Weekend Catch-Up #16

Weekend Catch-Up #16

I hope you all had a lovely week. I noticed that many of you were particularly excited about this week’s giveaway (for good reason!), so I am planning more to come. Here’s the weekly recap…

Empty. I sadly finished another Osmia Hand Cream, this time the Linden Rose one. Having been sick, I have washed my hands like crazy the entire week and this hand cream has been a hand-saver. I am sure that my hands would be painfully chapped if I didn’t use it.

Repurchases. Yuli Pure Mask and I have finally reunited. Remember when I told you how good it is when mixed with Manuka Honey? Like peanut butter and… honey. I really like honey mixed with peanut butter–better than jelly actually. Next, I am going to try to mix the mask with tea, as per a lovely reader’s recommendation (I appreciate your comments so much!).

Giveaway. In case you missed it, I am giving away a YULI Skincare product that I have been raving about for quite some time. You can enter the giveaway here.

Product of the Week. When my skin is in trouble and I need to cut down the number of products in use, I rely heavily on the YULI Cocoon Facial Elixir. In fact, for the past week I have been cleansing my face with the Halcyon cleanser and spritzed with Cocoon to hydrate and soothe my skin afterwards. That’s it. Nothing else. Cocoon has helped my skin to recover from whatever rash or skin trouble I experienced. My skin has been particularly “hormonal” this week, and I found this mist to calm it and hydrate it just as needed.

A not so glamorous topic. Not a glamorous topic, but an important one (someone has to talk about it right?). As a consequence of dehydration, I got an unpleasant guest on my lip this week. If you suffer of cold sores or if you occasionally get one, I recommend that you keep the 100% Pure Lysine & Herb Healing Lip Balm on hand. The moment you feel the tingling start, apply some right away. Preferably, use a cotton bud to pick up the product, which is a more sanitary option. This way you can save the balm in case you need it again (I hope you won’t, but you get the point). Also, Hyland’s makes some homeopathic tablets that help with relieving the symptoms of cold sores.

Make-Up Launch. Alima Pure has made lipsticks! They are called Velvet Lipsticks and the colors look great. I have my eyes on Lucy and Iris, but it is hard to pick. The formula is described as richly pigmented, smooth, long-lasting, and with a velvet-like finish.  You can check them out at Pemberley Jones.

Green Beauty Newbies. This week I shared a list of 5 ingredients that I try to avoid in my personal care and beauty products on the eHow Style Blog. If you are new to green beauty, or if you simply would like to learn more about what may be in your beauty cabinet, you can read it here: 5 Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics.

If all goes as planned, I will update the blog a bit more this week. Have a great one!