Wednesday Wishlist #8

Wednesday Wishlist #8, May Lindstrom The Honey Mud, Revolution Organics Lip Gloss, Kahina Antioxidant Mask, BRK Reusable Water Bottle, Rodin Lip Balm

No matter how many products I buy, my wishlist does not get any shorter. Although I have plenty of new stuff to play with, there are a few things that I am really longing to try…

1. May Lindstrom The Honey Mud. Can you believe that I have not tried any of May Lindstrom’s treats yet? Well, this will probably be my first one because I am totally sold at the idea of a yummy-smelling pudding that cleanses your face and also works as a mask. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, apparently all the reviews I have read agree that it is not a dream, but reality. At Spirit Beauty Lounge.

2. Revolution Organics Lip Gloss in Truth and Vibe. I own Innocent and Freedom, and I love the formula. Next I would like to try these two shades, which seem to be right up my alley. Truth is a warm, vibrant pink, and Vibe is a coral shade. At Beautysage.

3. Kahina Giving Beauty Antioxidant Mask. I already tried a tiny sample of this mask and it is so, so good! What I love the most about it is that even though it contains clay and detoxifies the skin by pulling out all the impurities, it is not drying at all. It does not even give that tightening feeling! A-may-zing. At Spirit Beauty Lounge.

4. BKR Reusable Water Bottle. As a hardcore fan of water filters and someone who tries to avoid cheap plastics as much as possible, I really want to try this reusable bottle! I have only used Klean Kanteen so far, but definitely would prefer to switch to glass. At Spirit Beauty Lounge.

5. Rodin Lip Balm Ring. I first saw it on Into The Gloss. It was actually the prize of a giveaway, which I obviously entered because it was not for sale anywhere! I did not win it, but I kinda won anyway because now I can buy it at Beautyhabit. How cute and fancy is that?

What is on your wishlist at the moment? I mean the Top 4-5, as you may have pages and pages of products you want to buy like me….

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Me too, havent tried any ML products..incredible! 2014 will be the year though :-)

  • Mademoiselle nature

    me too, havent tried any ML products! 2014 will be the year though :-)x

    • Yessss! It’s time to give ML products a try. Let me know your thoughts when you do! xx

  • I was super naughty last night and may have (MAY HAVE) bought May’s The Problem Solver… I regret nothing ;) Top of my wishlist now though is The Clean Dirt, The Suki Tinted Moisturiser aaaaand Yarok haircare :) Never satisfied eh xxx

    • I totally understand, sometimes it’s difficult to resist the temptation ;) Did you try Rahua yet? xx

  • Lisa

    Love your wishlist! The Honey Mud is on my to-buy-list. It is dreamy. Got a sample and instantly fell in love! Also the Kahina Brightening Serum is something I want to buy soon. And an ILIA Lip Conditioner, May Lindstrom The Youth Dew, May Lindstrom The Problem Solver,….the list goes on and on :) There are just so many amazing products on the green beauty market!

    • Juliea Smith

      I just received May’s clean dirt and problem solver last week and they are as close to miraculous as I’ve ever found in a skincare product.

      • Sounds amazing! :)

        • Juliea Smith

          They really are! I forgot to add the honey mud to my wish list.

    • You mentioned some of my absolute favorites! :) My skin is totally in love with Kahina’s products lately ;) Thanks for sharing your wishlist, x

  • The Rodin Lip Balm Ring is super cute!

    • I agree, it’s lovely! I was so disappointed when I didn’t win it Into The Gloss’s giveaway, but now I can get it myself! ;)

  • I too wanna try ML products! They look divine<3 xx

    • Yes, I have waited too long, I need some May Lindstrom product asap ;)

  • LettersFromBee

    The water bottle cute! Himalayan bath salts are on my list xo

    • I know, isn’t that bottle too cute? Have you tried the bath slats before or it would be your first time using them? x

      • LettersFromBee

        First time. They are supposed to counteract electromagnetic energy and draw out toxins! Have heard lots of good things about them xo

  • Juliea Smith

    I’m totally lemming some Kari Gran skincare, the Kjaer Weis foundations and cream blushes and I would love to try some Evan Healy products. I ordered some rms and Kjaer samples from spirit beauty lounge today. I choked a little on the price for the samples though.

    • Did you order the Custom Sample Kit? I love it! It’s a great opportunity to try six different products! I would love to know your thoughts about the products when you receive them! :)

    • Inga

      Juliea, I bought the Evan Healy sample kit from whole foods and I got to try a great mix of their products before purchasing the full size. I really liked most of what I tried, especially their hydrosol toner. Good luck!

  • Love KW foundation! Make sure to properly prep your skin with a moisturizer or even a face oil before applying, and blend with a damp foundation sponge like a beauty blender. That works amazing for me!

    I am pretty sure you will love everything, but please let me know how they work for you ;)

    • Juliea Smith

      Thanks for the tip. Can’t wait to try it after all the glowing reviews!

  • Inga

    Love your wish lists, as always. I’m coveting the Kjaer foundation but worried about the coconut oil base. I’m having a hard time figuring out if it’s breaking me out – I used my RMS concealer on my cheeks to covered redness/spots and it congested my skin.

    I got a great sample of a revolution organics lip gloss in my Goode Box this month, it’s awesome! Now I want new colors :)

    • Oh no! Sorry about the Un-cover up. I, too, think that there is a chance that it could be the coconut oil to cause your breakout. It didn’t work for me either, even though I use the Living Luminizer almost every day and have issues with that product. The good news is that the Kjaer Weis Foundation has not caused any reaction at all on my skin. I understand your concern, so maybe ordering a sample first would be a good option ;)

      The Revolution Organics Lip Glosses are ridiculously comfortable. I wear them and forget I have lip gloss on my lips! I am never going to use a sticky lip gloss again in my life! :)

      • Inga

        I remember using so many sticky, waxy dirty glosses! Yuck. So glad I went green and found such better products.

  • Chloe

    Ooh I’ve been lusting after the Honey Mud and BKR Bottle as well! I have the Honey Mud, Blue Cocoon, KGB Argan Oil, and KGB Toning Mist sitting in my Spirit Beauty Lounge cart… Soon, soon… Hehe!

    • Let me know how you like them if you give them a try ;)

  • i finally caved and bought the rodin ring today lol. I love the bkr bottles :) I want a heart one though! I am so curious to try the honey mud & blue cocoon but have so much skincare i should get through first. How sad for me!!

  • I love my bkr! It’s the perfect water bottle! On my wishlist right now… Kjaer Weis foundation, Juice Beauty’s mascara, and Rahua shampoo.