MV Skincare Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser

MV SKincare Moisturiser

Having been all about face oils for the past few months, I was quite excited and at the same time concerned about trying a new water-based moisturizer. I do get quite annoyed that my hair gets some oil on it every night because of excess face oil and that I have to wash it more frequently, so a good moisturizer is always welcomed. However, I found that creams and lotions just do not do the same thing for my skin as face oils (ah, that glow!) and they also do not help with keeping my skin clear of blemishes. The exception to the rule has been this creamy moisturizer from MV Skincare called Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser*.

MV Skincare was founded by Australian Holistic Skin Therapist, Sharon McGlinchey. Having given thousands of facials to people with all different skin types, Sharon understood the need to create products that would be gentle enough to be used by everyone. Therefore, MV Skincare products has been formulated to especially benefit those people who have sensitive skin and conditions like rosacea and eczema.

I have been secretly using the Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser for almost four weeks and I have noticed that this moisturizer has three major strengths: it is gentle, deeply moisturizing, and smells amazing.

Gentle – As I have mentioned a few times, my skin type is combination and is also quite sensitive; not only to environmental factors but also to some cosmetic ingredients. The Rose Soothing Moisturiser is so gentle that as I apply it, my skin is instantly soothed and calmed. You know that not-so-attractive redness you get from cold weather and wind? I find that this moisturiser is perfect to protect my skin from that by supplying extra moisture.

Speaking of which, it is deeply moisturizing – Let me start by saying, this cream leaves my face soft and supple, as if I had used a face oil. However, the consistency is thick, almost like a balm. Being so rich and thick, I knew there was a chance I would breakout or experience some type of skin reaction because this is what usually happens to my face when very rich moisturizers are used. However, not only has my skin has been looking clear, but I have not experienced any breakouts–only radiant and healthy-looking skin. It works wonderfully under makeup, (famous makeup artist Dotti keeps it in her professional kit) because it is so rich without that slippery feel to it. None of that greasy film that some primers leave, just a naturally supple base.

The smell – Like a fresh bouquet of roses. It is truly intoxicating, beautiful, romantic, enjoyable.

With all of these incredible qualities this moisturizer could not go un-noticed and it is in fact the favorite of actress Emma Watson and top model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It is also celebrity-priced (could anything so luxurious be cheap?), but if you can afford it, try it. It is fab. You can find it at The Detox Market (US) and Cult Beauty (Europe).

*Update: Read an updated list of my top face moisturizers!

 *PR Sample


  • I love MV Organic, I think you would really like the cream cleanser, and the 9-energising oil skin tonic is just fabulous! Great review xx

    • Hi love, I am using the cream cleanser now and I am in love with it! How lovely is that cleanser? It reminds me of the Pai cleanser, but has a really interesting texture and such a wonderful scent! Ah, so good. That oil skin tonic you mentioned goes straight into my wish list! How do you use it?
      Thank you Tammy! xx

      • After you have cleansed your skin at night, you give yourself a massage with a little bit of the tonic, than you take your warm muslin cloth and envelope your face with it and keep it there for a count of 5, and than repeat the warm compress 2-3 times ( the compress helps with absorption and takes a little of the excess oil off from being on your skin, but don’t wipe it off like you would with a cleanser, just keep compressing). You can use it about 3 times a week, I normally find that my skin doesn’t really need moisturising after this tonic (maybe a little in winter).

  • asti

    I’m always so drawn to MV Organics because I know how creamy and thick the products are :) (love uber lush creamy moisturizer!). It’s Australian based but never got around myself purchasing it. How do you think your skin will hold up in the summer using the moisturizer?

    • Hey love, good question. I used it on a couple days that were warmer and more humid, and I didn’t experience that ‘sweaty’ feeling that some moisturizers give, (does that make sense?) It sinks deep into the skin, so it feels like it hydrates the skin, but does not sit on it. I hope I explained myself correctly. I think that it’s amazing. Very expensive, but amazing. I love it under makeup. However, I did not wear it on a really hot day, so I can’t tell for sure if it would hold up as well. I think that they sell a trial/travel size by the way :)

      • asti

        Absolutely makes sense because I know that feeling!! There are only a couple of cream moisturizers so far that does not give me exactly that. It is so expensive especially given the ‘simple’ ingredients. I much prefer Sodashi at this price, but must see what the fuss is all about with MV Organics. Someday.

  • Alisa

    You weren’t kidding when you wrote it was celebrity priced. :-/

    • I know, right? Most pricey moisturizer I have tried so far, but so lovely!

  • Chloe

    Ahhh! I’d love to try this! -> <-

    • Hi Chloe, it’s pretty amazing! Let me know what you think if you do try it ;)

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  • Roberta

    L’ho appena comprata e oggi dopo la prima applicazione mi ha fatto sudare tantissimo il viso. Stavo facendo un attività un po’ faticosa quindi posso averlo stimolato, però è stato stranissimo perché non è stata una sudorazione uniforme, ma esclusivamente nella zona T e oltretutto prima che succedesse sentivo la faccia che si surriscaldava. Spero sia stato un incidente di percorso perché sembra proprio buona come crema

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