January Favorites

January favorites 2015

Since we are practically almost two weeks into February, I thought that I would share not only my January favorites, but a little preview of what I am trying in February. Quite a few new things, this month!

January Favorites

African Botanics Marula Intense Skin Repair Balm*. I have been using this balm almost every night as hand treatment and it has helped soothe itchy, dry hands. I have very little product left and while I was hoping that it would get me through the entire month of February, I will probably have to purchase another. If you are struggling with very dry, irritated skin (especially if weather-related), this balm is great. Read my full review here.

YULI Modern Alchemist Facial Serum. I recently mentioned that I have been trying to incorporate this anti-aging serum into my skincare routine. When I first tried it a few months ago, I felt like it was too strong for my delicate skin. However, I recently started to apply it only on certain areas of my face where I want extra protection/repair and I have been very pleased with how my skin has been looking. I basically only dab two drops of it into moist skin, on the highest part of my cheekbones (where crow’s feet usually form and where I have most of my sun spots), and on the sides of my mouth. If you have dry or aging skin, this serum is awesome. If you have oily skin and want to try a serum from Yuli, go with the Liquid Courage Serum instead.

Kahina Lip & Face Balm*. I have only used this balm on my lips (my skin is not dry, so I prefer to use oils on my face instead of balms), and it has been working very well. It is nice and rich, so only a tiny amount of balm is needed to cover my lips entirely. It’s also very soothing when my lips feel a bit irritated from the weather (I know, I live in Florida, but at night it gets chilly and windy). I find the scent to be enjoyable, even though I usually prefer more sweet/fruity scents on my lips (I am a kid at heart). It’s a bit pricey for lip balm use-only, but it is an excellent product.

Red Apple Lipstick Prime Time Eye Primer*. I am so pleased to say that this eye primer has been working quite well for me. I will post a review with photos so you can see exactly what my lids looks like when I use it. I find that the application is key to a good result. I just apply the tiniest amount on my entire lid and blend it well before patting any eye shadow on my lid. If I apply a little more than needed, it creases a bit. If I apply a very, very little amount, it keeps my eyeshadow looking great for hours, (and I have hooded lids, so anything creases on me). It works the same with all of my eyeshadows, even Kjaer Weis, Sappho, and Afterglow Cosmetics (check out my favorite eyeshadows here).

Red Apple Lipstick Eyeshadow in Buttercream*, Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow in Charmed, and Red Apple Lipstick in Espresso. As a neutral eye shadow lover, this combination has been my go-to every single day. Buttercream is an ivory shade with very low shimmer that works well as a highlighter on brow bone and inner corner; Charmed is the perfect caramel, beige color to warm up the lid and define the crease; and Espresso is a dark, matte brown color that is perfect to intensify the outer corner of the eye. Love, love, love.

Wayne Goss Brush #3 and #19. Finding natural-hair brushes that are cruelty free and also great quality is not easy, but these brushes from Wayne Goss are fantastic. They do all the work for me: blending eye shadows and softening the lines. Brush #3 is a tapered eyeshadow brush. It is quite big and I like to use it when I want to blend my eyeshadow until I get a very soft, diffused color on the lid. Brush #19 is a bit smaller, and can be used to add color to the crease, as well as blending it. They don’t even need to be washed often, as you can just wipe the color off with a tissue and use another color. I am very snobby when it comes to brushes, but these were a good investment. You can find them here.

La Bella Figura Radiant Creme Blush in Just Jenna*. Typically, I don’t dig bright colored blushes, but when I was feeling awful after my car accident and I really needed a pop of color on my tired complexion. Just Jenna is wearable and flattering, smells wonderful because of the delicious fruit oils in it and was the perfect rosey color to brighten my face. Read my full review with photos/swatches here.

February Preview

Here are a few of the things I am currently trying and my first impressions about them.

RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder (shade 01). RMS Beauty has launched a tinted version of the original “Un-powder”, which is my favorite setting powder (excellent for oily skin, keeps my shine-free all day). The tinted version comes in three shades; it is meant to provide coverage and even out the skin tone. I picked shade 01, which is supposed to match Un-Cover shades 00 and 11. I find it to be less yellow than the Un-cover Up #11, and not to be a great match for my skin overall. I am considering getting the darker shade, but given that it does not provide much coverage, I am not sure I need it. If you do not have the original Un-powder yet, I would pick the tinted one, as long as you find a good match for your skin tone. I will report more about it at the end of February. Overall, I think that RMS had a brilliant idea in making a tinted version, but I wish that there were more shades available. You can find it here.

Metta Body Butter*. As I mentioned in my last catch-up, this body moisturizer has the loveliest scent and texture. I usually opt for body oils, but ever since I received this butter I have been using it every day to moisturize my body. It provides long-lasting moisture and the most delicious cocoa scent. It may seem overprized, but it comes in a very generous sized glass jar. I am loving it.

Kjaer Weis New Lip Tints. As a nude lip lover, I have surprised myself with wanting to wear such bold colors like the new Kjaer Weis lip tint in Beloved*, but when I dab just a small amount with my fingers it makes the prettiest, easy to wear berry stain. I will have a review with photos of the colors Amazed and Rapture some time soon, while you can check out my post about the shade Beloved here.

Which products are you loving this month, so far?

*PR Sample