line.

  • Wow perfection!<3 You're so beautiful, love this makeup!:) xx

  • Vicki

    Oh Lily, I haven’t even read the post yet but I had to comment on the photo! You look so sultry and alluring, love it!!!

  • Nicole

    I wish I could master liquid eyeliner…. I’m hopeless. Lovely post; my favourite look on you… so sophisticated-glamour!

  • Alina B

    You look gorgeous! I loveeeee your skin! :) Thanks for everything that you do for your readers

  • Bambi Organics

    Mi piace da morire *_*

  • Sabrina

    Wow! You are truly gorgeous! I love this make up look, so classic! How well do you think the 100% make-up would cover acne or scarring?


  • You look stunning! I love using the 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer too, it’s one of my favorites. I have to try their mascara next! And I love your lip color!

  • Michelle

    Stop with the gorgeous-ness! It hurts my eyes! :)
    – Michelle

  • Michelle

    Seriously though, you look AMAZING.

  • Marni

    Anything more to say, I could have write all the comments!
    As we say in french : tu es vraiment magnifique!

  • I looked at this post in bed this morning as I was scrolling through my feeds and just WOW seeing it again … this color is so va va VOOM on you, Lilly! You look oh-so-pretty and healthy and happy and glowing :)

  • Bailey Blush ♡

    You are literally drop dead gorgeous… seriously!

  • nicole

    You look incredible, such a beauty.

  • asti

    Gee, beautiful thing you. Love how you have tied up the whole look together, especially with a touch of Desired Glow and black eyeliner. The shade Femme Fatale is my favorite color too! One of the best RED for me, it is the perfect blend of red + burgundy.

    And I know what you mean about 100% Pure mascara. So many people giving it hype, but I still haven’t got around myself purchasing one, not really sure why! There are mixed reviews.. would love to know how it holds up on your lashes!

  • Lina Nieto

    you are absolutely STUNNING! seriously, you are so flawless! your makeup here is so gorgeous, love your taste in products and your blog <3

  • Kathy

    You are so gorge!! LOVE that lip color on you. That is your go-to sexy pick for sure :) XX http://www.islandfeversisters.com

  • Alina B

    You’re Gorgeous!

  • scremata scremata

    monica bellucci style!

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  • Ana Green

    Beautiful as ever Lily :)

  • Miss Bebe

    I just bought this lipstick because it looks gorgeous on you! I also have a similar complexion and it looks great as a heavy stain.I’m still too scared to wear it properly, for some reason it always migrates outside the lines.

  • In a word…STUNNING! I’m so blown away by how gorgeous you look! No need to shy away from red at all. You can totally pull it off. Perfect blush color too. Just right <3

  • Call It Vanity

    Omg yes, you’re a 100% Mascara convert, love it! It’s only me and Sabrina’s HG…and it holds up well in heat. I’ve been using it for almost a year now and it has never smudged, not once.

    Mayah x

  • mirrorladybug

    Does the liner smudge/flake if you rub your eye?

    • Hi! I am very careful not to rub my eyes (in my 30s, trying to prevent wrinkles), so I cannot tell for sure, but I have not experienced any smudging/flaking. I can say that it is not waterproof. It dissolves quickly with water, but it does not come off unless I remove it.
      However, I have not used it during the warmer seasons, so we will see how it holds up then!
      I hope that helps! please let me know if you have anymore questions ;)

      • You are in your 30s!?!?! You look like you just turned 20!! SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • Clara R.C

    You look very pretty!
    I didn’t knew the brand Ilia, it seems to be amazing =O

  • Alexis Ekaterina Graves

    Oh my god you are soooo beautiful! Is the White Peach Tinted Moisturiser suitable for olive skin tones?

  • Alyssa Nett

    Hi Lilly, I love your blog!! I absolutely adore the 100% pure tinted moisturizer and their mascara! Their mascara was the first one I tried when I started switching all my products and although I’ve tried a few others (jane iredale, dr hauschka, zuzu) I ended up returning them all! This holds up better in heat than any of them! Also, I like to use the jane iredale lash conditioner and extender underneath sometimes for a little extra oomph in layering. I also use the christopher drummond concealer in fair, and sometimes what I’ll do is add a pump to the moisturizer if I want it to be more like a foundation. No breakouts with any of these! I also just tried the studio 78 paris concealer which is worth a mention… it’s kind of like a creme to powder finish, but it gives great coverage. It is very yellow based (color at dawn) so I need to use it sparingly because I am fair but it would probably work great for you! Do you think fair complexions can pull off femme fatale? Sorry for the long post hah, enjoy!

  • Alyssa Nett

    oh and I should also mention, I noticed a huge reduction in lines on my forehead after using the tinted moisturizer for about 6 months. I didn’t even realize it would help something like that til I woke up one day and realized they were gone. Crazy!