Ilia Beauty Lipstick Around The World

Ilia beauty Lipstick Around The Worls review

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Yesterday evening, when the sun went down long before 8 pm, I realized that Fall has indeed arrived. Yes, it is still warm out here, but I can at least blow the dust off of my berry lipsticks and get in the mood for Fall colors. One of the most season-appropriate lip colors I own is the latest launch from Ilia Beauty called, Around The World (can’t help but think about that Daft Punk song…).

Around The World is described as a deep rose hue with a bold lavender tone, which is pretty accurate. In the tube, it looks like a rosey, berry color, but in natural light it looks almost Fuchsia, while away from bright light it looks more like a Rose color. In the Ilia Beauty family, Around The World sits between Neon Angel (a bright magenta) and Ink Pot (a deep berry/wine color). It is quite similar to the ILIA lipstick crayon, Dress You Up, but Around The World has a bit more blue in it.

I like to pair it with neutral eye makeup, liner, bronzer, and a warm-toned blush. The texture of the lipstick is moisturizing and comfortable. I did not wear any lip balm underneath the lipstick in the photos above, because my lips were in good shape. When my lips are dry I apply some YULI Cellular Lip Conditioner before I start doing my makeup and blot it off before I apply the lipstick. The finish has a light sheen to it (it’s not completely matte) and very good pigmentation. It is not fully opaque, but pretty saturated in one swipe. As with most Ilia lipsticks, they have a good wearing time (around 5-6 hours for me, unless I drink/eat) and leave a light stain on the lips when they start to fade. I always carry Ilia lipsticks with me, because they may require to be re-applied.

At this point, I have purchased almost the entire collection of Ilia Beauty’s lipsticks, so as you can imagine, I really, really like them. I find them very comfortable to wear (they contain moisturizing oils of Jojoba, Grape Seed, and Rose Hip) and they contain up to 85% certified organic ingredients. They also keep up with trends and launch new shades every season (new shades for Fall are coming soon!)

If you are new to green beauty brands, Ilia Beauty is a great one to explore. Around The World is exclusively available at Net A Porter.