My Visit to The Detox Market

My Visit To The Detox Market

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, last week I was in Los Angeles, California to attend an event called A Night For Green Beauty. The moment I started planning my trip to LA, I made sure to include a mandatory visit to The Detox Market, which not only has two physical locations (West Hollywood, California and Toronto), but is also one of my favorite online green beauty retailers.

Due to traffic being much worse than expected, I arrived at the shop 30 minutes before closure, yet I was warmly welcomed by the staff. I had the best time chatting about all things non-toxic beauty, skincare, makeup, and even about the home. I enjoyed the fun, yet relaxing atmosphere. The highly curated selection of products covers all personal care, beauty, and even some lifestyle needs. The founders, Romain Gaillard & Valérie Grandury, are very passionate about eco-living and have hand-picked each one of the products at the shop making sure that no questionable ingredients are included in the products that they carry. Their products also meet high standards of effectiveness and style. For instance, The Detox Market is the only retailer in the United States that carries one of my favorites skincare lines, MV Skincare. I have raved about their cleanser, rose mist, water-based moisturizers, and boosters which you can read more about here. While there, I was finally able to sample one of the few products from MV Skincare that I have not yet tried–the Energizing 9-Oil Skin Tonic (and it is now on my list of urgent purchases to make).

One of the features that I like the most at the shop is the Odacité Skin Bar, which is equipped with a large refrigerator where all of the Odacité skin care products are kept in order to preserve their freshness, and where you can also get a personalized consultation for your beauty needs. You may recall that I have been using the Odacité Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser*, so when I arrived in LA with my last few pumps of cleanser left I was hoping to get a new bottle at the shop. However, it was sold out (told ya, it’s really good). It also quickly sold out the following day at the event (madness!).

Some of the other brands available included Rahua Hair Care, May Lindstrom Skin Care, Soapwalla, Suntegrity Sun Care, Kjaer Weis Makeup, Ilia Beauty, RMS Beauty, Vapour Beauty, Kure BazaarTreat Collection Nail Polish (see image below), and the latest launched brand, Josh Rosebrook, (any favorites from his line? Suggestions are welcome) You can see the entire brand selection here.

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While I wish that I lived close enough to just walk into the shop and pick any product needed, I am glad that I can at least shop online for the same products. I can use occasional coupons to save a few bucks, and most importantly I can avoid the LA traffic nightmare. However, that is just what I am saying to convince myself because the truth is that I would totally love to live in that perfect weather and visit The Detox Market in person anytime.

You can browse their online selection here, but make sure to visit in person if you live in Southern California or visit the area.

Many thanks to Romain, Jasmine, and Talita for not kicking me out of the shop at closing time and instead treating me like an old friend. You guys are awesome.

*PR Sample